Monday, February 8, 2010


Little bit of a busy weekend around these parts.

Friday night was a quiet night. Not intentionally. Our plans changed from busy to movies at home. Being that it was Brad's first night off in twelve days he was a little bit tired. He'd passed out by 9'o'clock on a Friday night! Yes I was incredibly jealous. I may or may not have contemplated waking him up because it just wasn't fair. I didn't. I let him sleep. I know I know, I'm too kind.

Saturday morning started the same as our last few Saturdays. A mad scramble to get all of our stuff together in time for swim lessons. I also try not to forget to grab Preston while we're hurrying out the door. They are his swim lessons mind you.
Daddy came with us this time. Somebody had to take pictures. That's right. I finally got pictures of Preston at swim lessons. Not a moment too late, as this is the very last one. I'm thinking we're going to sign up for another session. I just want to wait until after I finish working, so that we can do a class that is more than just one day a week.

I've also noticed that Preston and I are the very last ones to leave the YMCA after our swim class. I mean after we're dressed and whatnot. Am I the only one who doesn't like to put clothes on when I'm still damp? I hate it! I think that definitely adds to our time in the family changing/shower room. The whole locker room is empty by the time we walk out!

Swim lessons drained us, so we were starving. Off to lunch we went. I had a coupon from and we needed to use it before it expired. To hit the limit to use it we had to order soooooo much food. I'm a food girl and I couldn't even finish everything. It was my kind of lunch.

After rolling ourselves out the door, it was time to go home. Preston was so sooo tired. It was adorable. I asked him if he wanted to take a nap and he refused, minutes later he was asleep.

Preston and I later met up with my sister and nephew for a walk. Although a walk was only part of our motive. The other part was to cut short her visit with her dreaded mother-in-law. I live to serve.

Somehow we walked too far or it got dark too soon because before we knew it it was almost dark. Good thing me and my sister live close to each other. We'd left from her house and ended up at my house. The only problem was getting back to our cars. That's where Brad came in. I also got to try my hand at watching Preston and my nephew at the same time all on my own. I survived, in case you were wondering. I'm sure it helped that they were only gone for minutes. But who's counting.

Sunday was....hmmm, what was Sunday. Oh yeah, SUPER BOWL! I am not a big football watcher all season but I love Super Bowl. I love the game. I love the food. I love the commercials. I just love Super Bowl Sunday.

And congrats to the Saints! I have to admit I'm a big fan of Reggie Bush, proably because he's dating Kim Kardashian! And I loved the moment with their quarterback and his son after the game. Too cute!

This year Super Bowl was much quieter as usually my entire family gets together to celebrate and bet and eat. This year it was just my immediate family. Yet somehow it still wasn't really all that quiet.

Anyone have any favorites on the commercials? I LOVED the Doritos one. You know the one with the little boy? "Don't touch my Mama. Don't touch my Doritos!" Hilarious! I think one of the best ones of the day!

Why can't weekends be more than just two days?!

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Aleta said...

I agree with you, I don't like being wet and getting dressed after swimming. Cloths tend to cling when a body is wet and that just gets annoying. :)

SAINTS WON!!! WOOT! You know I'm happy about that :) I liked the Doritos "Don't touch my Mama" commercial. And there was another where a group of guys were playing football and then you see the Golden Girls lady playing and it was really the guy. I forget which it was for, but Greg laughed out loud!