Friday, February 26, 2010

Potty Mouth

Oh yes. Potty mouth. As in naughty words a plenty!

I never really understood the big deal about using naughty words growing up. It's just a word. And my parent's used them. Why couldn't I?

I get it now. Oh how I get it.

Preston has hit the phase where not only does he copy what we do and say but he understands the situation too. Meaning that he can grasp why we use certain words in certain situations.

As in one day the laundry basket fell down the stairs and Preston said, "oh shit". Not a big deal as he didn't repeat it again. It was more of a fluke than something to be concerned about.

It's something to be concerned about now.

I clearly use the word shit far too often in my every day life. FAR TOO OFTEN! Preston has picked up on that. And we are struggling with how to teach him that he is not allowed to say all of the words that he hears. It's hard. He's only two so I don't know if he's even old enough to understand that he can't say certain words because I know that he doesn't understand the meaning behind them and he hears them through me. This is also made even more difficult by the fact that it's hard not to laugh sometimes.

For example when after getting gas in Seattle my Mom uttered, "shit". Which somehow launched Preston into a monologue of "oh shit. oh shit. oh shit!". I jumped to correct him but my Mom and sisters were unable to contain their laughter. Obviously he was only encouraged by their laughter and he spent the entire car ride back to the hotel yelling oh shit. Don't believe me? I have proof, my sister recorded it and it is now her ring tone. You know just in case I need to be reminded. My Mom was laughing so hard that she was actually crying. She had to be thinking that payback is a bitch and I'd earned it for all the things I put her through growing up.

Everyone was laughing at him, thus encouraging him to continue. Well almost everyone. I was hanging my head in shame and wondering how to put an end to the madness. I was torn because I didn't feel it was right to punish him when everyone else was just encouraging him but at the same time shit is a naughty word. We of course talked about it as much as you can talk about something with a two year old. But he clearly didn't fully understand that we don't use that word and opted to show me just how confused he was in the middle of The Children's Place the next day. That was fun.

No he doesn't just say shit randomly throughout the day. It's more like when he remembers that it's funny he tries to make everyone laugh or when he hears it he repeats it. On the way home someone said it in the car and got him started again. Only this time he wasn't just saying oh shit he was saying, "Ohhhhh shhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttttt!". Lovely. My sister also recorded that one for me. Thanks Shannon! That time I'd had enough and started taking his toys away and refusing to give them back until he apologized.

Then yesterday in the middle of the morning he said stupid. I have never heard Preston say stupid before. I don't even think I really use that word all that much either. It is also one of those words when I was growing up that I thought is was so silly of my parents to ask me not to say. Stupid isn't even a bad word. I still don't think it's a bad word, but there is just something about hearing a child say it that makes it sound so much worse than it really is!

I'm thinking Preston learning that one may have been Brad's fault. Brad who ran to the store for me while I was in Seattle to pick up orange juice that was on sale. Oh how sweet! Then proceeded to leave it in the car from Friday night to Sunday night when I found it while reinstalling Preston's car seat. STUPID! And for some reason even though we'd had weather in the low sixties all weekend Brad still thought I was going to let Preston drink it. STUPID!

Preston spent the rest of the day walking around declaring random things stupid. It was horrible. I mean I guess in the long run stupid is much better than oh shit. But it looks like I'm going to start cleaning up my language for the little mimic in the house!

Disclaimer: I did not call my husband stupid after he left the juice containers (oh yes, there was not just one there were FIVE!) in the car all weekend, even though I wanted to. And I wanted to very badly. I mean who does that. But I do use the word stupid on a regular basis but in a nice way. Like that was a stupid show. Or where did those stupid hangers go. Looks like I'm just going to really have to watch every thing I say from now on!

Oh shit, that's just stupid!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Fun Day

It was warm out today. Well warmer. Warm enough out that Preston insisted that we absolutely had to go outside right this second please now!

Of course I obliged.

You would think that would make him happy. And it did. Sort of. Then he started in on the whining. For some reason he wasn't happy that we were outside. That just wasn't enough for Preston. No. He needed me to pull out all of his outside toys. All the summer stuff for some reason needed to be available to play with. Never mind that they were soaked from the rain we've been having lately, Preston wanted them out and he wanted them out now. Then having them out wasn't even enough he wanted to move them around. Over here, over there. On the upper deck not the lower deck. In the grass. It was practically musical toys.

I was getting a little frazzled. For some reason I'd assumed that just being outside was going to be enough for him. No way no how. I was threatening to drag him inside when my Mom called. Apparently she heard the desperation in my voice because she offered to come over and bring us lunch. YES PLEASE! It was one of those moments where I really love that I live five minutes from my parents.

With renewed energy and patience I tossed Preston in his swing. He loves the swing. So we did some swinging. Well he did some swinging and I did some pushing.

Not long after that my Mom arrived with lunch! Preston was excited to see NeeMaw and I was excited that I didn't have to make lunch! And hello adult company.

Even though Preston was excited to see NeeMaw and he's a big fan of french fries he was not ready to come inside. So he'd eat and run. In and out he went. And heaven help me if I tried to close the back door when he came inside. Meltdown! We really aired out the house today.

After Brad arrived home I snuck out. To party. Ha! Not so much. I snuck out to grocery shop and visit Target. Oh yes, it is a fabulously exotic life that I live. But to be clear, I was ecstatic about being able to go grocery shopping all by myself. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to entertain a two year old while at the same time trying to make sure you get everything on your list? Of course in my excitement to shop alone I left my list in the car and didn't realize it until I was halfway through the store. Fortunately I hit up Winco first and then Fred Meyer so I could just pick up the forgotten items at the next store. I know it sounds weird but I love everything about Winco and their prices except their produce department and I love Fred Meyer's produce plus they're close to home so it's really not a big deal to make a second stop. Especially when I'm on my own.

I arrived home in a great mood as not only did I get to run to a couple of stores all alone, but I also had a wonderful checker at Fred Meyer. You know the kind that actually seems to enjoy what they're doing and make conversation with you so it's not awkward while you wait for them to ring up your purchases. She made me feel even better because once she found out that I was enjoying shopping alone she completely understood and told me to take the long way home and enjoy MY alone time!

It is amazing how a couple of hours to recharge make the rest of the day run that much smoother. Even if those couple of hours are spent at two grocery stores and Target!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Seattle...Oh Seattle

Where to even begin?

I love Seattle. Love it in a way where I would move there in a heartbeat. You know if I could take all my family and friends with me. And if Brad found a job that paid enough to live the same way there as we do here. And if we sold our house. And found one over there for a great price. But really I would move over there in a heartbeat!

This trip however, this trip made me hate Seattle just a little bit. I know! Say what?!

I should preface this by saying that I am a high maintenance traveller. Thus meaning that Preston is too. And by high maintenance I mean that when I take trips with Preston, I take trips for Preston. If that makes sense. I base the whole trip around Preston and what he would enjoy and like to do. That's not to say that we don't do things that I enjoy too, it's just that they are sprinkled in with things that Preston will enjoy. I figure I have the rest of my life to take vacations for me and Preston only has the first 18 or so years of his life to just sit back and enjoy. Brad agrees with me and so we've already acknowledged that we really won't have a vacation based around us for a while. Although that's not saying that we won't attempt to sneak off here and there for our time, just that while Preston is little he is our priority. And that works for us.

It does not though work when I go on a weekend trip away with my Mom, my sisters, and my nephew. Here's the problem, while Brad and I have no issue with devoting our trips away to zoos and beaches and children's museums those places are really not in the list of priorities on vacation for my Mom and sisters. Understandably so. But it was a problem for this trip. One that I'd thought about prior to the trip and then brushed aside. Everything would go just fine I convinced myself.

I was wrong.

No it wasn't horrible. Yes I did enjoy moments of it. I loved getting away with my Mom and my sisters for a weekend away of just us. I loved getting to see Jen. I loved being in Seattle. I loved being on vacation. I just didn't love that Preston really didn't love most of the trip. It wasn't what he was used to when we take trips over to Seattle and he reacted exactly how I would expect a very active and very bored two year old to act.

Lesson learned on my part.

Now to the trip...

We left Friday morning. Later on Friday morning than we'd planned. A good hour and a half later! Eek! We made a couple of bathroom break stops before we arrived in North Bend to have lunch and do some outlet shopping. Preston just loved going from the car seat to the stroller. Luckily they had rides conveniently stationed throughout the outlets. Which helped bribeconvince Preston to allow Mommy to get some shopping done.

After doing some damage to our bank accounts, we made our way into Seattle and checked into the hotel. Preston got some of the ants of of his pants, we ate a late dinner at Red Robin, and hit the hay.

Well most of us hit the hay at least, Preston had taken a very short nap on the drive from the outlets to the hotel and somehow managed to stay awake until midnight! I didn't even realize it had gotten so late as I'd fallen asleep next to him and only woke up when he nudged me to start a new episode of Calliou on YouTube for him every eight minutes or so.

Somehow even though he'd gone to bed late Preston was up bright and early on Saturday morning. Sweet! I should have known right then and there that it was not destined to be a great day on Preston's part.

We paid a quick visit to Alki Beach. I love Alki Beach. Love it. I'd only been there once before but it stole my heart. Jen met us there. But it was a quick visit. It was cold and windy being that it was on the water. Preston and I didn't mind but everyone else wasn't so big on toughing it out. As short lived as our visit there was I still loved it and Preston was in heaven. He'd been talking about the beach and the ocean for weeks. When it was time to go he ran, he cried, I dragged him kicking and screaming back to the car. :(

From Alki we went downtown to do some shopping. Thank God Jen was with us as Preston was not having it when we went inside the stores. He was desperate to stay outside where the weather was now gorgeous and sunny and warm. Really can't say I blame him. But Jen kept us company while we walked the streets of downtown. And Preston was happy.

At first.

After a couple of hours of walking downtown and attempting to go into stores Preston was not so happy. Jen had headed back to her apartment to catch a quick nap before dinner, so we opted to take the monorail over to Seattle Center and ride some of the rides. Guess what? The monorail was BROKEN! And the Seattle Center was about 13 blocks there and then another 13 blocks back. At first it didn't seem that far, but I was tired. We'd been up and walking all day, I just didn't have it in me. So back to shopping and fighting the stroller we went. This all ended with both me and Preston having a meltdown in American Eagle in which I informed my Mom that we HAD TO LEAVE! And NOW! Not one of my finer moments. In my defense we were five hours into shopping downtown and Preston had been bored out of his mind for all of it and borderline freaking out for the last hour.

We checked back into the hotel and I opted out of dinner with my Mom and sisters and instead picked up dinner to go with Jen and Preston. Back to the hotel we went to eat. Preston got some energy out before we headed down to the pool for some swimming. The pool was cold! Freezing cold. But Preston was so excited that we got in anyways. Teeth chattering and all.

Finally we got cold enough, scratch that I got cold enough that we got out and headed back to the room. Of course things didn't end there. Somehow right before bed Preston realized that his new "baby kitty" was missing. We'd bought it Friday at the outlets and somehow he'd already lost it. We searched the entire hotel room, then headed down to the pool, and finally asked at the lobby about baby kitty dressed in our jammies mind you. And baby kitty was nowhere to be found. Preston was less than thrilled with this. Even though he still had his doggy and big kitty cat. Baby kitty was missing in action!

Preston did eventually go to sleep and boy did he sleep good. All that fresh air and racing around the hotel and playing in the pool did him in.

Good thing too because we had a long ride home ahead of us on Sunday. And we had to pay a visit to the two story Target at Northgate. That's right I said TWO STORY TARGET! How could we not stop for that?! It was as awesome as it sounds. In case you were curious.

We also made a quick pit stop at the outlets on the way home. Magically baby kitty was there waiting for us! Amazing how that works. We of course had to pay for baby kitty's room and board overnight and then we were on our way home.

At last! Brad missed us and we missed him. And really after a couple of days away home just seems so much more fabulous!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We Made It There AND Back

We have been back since Sunday night. I have lots to tell and pictures to share. But honestly I'm tired! This is the first time I've even pulled my laptop out since Saturday morning. I will be back. And soon. But first I have to get my life back together! Travelling all weekend combined with working at the beginning of the week really has left everything in disarray!

To hold you over, I've got a photo to share!

Until next time...and hopefully it will be soon!

Come on life get it together!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Seattle Here We Come!

Oh yes, you read that right. We are off. In fact as you are reading this I should be on my way!

I'm taking off for the weekend with my Mom and sisters. Lucky for Preston and Mason they get to come too. We're having a mostly girls weekend.

And while we are off shopping and exploring and hanging out, Brad will be having a boys weekend back home with my Dad and brother.

I'll be back! If I'm lucky...and you are too, I may even share a few pictures while I'm there!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Calm Freak Out

Those are the best words to describe how I spent part of my weekend. Calm. And yet freaking out.

See here's the thing. You may have noticed it in my blog. But I have a little bit of a flare for the dramatics. Not just in my blog, but in my life too. I know, it's so surprising!

Why was I freaking out. Calmly, I mean. Saturday morning I'd noticed a small lump above my right breast. It was small but it was big enough that I noticed that it didn't belong.

At first I really was in fact calm. I figured it would be nothing. But then I started to think that maybe it was something. We've been pretty lucky health wise so maybe our time was due?

Since we were going to be spending that afternoon at my MIL's house I figured I ask her about it, she might have an idea being a a nurse and all. After she'd felt me up a little, nothing like getting to know your MIL on another level!, she told me I should get it checked out. I freaked out, in my head of course. I couldn't have everyone thinking I was crazy. But my MIL is one of those "Don't go to the Dr for anything" kind of people so her telling me to go to the Dr sent me into a little bit of a panic. I mean I'm sure she really meant that I should go to the Dr just in case it was something, but either way I started to really freak out.

Next I talked to my Mom about it while I was over there Sunday night. My Mom is known for her medical freak outs so I figured she would really overreact. She didn't. She was pretty rational in fact. I mean here I am her oldest daughter and I'm probably dying and she's calmly telling me to just see a Dr and have them take a peek. She didn't even bust out the computer to do a little online diagnosing. I was shocked!

For the record, my Mom tries to self diagnose everything with the Internet. And it drives me crazy! The Internet will tell you that you are dying of a stomach ache for crying out loud. But here I am with a lump in my breast and my Mom isn't even trying to self diagnose with her online degree!

I spent Sunday thinking about it in a near freak out. One that happens outside my thoughts that is. I watch Grey's Anatomy and Mercy people. And people die all the time in those shows. And it happens suddenly. I was certain that in deciding to wait to see a Dr until Monday I was most definitely signing my death certificate! Who spends the weekend knowing that they have cancer and doing nothing about it? Because I knew that it was cancer! After all what else could it have possibly been?

As soon as my Dr's office opened I called Monday morning. They fit me into a mid morning appointment and I was set. I left work and headed off for my official diagnoses.

The Dr came in, felt me up, and announced that she wanted me to have an ultrasound. She thought that it was more likely a cyst. I cannot even tell you the relief that I felt when she said cyst instead of cancer. I'd spent the whole weekend coping with what I'd already decided what most definitely cancer and keeping it to myself to keep everyone from thinking that I was just plain crazy.

Back to work for a couple of hours and then off to another Dr appointment. Let me tell you it was a really productive work day for me between freaking out and leaving for Dr appointments.

At the ultrasound I got checked out by an ultrasound tech. Let me tell you those machines are a whole lot more fun when your checking on the baby growing inside you versus the possible cyst/cancer in your breast.

She called the radiologist in and had him take a look. In case your wondering that's now my MIL, my Mom, my Dr, the ultrasound tech, and the radiologist who have felt me up. Good times. Not including the fact that I obsessed over it all weekend (my hand was practically attached to my chest) and I had Brad telling me if it felt bigger or smaller. How about now Brad? I was like a broken record.

Guess what? They found NOTHING! Nothing at all. No cancer. Not even a cyst. The radiologist said that it just looks like normal breast tissue. That it's possible that something shifted and part of what I'm feeling is my rib. But mostly that it's probably just my age. Apparently you don't stop developing breast wise until your 30?! Who knew! He felt that giving me a mammogram put me at more risk for cancer and it really wasn't worth the risk for something so small that appeared to simply be breast tissue. He did say a big factor was my age. I'm really in such a small risk group for cancer that he just can't see a reason for increasing my risk when it really appears to be NOTHING! He asked me to watch it for a month and stay in contact with my Dr and if it changes at all or gets bigger to come back in. But at this point my best option is to just wait. More than likely though he says it really is just NOTHING! NOTHING at all!

So let's just set this straight in case you've gotten three days I went from cancer to a cyst to NOTHING! And in the process I got felt up by my husband, my Mother, my MIL, a Dr, an ultrasound tech, an ultrasound machine, and a radiologist. Good times. Sometimes this imagination of mine really is a little obnoxious.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Weekend

We went ahead and celebrated Valentine's Day early this weekend. Do you have any idea how hard it would have been to find a sitter for Preston on Valentine's Day? Not something that I was looking forward too! But Friday, Friday was a much easier day to find a sitter. Plus no extra crowds and Mommy really needed a night out!

My favorite restaurant, a margarita, and a movie were just what I needed! Ahhh...bliss! And umm a night out with my husband and just my husband, I don't even remember the last time that happened! We then went and saw Valentine's Day. It was sooo good! I couldn't stop laughing! I cannot wait until it comes out to buy! Or maybe I'll just go see it again, anyone up for a movie?

Of course the only photo that I have from that night is of me and Preston. Clearly I need to work on that whole taking pictures of someone other than Preston.

I got lucky and slept in on Saturday. And continued my quiet morning when shortly after I woke up Brad and Preston decided to head to the park to enjoy the sunshine. Preston has been desperate to get outside and Saturday was perfect weather for outside play. Of course since Daddy took him there are no pictures of any of it.

We then spent the rest of Saturday at my MIL's house and my parent's house. Where Preston not only bossed everyone around because that is what he's doing these days, but also worked his charm. Bossing people around and charming them seem to go well together for him.

At Tammy's house this involved dragging Dave outside with him. Preston clearly didn't enjoy enough of the sunshine at the park with Daddy. And then having Tammy play downstairs with him. Of course the stairs are a favorite for Preston at Gigi's house. Him and Gigi played catch with the banister and a bouncy ball. And somehow Preston decided to show us what it looks like when he falls down the stairs? Don't worry, no two year olds were hurt in the taking of the stair photo.

At my parent's house, Preston was overjoyed to receive his Valentine's Day gift that Grandpa picked out special just for him. A new toy car that drives itself and plays music with the push of a button. Preston also very clearly missed Bennie. It had been days since Preston had seen Bennie and clearly that is just too long in Preston's eyes.

We had a quiet Valentine's Day at home on Sunday. We didn't do anything at all. Literally. Towards the end of the day I finished up some work. But other than that it was just a typical quiet Sunday. Preston had already received his Valentine's Day gifts from us in the form of a play lizard and a Cars toolbox earlier in the week at his insistence and Brad and I had decided to forgo gifts to each other in lieu of a night out together, so we didn't exchange any gifts at all on Valentine's Day.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

How Could I Forget?

Somehow in Preston's latest update I forgot to mention a couple of things. I blame it on the lack of sleep these days.


Preston is learning his numbers. He loves the attention that he gets when he correctly identifies his numbers all on his own. He's quite the little attention whore.

While at Chuck E Cheese he showed me that he is recognizing the numbers when he sees them. Sometimes it seems hit or miss when we're trying to teach him something. He won't seem like he's paying attention and then all of a sudden we'll be somewhere and he'll show us just how much he's retaining.

He was reading the numbers off on the little order tabs that you set out at the end of your table. In that moment I realized that Preston knows his numbers one, three, and five by sight and can correctly label what they are.

Since Chuck E Cheese he has shown me that he not only knows those three number, but that he can correctly identify numbers 1-9. Now it's just a matter of teaching him what the number are when paired with another number!


Since the arrival of my nephew, Mason, Preston has become a little bit more clingy. He will be playing just fine when all of a sudden he'll come over to me and say, "Mommy, hold you. Hold Preston". He just wants some cuddles. It's pretty cute. He refers to himself as you instead of me, so when he says hold you he means that he'd like me to hold him. I love it.

Of course this could also have to do with more than just the arrival of his cousin. It may have something to do with me going back to work Mondays and Tuesdays and him staying with my Mom those days.


Preston has been picking up the word love. Every once in a while he'll tell me he loves me, but most of the time he's just repeating it after I say it. However he's also shown me that I must use the word love a lot. While at Kohls, Preston picked up a watch and told me, "Mama, Preston loves this one". It was hilarious! He then picked up another one and told my Mom and me, "Mama loves this one". Or at Target, he'll find something that he just "loves". I love that he loves things!


We've been working on emotions lately. For example when Preston is naughty I tell him he has made me sad or mad. If I tell him that he's made me sad than he will ask me to cry. In theory this sounds adorable. But when I'm telling him that he has made me sad because he hit me, it's not so cute when he smiles and tells me to cry.

He also knows happy. He's had a fairly good grasp on that one for a long while now. Complete with his happy face. Remember that one? We've also added in scared. Which usually goes along with him growling at one of us and then laughing when we get scared.

He seems to be understanding what emotions are, what the different ones look like, and what causes them. When he is naughty he will tell me that he knows that I am mad or sad. Although sometimes it seems that he thinks it's more of a game, so we're going to be working on that one.


Preston has learned the words naughty and trouble. He also knows that when you are naughty you get into trouble. What can I say he's two and a half, we're well into the naughty and trouble phase. He will also tell me when our cats are being naughty. Or yell out that "Monti in trouble!".

Lately he's even been putting his stuffed kitty cats in timeout. For "biting" me. He'll announce that his kitty bit me and then tell it that it's in trouble and it needs a timeout. When it comes out he will have it tell me sorry too.


My Mom has taught Preston about cooties. That's right cooties. Preston is going through a phase where he's refusing to give anyone hugs or kisses. Every time we kiss him or ask for kisses he'll exclaim, "No kisses!". It's cute, but I hate it. I love kisses! Preston no longer refuses kisses now that cooties have been introduced. Now when he doesn't want to give kisses when we are leaving my parent's house, my Mom will tell him to give cooties and he'll race around and give everyone kisses until they yell no cooties! Win-win right?


Preston has recently started to pick up on sounds effects. This left all of us confused when Preston started walking around punching us (in a playing manner!) and saying "Beer". With each and every punch Preston would call out "Beer. Beer". Brad and I were completely mystified. Where on Earth did Preston learn the word beer? And even more so why the heck does he think it relates to punching?

Until we arrived at my parent's house one morning. Grandpa was home and Preston ran over to him to play. While they were play fighting my Dad made fists and Preston made fists and they got down to the manly stuff. I was watching and realized where Preston learned to say "beer" when he punches. Only it's not supposed to be "beer". It is however, "B-eeew". This is the sound effect that my Dad makes when he punches. Somehow Preston interprets that as "beer".

I cannot tell you how relieved I was. Much better that Preston doesn't do well with his sound effects than that he learned that beer and punching go together from us.


Somehow Preston is learning things that I am not teaching him. The other day when we were driving home, Preston announced "bald eagle". I looked around wondering what he was talking about. When I saw it. On the back window of a car one lane over was a photo of a bald eagle. I was shocked and impressed. Especially since I didn't realize that he was understanding things that specifically. If I'd been the one to teach him that one I would have said bird, maybe eagle. Looks like I'm going to step up my game.

Or when we were at the mall and found the tent that he is photographed in. I kept calling it a tent while he played in it. But after we'd walked away he cried out that he wanted to go back to the circus! Where on Earth did he learn these things? There are many other examples that I simply cannot think of right now too. He's like a little sponge, sucking it all up!


BIG NEWS** Preston counted to fourteen! All by himself! We were playing Hungry Hungry Hippos and counting out our points after each round to see who won. Yes, I want to know who wins when I play with my two year old. Plus that gets him to count. And for the record, he won twice and we tied once. Apparently I suck at that game. Although it could be because I played with just the one hippo and Preston played the other three. Anyways...we were counting out Preston's points and he got to ten and I figured he would stop. But he didn't. He kept going! All the way to the end, which was fourteen. While I sat there flabbergasted! Shocked. I had no idea. Preston can count to fourteen!!


There you have it, what my busy little boy has been up too! Or at least the things that he's been up to that I am remembering to blog about!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Skating Fun!

You'll never guess where we went today! Okay, you might. I did give you a pretty big hint by calling this post, "Skating Fun". Did you guess that we went roller skating? You guessed right! We went roller skating! Preston's very first time ever roller skating in fact!

Preston did pretty good too. Granted he only spent the first half hour or so that we were there actually in his roller skates. He spent the next hour running around in his socks all over the skating rink. It's a good thing that it was toddler skate so there really weren't many people there and for the most part all the skaters were kids too.

There was some falling. But he handled it like a pro and got right back up.

Luckily for Preston his buddy Zack was there so he had some help. How cute are these two? Zack walked up and grabbed Preston's hand to help him out since Zack had already taken his skates off.

The handholding was short lived though as Preston preferred to skate on his own. "No hold the hand Mama!". "March over there Mama." Preston decided early on that he would rather have me be the destination that he was heading to instead of having me head there with him.

After the skates came off the racing around began! Preston wanted to get all of that extra energy out. I was all for it. Around and around they all went. But they didn't just race around they were also a pack of dogs. Preston's been going through this phase where he acts like a dog, and his friends seemed more than game to play along.

Also just because I think it's hilaroious and I'm more than a little impressed. Whlie we were playing Preston asked to be lifted over the half wall that went around part of the rink. Only Preston called it the "Wall of China". I'm thinking he learned that from an episode of Little Einsteins. Go Little Einsteins! And *happy dance* my two year old has some concept of what the Great Wall of China is!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Say What Preston?!

The Little Manipulator Edition...


*Enchanted is on and I've warned him that it's almost bedtime.

Me: "Did you know this was the first movie you saw in theaters?" (He was like four months old).

Preston: "Uh-huh. But I didn't see the end though."


*It's Brad's night to do bedtime and I can hear him and Preston talking.

Brad: "How many books does Mommy read you?"

Preston: "Sometimes when it's really late she only reads me two." (The longer that it takes him to pay attention or settle down or get dressed and brush his teeth the less books he gets to hear at bedtime.)

Brad: "How many books does she normally read you?"

Preston: "Ummmmmmm...(thinks) nine".

Yeah, that is not how many books I read him at bedtime.

Not Quite Ready

Look closely. Do you see it? It's that complete and utter look of terror on my face when I am holding both Preston and my nephew, Mason.

I think it's definitely safe to say that I am not ready for two yet. If I was unsure before this photo has me convinced.

Although these photos seem to push me in a different direction.

How cute is that? Preston was willing to share his chair with Mason while they watched Baby Einsteins together. This is no small fete either. Preston does not share his share with anyone.

Even with the adorable cousins pictures, I think it's safe to say that we will be waiting before taking the leap from one to two children...for now.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Little bit of a busy weekend around these parts.

Friday night was a quiet night. Not intentionally. Our plans changed from busy to movies at home. Being that it was Brad's first night off in twelve days he was a little bit tired. He'd passed out by 9'o'clock on a Friday night! Yes I was incredibly jealous. I may or may not have contemplated waking him up because it just wasn't fair. I didn't. I let him sleep. I know I know, I'm too kind.

Saturday morning started the same as our last few Saturdays. A mad scramble to get all of our stuff together in time for swim lessons. I also try not to forget to grab Preston while we're hurrying out the door. They are his swim lessons mind you.
Daddy came with us this time. Somebody had to take pictures. That's right. I finally got pictures of Preston at swim lessons. Not a moment too late, as this is the very last one. I'm thinking we're going to sign up for another session. I just want to wait until after I finish working, so that we can do a class that is more than just one day a week.

I've also noticed that Preston and I are the very last ones to leave the YMCA after our swim class. I mean after we're dressed and whatnot. Am I the only one who doesn't like to put clothes on when I'm still damp? I hate it! I think that definitely adds to our time in the family changing/shower room. The whole locker room is empty by the time we walk out!

Swim lessons drained us, so we were starving. Off to lunch we went. I had a coupon from and we needed to use it before it expired. To hit the limit to use it we had to order soooooo much food. I'm a food girl and I couldn't even finish everything. It was my kind of lunch.

After rolling ourselves out the door, it was time to go home. Preston was so sooo tired. It was adorable. I asked him if he wanted to take a nap and he refused, minutes later he was asleep.

Preston and I later met up with my sister and nephew for a walk. Although a walk was only part of our motive. The other part was to cut short her visit with her dreaded mother-in-law. I live to serve.

Somehow we walked too far or it got dark too soon because before we knew it it was almost dark. Good thing me and my sister live close to each other. We'd left from her house and ended up at my house. The only problem was getting back to our cars. That's where Brad came in. I also got to try my hand at watching Preston and my nephew at the same time all on my own. I survived, in case you were wondering. I'm sure it helped that they were only gone for minutes. But who's counting.

Sunday was....hmmm, what was Sunday. Oh yeah, SUPER BOWL! I am not a big football watcher all season but I love Super Bowl. I love the game. I love the food. I love the commercials. I just love Super Bowl Sunday.

And congrats to the Saints! I have to admit I'm a big fan of Reggie Bush, proably because he's dating Kim Kardashian! And I loved the moment with their quarterback and his son after the game. Too cute!

This year Super Bowl was much quieter as usually my entire family gets together to celebrate and bet and eat. This year it was just my immediate family. Yet somehow it still wasn't really all that quiet.

Anyone have any favorites on the commercials? I LOVED the Doritos one. You know the one with the little boy? "Don't touch my Mama. Don't touch my Doritos!" Hilarious! I think one of the best ones of the day!

Why can't weekends be more than just two days?!