Monday, January 25, 2010

Swim Lessons And Pure Romance

I'm not such a great blogger on Sunday nights. I really want to give you all the update on how we spent our weekend, but this whole work thing is getting in the way! I put work off all weekend and somehow Sunday night I have to choose between the blog and the work. I know, how horrible of me to choose the work. I'm going to have to work on prioritizing. Or at least work on my procrastination tendencies.

That said, here's how we spent our weekend.

Saturday morning started with swim lessons. Again. Preston was so excited. I'm thinking we might have to continue with swim lessons when this session ends. He loves it. He gets so excited before, enjoys it during, and wants to go back after. I'm going to have to drag someone with me next weekend, if Brad is working again, so that we can get some pictures of Preston at swim lessons.

The only problem? The swimsuit issue...for me. I refuse to buy a one piece just to wear for swim lessons. Yet I am seriously uncomfortable being the only person at my swim lesson and all the ones around me in a bikini. UGH! I'm so uncomfortable with it that when we arrived and climbed in the pool when one of the lifeguards called me over to talk to him, I thought for sure he was going to tell me that bikinis are not allowed during swim lessons. He didn't. I was early, I know I can't believe it either...early, and you have to wait outside the pool for your lesson to begin. But that's how much I feel like it is forbidden to wear a two piece to swim lessons. I'm going to get over this! I have to get over this. Anyone want to sign up for swim lessons with me and wear a bikini too? :)

Brad had to work Saturday so we headed over to my parent's house after swim lessons. Our furnace has been acting up lately and it was having an off day, so I didn't feel like spending the afternoon at home waiting for Brad and freezing to death. Instead Preston and I went to lunch with my parents and siblings and then to Best Buy. Just as we were leaving Brad called to say he was almost home! And by the time we got home to see him the house was already heating back up. Go Brad!

Saturday night was full of fun.

Starting with setting the alarm off at work. I borrowed my Dad's key and pass code to the office so that I could pick up some of the work that I needed that didn't get on Friday. As I was leaving his house he attempted to go over how to shut the alarm off with me. I brushed him off informing him that, "I'm not stupid, it's just an alarm." Guess what? I set the alarm off. Then I had to call my Dad to tell him and ask for help. Guess who remembered my last words and threw them back in my face? That's right my Dad. That was fantastic.

From setting that alarm off at work, me and Nicole (who I'd picked up along the way) headed to a Pure Romance party that a member of my mommy group was hosting. It was so fun! We drank, we laughed, we bought...stuff. Hee-Hee! I did take pictures but I'm going to play nice this time and keep them to myself. This one's for you Kelly!

Sunday was lazy. Brad and Preston didn't even get dressed. And I only did to run to the store for tortillas for tacos. Only to find out when I got home that we didn't have taco seasoning. Looks like I got dressed for nothing! I then spent the rest of the night working.

Two more months and counting until life gets back to normal around here.


Kelly said...

LOl, thanks Kim! Why didn't you post pics of you coming in 2nd place in the game though?! :D

Unknown said...

If I lived in the area I would totally wear a bikini with you to swim practice!

Yankee Girl said...

Those parties are so much fun! A great ladies night.

Wear your bikini proudly. Try not to care what other people think. Or, just think that they are all super jealous of your hot bod.

Jaidean said...

I think I am going to be putting the kids in swimming lessons next session and I wear a bikini...not sure I want to wear it next to you! :) I don't think you have anything to worry about!

Elizabeth said...

Kim, I want to do swim lessons it sounds like so much fun! You are on your own with the bikini though:) I prefer to keep my puffy strech marks to myself :)

Aleta said...

No pictures of the STUFF... Not fair! Lol. Sounds like fun.

As for the bikini - enjoy yourself. Don't worry over it!