Monday, January 25, 2010

Say What Preston?!

I was just going through the drafts folder in my blog and came across these. I'd been writing down the things that Preston had been saying and then I'd completely forgotten all about them. They go back as pretty far, some of them over a year, and some of them really are just too hilarious not to share! Or remember!


(Talking to me from the kitchen) "Mommy don't look at me when I'm carrying the bag with green chips. Okay Mommy? Don't look at me when I'm carrying the bag of green chips. If you look at me while I'm carrying the bag of green chips I will not love you. The rules are don't look at me while I'm carrying the bag of green chips. Okay Mommy? I'm going to climb up and grab the bag of green chips, don't look at me or I'll be mad at you. Don't look while I'm carrying the bag of green chips to the playroom. Okay you can look now Mommy." (As he's walking into the play room.)


"March Your Butt Mommy."


" talk to Mommy."

He was irritated that we were talking while he was trying to watch a show.


"Mama get the mail."

Reminding me to get the mail one day when we turned onto our street.


It started out at..."Holy Shit." It turned into..."Holy Shoot." And finally it became..."Oh big apple."


Me: "Is your belly full?"

Preston: "Yes."

Me: "Did you eat all your food?"

Preston: "Yes...I grow!"



He went through a phase where everything was a surprise. Only he couldn't say surprise! It was so freaking adorable!


"I fart. (Giggles) I fart two times."


"Mama, don't talk to me like that."

I can't imagine where he learned that phrase! Ha!


"I fart three times at lunch!"

This was so hilarious because he said it to me at bedtime. Several hours after lunch time!


"Stop talking in the car! STOP!"

Heaven forbid that me and my sister try to have a conversation in the car when Preston has something to say!


"One last juice."

Then after he drinks that last juice...

"One more last juice."


Yo Gabba Gabba: "Hi Friends!"

Preston: "I not your friend.

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