Thursday, January 28, 2010

Holding My Tongue

And it was a good thing I did. Hold my tongue that is.

My husband rearranged our playroom the other day. Without talking to me. This was a big deal to me when I walked by the next morning and noticed that things were different. A pick up the phone and ask him what the heck he was doing moving things around without talking to me about it first kind of thing. Only I didn't. I bit my tongue and held the words in. And waited. And that is hard for me to do. It's even almost unheard of for me to do.

Here's the thing. With the exception of this whole working during my sister's maternity leave thing, I am a stay at home Mom. Meaning that I look at our house as my office. My place of business. Taking care of our home is part of my job. Which means that I make most of the decisions within the walls of our house. To an extent of course. And mostly meaning where things go and dealing with the cleaning and the organizing. So for Brad to rearrange my office, if you will, was a little bit of a shock to me. I mean I wouldn't climb into his work van and rearrange it. Or tell him how to do his job. And that was how I took him moving the couch in the playroom.

I know...WOW! Your probably thinking, "Whoa there Kim, you're a little crazy. How does moving a couch have anything to do with Brad telling you how to do your job." And you are not completely wrong. Which is what I realized. That I was way overreacting. That I needed to calm down a second.

Which is why when Brad got home from work that day, I very grown up like asked him why he'd moved the couch in the playroom. And let me tell you it's a good thing I didn't freak out since ummm well he had a reason. And a good one at that. Apparently when he's been downstairs playing with Preston in the playroom Preston has been climbing from the couch up onto the ledge and then into the windows. The only problem is that while Preston could use the couch to climb up onto the ledge there was nothing for him to fall on once he was on the ledge and in the windows, as it was a bit of a reach for him to even use the couch to get onto the ledge anyways. Just open air. And toys to catch him when he falls. However now that Brad moved the couch there is a couch for Preston to safely fall into. At least it's much safer than nothing to fall on.

It's a good thing I held my tongue. Especially since Brad did have Preston's best interests in mind. And it's not like he was attacking my skills as a homemaker. Oh yes, it is a very good thing I held my tongue...this time.


Unknown said...

Ya I try and pick my fights now since i'm home and everything the husband does seems to irritate me. I won't lie I have been mean and seen little man turn my husbands ear piece into pieces lol but I had reason. when you tell someone put your things in their place they should listen right lol

Ms. Diva said...

Aww! I am also learning to hold my tongue!!! As a side question, how do you get your posts on Twitter without them being posted a hundred time over and over? I tried it once and everyone got bombed with updates of the SAME post!