Thursday, January 7, 2010

Domestic Goddess?!

That's right, I'm being called names. Domestic goddess what? Truly authentic Mom who? Me! I've been tagged, not just once but twice. By two fantastic Moms, so it must be true.

To prove that I am a Truly Authentic Mom, I have to share five things. Five things that show just how much I've earned this title. I'll have you know this was no easy task. I've been trying to come up with my five things for almost two weeks!

Here goes...

1. I am obsessed with dressing Preston. This is no joke. I'm a regular at my very favorite children's store, The Children's Place, and have almost no self control from the moment I enter. Preston has more clothing than I do. And not just put together. I'm talking each and every size that he wears. His closet is literally bursting at the seems all the time. When I start to feel like it may be getting out of hand, I just starting buying the next size up. Ooops!

2. For every milestone that Preston acheives I get so excited that I tell everyone! I call my Mom, my Dad, my sister, post it on twitter, tell my friends on Facebook, and announce it on the blog. Everyone has to know just how amazing my little man is!

3. I always give Preston the last fruitsnack, the final bite of cake, the last piece of chocolate...well almost always. There's that very small 1% of times that I just have to make sure it was safe. You know? I'm just looking out for all parties involved. Completely selfless when it comes to treats, that's me.

4. I insisted that Preston's bedroom had to be finished before he was born. Very forcefully insisted. I was hormonal, it wasn't my fault! The walls painted, the border up, the decorations purchased and displayed, the crib and dressers put in their places, his clothes hanging. Everything had to be ready for my new baby. EVERYTHING! The kicker? In all of his two and a half years, Preston has never slept in his bedroom. Not once. But it's ready and waiting for him.

5. I don't think that Preston could be anymore perfect! I really wouldn't change a single thing about him. Not a single solitary thing. There are times when I think that maybe I was too young when I got pregnant, to unprepared, that maybe we should have waited. But everytime I think that I realize that if we'd waited I would probably not have the child that I have now. Even if God chose to give me this exact child, I would be a different person making me a different parent which in turn would make Preston a different child. Everytime I come to that conclusion I realize that I would do it all over again the exact same way just to guarantee that I got Preston exactly the way that he is, perfect!

There you have it. My Domestic Goddess status in print. Proof that I am a Truly Authentic Mom. Now it's my turn to tag five people. Force five of you to prove what makes you a Truly Authentic Mom.

1. Courtney
2. Jolene
3. Holly
4. Kait
5. Amber

Good luck ladies! I can't wait to read what makes you Truly Authentic Moms!


Masala Chica said...

Kim - You are a truly authentic mom. If how you write about your son is any indication of what you are like with him, then I am guessing you are very worthy of the award.
P.S. Congrats Ms. Authentic Domestic Goddess/Mommy.

Yankee Girl said...

From what I have read, you deserve the name calling!

Anonymous said...

Very nice! It is quite evident that you are in love with your little man...and who wouldn't be!?!??


Melissa B. said...

You can tell you're a Mom when you enjoy eating burned food. Crispy pancakes are my favorite!