Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree.

A Christmas tradition for our family is hunting down our tree. We get together with my family and hit up a local tree farm in search of the perfect tree. We checked out a new farm this year as it's been in between years at our usual place. Nothing ruins the annual tree hunt like leaving empty handed. Although searching through the mud is right up there. Tree hunting is much better with snow, and it's one of the very few times that I am actually pro-snow.

This year there was no snow, so we did head into the mud. But the trees were fabulous. My parents and siblings headed out with us on Saturday and the hunt began.

We found the perfect tree! Quickly too! Loaded it up, stopped for lunch, and made our way home. Preston loving every second of the trees and the french fries afterwards.

Preston was so excited when Daddy pulled out the tub of Christmas stuff. We even pulled out his little tree. That's right Preston has his very own little tree. We bought it for him last year in hopes that it would keep him from playing with the big tree. Last year it worked, so I'm hoping that it will again this year as well.

Preston was pretty cute with his tree. When we left the house later that afternoon he told his tree good-bye over and over. Then ran over and gave it a little half hug and a final "Bye-bye Chris-t-mas twee". So freaking adorable.

We didn't bring our tree in until Sunday. And it took forever to set up. We bought a new stand this year and it took some figuring out on Brad's half to get the tree to stay straight and the stand in the spot that I wanted. Due to some laziness on both our parts the poor tree still hasn't even been decorated! I hate hanging the lights and know that Brad is going to need some help with that. Blah. Tomorrow, I promise it will happen tomorrow. Our poor tree will not sit for three whole days in the house without decorations, how sad would that be? Although it's not completely un-Christmasy. I did add presents underneath it tonight because I simply couldn't wait any longer to start wrapping Preston's gifts.

When we do decorate the tree I'll take a picture for you all. Tomorrow. I promise. Hold me to it too, that poor tree shouldn't sit bare any longer. It's very Scrooge like to not pretty it up and I am no Scrooge at Christmas time!


mrsofficer said...

Cute Im loving all the pic's! Dropping by from SITS nice to meet you!

Absolutely Ladylike said...

Congrats on your beautiful Christmas tree Kim :-) You and your husband look so lovely together :-)

Cheers: Evi

Yankee Girl said...

Really? Can you guys be any cuter?

What a great tradition!

Multiple personalities.. said...

Oooh, tree hunting is soo fun! We hunted for our tree too...at Target he he! I can't wait to see the decorated tree. If you would be so kind, come see some pics of my decorated tree on my little blog! :-D

Karen MEG said...

I think that's great that you hunt for a tree :). We need to do that sometime, our fake one barely cuts it for us anymore. Maybe next year?

Here from SITS, thanks for stopping by my blog!

Trish said...

Great pictures and memories you are making!

We have to have a fake tree because the hubs and I would not be able to breath if we had a live one in the house!

Aleta said...

What a neat idea for Preston to have his own tree!!!