Thursday, December 31, 2009

One Year

Happy Anniversary Brad!

That's right tonight is our one year anniversary! One year of marriage. Which sounds sooooo funny to me because we've actually been together for more than four years, almost five in fact! So telling Brad happy one year anniversary sounds strange to me.


Happy One Year Anniversary! I love you! I'm so glad that I married you one year ago today! We have so many more years of anniversaries ahead of us!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Christmas has come and gone! Honestly I'm glad that it won't come for another year! My house still hasn't recovered. What with my sister going into labor the next day and Monday and Tuesday being so crazy, there are still signs of Christmas everywhere! The tree is still up, the new presents still need to find a home, and the house still needs to be cleaned up after hosting Christmas dinner. So much to do...and yet I still have to catch the blog world up on our Christmas! I have priorities people! :)

Preston refused to wake up Christmas morning. Brad and I were both up a good hour before him. Finally at 10:30, we went and woke him up because we couldn't wait any longer!

Preston was a little bit out of it but once he realized that Santa had already opened and set up one of his toys, Preston started to wake up a lot more! So we dug into the pile of presents surrounding the tree. The majority of which belonged to our two year old. As our only child and the only grandchild (then) on both sides of the family, Preston was more than a little spoiled on Christmas this year.

We opened...

And opened...

And opened some more.

Preston started to get into a little bit of a routine. It was hard keep him focused on opening each and every present, especially since he wanted to play with just about all of them! He would unwrap a gift, hand it to Brad to open up, and then I would hand him the next gift to unwrap. It took an hour, but we got through all of the gifts under our tree and survived!

I wish I could say the same about our living room!

Preston took in a haul! Among his gifts were a camera, Rocketship, a million Cars cars, Little Einstein DVDs, blocks, board games, a tool set, car tracks, about a hundred other things that I can't remember. Preston loved Christmas! He got so much that he's still making his way through everything. We moved his gifts into our bedroom and he's stretched Christmas out over the last few days by bringing us a couple of toys a day to open up and play with. I am dreading finding homes for all of his new toys among all of his old toys. I'm slowly sorting my way through everything and moving things around. We'll be moving some of the old toys into tubs in the garage for our next children, donating some of them, and just rearranging others. It's a good thing we have six months until his birthday because there just isn't room for anymore!

After gifts we got started on the rest of Christmas. I was hosting at our house this year. I hate having to hop from house to house on holidays in an effort to see everyone. My solution to that was to just invite my parents and in-laws over here. We could all celebrate together. It worked out perfectly. I think everyone had a great time and with so much help I was even able to pull off my first Christmas dinner stress-free.

Preston had a blast having all of his family over to play and rotated his way through everyone. He looked absolutely adorable in his Christmas outfit, even if his face was covered in food for much of the day.

So much fun that he passed out early. Right after everyone left for the night.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas with your families, I know that ours was wonderful!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Visit To The North Pole

Before Christmas arrived we took Preston on a trip to the North Pole to pay a visit Santa Claus. It was cold, okay it was actually freezing, but we thought he would enjoy it. Especially since it meant that we climbed onto a boat and cruised to the North Pole. Preston loves water and has been slightly obsessed with boats lately.

The fact that he refused to go inside, even though it was absolutely freezing standing at the front of the boat, proved that Preston loved every single cold minute of it.

I'm thinking it's going to become a tradition. Only next year we're all wearing long johns!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Arrival

We interrupt my regularly scheduled Christmas update posts to introduce you all to my nephew, Mason!

Mason Lee arrived on December 26, 2009 at 6:25pm via c-section. He weighed in at 7 pounds 11 ounces and was 20.5 inches long. He is also pretty perfect, if I do say so myself. And I do!

You may remember that I threw my sister her baby shower back in October?

My sister started having contractions on Christmas day, they weren't regular but they were happening. By 1:30am on the 26th, they were 2min apart and she checked into the hospital.

Silly me, I'd silenced my phone in my exhaustion before I went to bed Christmas night. When I woke up to get Preston something to drink at 5am, I realized I'd missed two text messages from my sister! I was wide awake. After calling my Mom and being informed that they were at the hospital, Jessie was dilating and in fact in labor, and that they were all just trying to get some rest; I tried to go back to sleep. Tried being the key word.

By 10am I was on my way to the hospital. For those of you who know me, you know what an accomplishment that is for me. I am horrible at getting out of the house before 10am! Horrible! I'm late for everything.

I spent most of the morning and afternoon waiting for my nephew's arrival with my sister, Jessie, her boyfriend, Kyle, and my Mom. I did head home for an hour to sneak in some cuddles with my little man. Watching my sister get ready to really become a Mom made me miss Preston like crazy!

I quickly headed back when my Dad called to let me know that the Dr was talking about a c-section. Jessie just wasn't progressing. She hadn't moved from the 5cm she was at when they'd checked her at 9am and it was now 3:30pm and she'd been on pitocin for a couple of hours to speed things up. But even more concerning than that was that every time she had a contraction Mason's heartbeat would drop just enough that everyone was watching it. About 10 seconds after the contraction ended his heartbeat would come back up and everything would look great, until she had another contraction.

All of this combined was enough that at 5pm, her Doctor decided that a c-section would more than likely be the best option. I'm so proud of my sister, because I know she was terrified and that a c-section wasn't in her game plan, but she set all of that aside and did what was best for Mason. She fully became a Mom before he'd even arrived, sacrificing herself and her plans to do what was best for her son.

They wheeled her away and we waited. And waited. And waited. Did I mention we waited?

One of the nurses was kind enough to prop open the hallway's door so that we could listen for Mason's first cries, and boy did he scream!

After what seemed like an eternity, they finally brought him out. He was so adorable!

My Mom was allowed to go into the nursery with him while they weighed, measured, and bathed him. Jessie wasn't allowed to have visitors for the next hour, other than Kyle, so we were waiting to see her. While we waited we feasted our eyes on the newest member of our family.

I finally grew tired of waiting to touch/smell/hold my nephew and harassed my way into the nursery! Seriously. I kept knocking on the window, made sad faces, pretended that I was holding a baby, and just flat out begged. Eventually the nurse got sick of it and allowed me to come in and hold my nephew! It was so worth it!

Kyle, Jessie, and Mason are adjusting to being a family of three and spending the next few days at the hospital while Jessie recovers.

They are also being hounded by the paparazzi, otherwise known as Auntie Kim!

Isn't he just the cutest little thing? I would say that he is the cutest little boy in the world, but I think Preston nudges him out by an inch! After all he is my baby!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Santa Baby

As do many other parents we take an annual Preston and Santa photo every year. This year I put it off and put it off. Terrified of what the photo would look like. I knew that I wanted, but I was absolutely dreading Preston's reaction to Santa. I attempted to introduce him to Santa at the beginning of December, but it didn't go so well. Preston was terrified and throughout the rest of the month every single time you asked him about Santa, he would yell out "NO!". This only increased my dread, which would explain why I waited until December 23 to actually get the photo taken.

If only we could go back to that first year. Where I just plopped Preston on Santa's lap and at four months old he couldn't really have cared less. Those were the days.

Last year, things were much different that that first year. At a year and a half Preston wanted nothing to do with Santa. He was so afraid that Brad and me went ahead and hopped in the photo with him. And even that really didn't reassure him all that much. He still looks like he'd love to be anywhere else.

This year though I was determined. I wanted a picture of Preston and Santa, and just Preston and Santa. If I could get that photo with something other than tears and terror on Preston's face, well that would just be icing on the cake.

I'd like to call this most recent Santa photo a success.

Preston isn't on his lap, but I can pick my battles. Next to Santa with a little bit of a smile is better than I was hoping for.

It wasn't easy. Oh no, it wasn't easy.

I had to prepare Preston. The whole ride there we went over his list. Practiced what he was going to ask Santa for. Preston rehearsed every item on that list the whole way there. He was confident, certain that he could handle a visit to Santa. I'm sure that the idea of what he was going to get out of it helped. Then we got there. He was still cool and calm. Ready. Until we were a few feet away from Santa and his sleigh. Then he changed his mind.

When I sat him next to Santa he flew back into my arms. It took some reassuring. And some encouragement. I convinced him to tell Santa his list again. Very quietly he informed Santa that he would please like, "Einsteins, Lightning, Cars, Rocketship". It was so adorable. He was whispering it and very unsure. Then Santa gave him a high-five. You could actually see the terror lessen. Enough that I was able to convince him to sit next to Santa. He was still unsure, but he wasn't in my arms. Of course Santa had some more tricks up his sleeve. Santa asked Preston to give him knuckles, and we were golden. I was able to step back out of the sleigh and off to the side.

I stood next to the photographer, as Preston wasn't comfortable enough with Santa to let me out of his line of sight and we wanted him to be looking in the direction of the camera. That little half smile, that's a result of my child finding it hilarious when the photographer's assistant attacked me with a quacking duck. I will take it.

In fact I'm looking at this as though it was a Christmas Miracle!