Sunday, November 1, 2009

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

I've got a million of them. All of them describe and attempt to explain the funk that I've been in lately. That is if you can call being lazy a funk. Because that is what I've been a lot of lately. Lazy. No other way to explain it.

Too lazy to blog. Trying to find the words and the pictures and both of them all at once, well that's a big deal. Plus it might involve getting up to find my external hard drive since that's where I keep the pictures. That's a whole 'nother step. And one that requires me to get up and move around. Off the couch. Definitley not on the to do list as of late. Which means that I've also been a bad blog friend. I have a lot of catching up to do in all your lives and on your blogs. So much catching up to do.

To lazy to clean. I have the rest of my life to clean. Or at least the next couple of days...or weeks if I put it off long enough. My house hasn't even fully recovered from my sister's baby shower, last weekend. My poor husband.

The weather has been changing, we've gone from sunshine to gloom. It's rainy here. Rain doesn't inspire me to clean and be active. Rather it encourages me to cuddle up on the couch under a blanket and watch movies.

More accurately it's not movies I'm watching. It's Wow Wow Wubzy with Preston or Grey's Anatomy when I have the remote. Reruns of Grey's Anatomy to be exact. I can't even explain my newest obsession with rewatching every epidose of the series. I'm almost done too. I'm all caught up to half way through season five. Let me tell you, those beginning seasons were GOOD! Really good. All that back and forth between Derek and Meredith, oh it sucked me right back in this time just like it did when I first started watching the show. Even funnier, rewatching the old episodes has made the current season seem so much better. Although after Thursday night's show I think it's safe to safe Grey's Anatomy is finally getting better this season. Since I can't watch Grey's Anatomy and take care of Preston and do something else, those first two get priority. Everything else, has been moved to the back burner. Including cleaining and blogging.

Not to be left out, cooking is also not a priority for me in the last couple of weeks. I hate cooking anyways. I'm just not a big fan. Not of cooking at least. But eating, oh me and eating are best friends. I think eating could even be considered one of my hobbies. If only the food would just cook itself. If only. My mouth is watering just saying that. It's been simple meals in these parts lately. But November is a new month and I'm determined to start over on the cooking front. Nothing but amazing dinners over here coming up. At least that's the plan. Recommendations?

Not helping the mood that I've been in is that we've recently set a budget. I hate having a budget. Typically we live where as long as there is money in the bank after we've paid the bills, we're good to go. Not anymore. I sat down and figured out where every dollar would go. Mortgage, utilities, groceries, necessitites, gas money, and savings. Blah! I hate thinking that I'll actually have to start living within a budget. Just the word budget depresses me. Budget. UGH! I know that it's part of being responsible and that it's something we really should be doing. But UGH! I'm sure that once I get past these first couple of months of changing my spending habits I won't be so bothered by it, by right now I hate it. Sometimes growing up sucks.

One way or another, I am determined to pull myself out of this funk. It must be done. I cannot live like this. I hate not having my normal amount of energy. And I hate thinking that since I'm dragging, Preston's suffering too. Mommy is tired. Mommy is lazy. Mommy doesn't want to leave the house when it's raining. Well Mommy, snow is coming! It's time to get your butt in gear. Starting today! No more funk. No more lazy. Mommy is back and she is going to find a way, anyway to enjoy winter! Any ideas to help with that, would be much appreciated.


j said...

Well you know your sister inlaw has ideas! :) Working out!!! Working out will get you out of your funk in no time. And as far as the cooking goes... get the Body for Life or Cooking for Life book. Easy, good and healthy recipes! And what makes this so great is it is all working towards your goal to be in better shape then me by my birthday...

Love ya!

Sherri said...

It happens to the best of us:) I am guilty of it, especially in the winter. Good ole' New England. Exercise is definitely my way out.

Unknown said...

No help here!

No help here! I think I'm in a similar funk. I still blog, but I don't care if I ever leave the house!

i think