Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What A Weekend

It was packed. Full of fun and family time. It was just what we needed.

Ever feel like you're so busy running around to get everything done that you really aren't stopping to enjoy the moment and relish what you have already in the right here and now? I have been feeling a lot of this lately. Everything that needs to get done around here is running through my head all the time. Every room I walk into, I notice the little things that aren't done, that are just waiting to be finished. The tile in the kitchen still needs to be picked out and put up. The trim is leaning against the wall, but needs to be nailed up. Until then my kichen sits 90% finished. The new living room trim currently sits in the garage, waiting to be cut and stained and then put up. The old trim that is covered in paint stares me in the face whenever I'm in the living room. The playroom carpet needs to be ripped up and the wood floor that sits in the garage needs to be put down. The cream paint in the living room needs to be touched up. I'd like to replace the trim in our bedroom, but the living room comes first. If I could dream up the money, I would replace EVERY door in our house. Interior and exterior. Along with the doors, I would also go ahead and take out the windows and replace those too.

That is just the first list of things I would love to do to our house. Don't get me wrong, I have a wonderful home. Love it. It's just that I am kind of obsessed with home repair lately. So everywhere I look, I see what could be changed. What could be changed to turn this place into exactly what I want. The logical side of me knows that these are things that will be accomplished over the next year or two, and that is perfectly fine. Realistic even. That's life. But the side of me that has no patience at all wants it done now. Or better yet, yesterday.

Whew, that was quite the explanation. I've veered very far from what we did this weekend on that little vent.

It was chilly this weekend! Chilly enough that I finally found and purchased a coat for Preston for winter this year. Now I just have to wait for it be delivered as I couldn't find the one I wanted in stores. Luckily it wasn't so cold that we had to hide inside. It's Fall and there are Fall activities to be done.

We headed up to Greenbluff. It was a Fall Festival up there at one of the farms. Pony rides, hay rides, pumpkin hunting, food, music...FUN!

Preston rode the ponies. Although he attempted to convince us that he was big enough to ride the horses that pulled the hay ride. Unfortunately for Preston they weren't offering rides on those horses. The ponies, however, were available for rides. Preston acted all scared at first but as soon as his pony got to walking, we were golden. He screamed when I put him on and then screamed again when I pulled him off.

From there we headed over to pick out our pumpkins. Preston was in pumpkin heaven. Recently he has become slightly pumpkin obsessed. In a big way. He was very excited to see all of the pumpkins. Even more excited that he got to pick out a couple of them to take home.

As it was starting to get more than a little cold outside, we headed back to the car to warm up and check out another farm. Find another pumpkin for Preston. Plus I was determined to get a picture of Preston in a pumpkin patch. Off to Walters we went. Where I succeeded in getting just that. If only he would have sat still long enough for me to get the one I wanted!

We went home long enough to warm up and we were off again. Preston had found some Chuck E Cheese tickets in my wallet Saturday morning, which resulted in him requesting over and over that we take him to Chuck E Cheese. Brad caved, so we had a dinner date with Mr. Chuck E himself.

I love Chuck E Cheese almost as much as Preston. Brad's not far behind me, so it was enjoyed by all of us!

And Preston was tuckered out by the time we got home and very quickly fell asleep. A very successful family day! Just what we needed after the craziness that life is sometimes.

Sunday was spent working on things around the house. Picking up outside toys. Orgainizing the garage a little bit more. Winter is on it's way, so the garage needs to be cleared enough that we can fit two cars in there before the snow starts to fall. All of this also included a trip to the dump. Somehow even with all of the de-cluttering, giving away, and goodwilling that I've been doing lately, we still had a full truck load of junk to get rid of. And another load to go next weekend. Is it crazy that I love me some dump runs? It's such a relief and destresser to me when I watch all of the stuff that we don't need or want remove itself from our home. It's also amazing to me that even with a few dumploads every year that we've lived here we somehow always have more that can head out there.

All in all I would call this weekend both relaxing and much needed. I hope yours was wonderful too!


Aleta said...

Home Owner, should be "Home Owns You." Lol. I know what you mean. I like our home too, but there's always some room for improvement. My parents have lived in their home since I was in the second grade and I think....I'm pretty sure.... that they are finally finished with the home renovations and have it where they want it. They tell me, "Aleta, don't rush to get everything done. Look how long it took us. It's OK if it takes time." Just as long as you enjoy it along the way and it sounds like you do enjoy life!

Love the pumpkin pictures! He looks so happy going through them. It's so wild seeing people in jackets, when we're still in the 90's this week. (Hopefully we'll get out of the 90's and maybe even out of the 80's by the weekend!!)

Trish said...

Looks like a great day! I love you pictures...I can almost smell the cool air and just a hint of cotton candy..hehehe

Best of luck on finishing the house. Can't wait to see more pictures!!!