Tuesday, October 6, 2009


That's right. I used the word that nobody in this economy really wants to hear. Layoffs. The kind of word that makes your heart stop for a minute while panic sets in. At least that's the feeling that I get everytime Brad mentions that his company went through another round of layoffs. I expect the layoffs. They don't fully surprise me right now. It's starting to get cold, it's October, winter is coming, and Brad works in construction. Even in a good economy construction goes through layoffs right around now. So the first round was expected. The second even. The third not as much. And now we're on the fourth. The fourth round of layoffs in only a couple of weeks.

What makes this round a little different for me is that Brad's name has been mentioned. Brad as in the sole provider of our family. That Brad, just in case you were confused. Yesterday he was told along with another guy that he works with that it is between the two of them. One owner is fighting to keep Brad on and the other is fighting for the other guy.

It wouldn't be a long layoff. Or at least that's what we're being told. In three weeks a job is supposed to start that would require both of them to be hired back on again. Plus in a month one of the guys Brad works with will be taking a few months off to have a work related surgery. Meaning that there is another spot open in a month. Not to mention that they are on a job that is big enough to keep them all working all winter as soon as they start the next phase. Only problem is that we haven't been told when they'll be doing that just yet. So for now, it's between Brad and this other guy and one of them will be laid off for what I can only hope will really only be the three weeks we're being told. Three weeks is survivable in my mind. A whole winter is not.

I'm feeling particularly torn about this whole thing this time. The first round of layoffs were to be expected. They were the seasonal hires. The second round finished off the layoffs of everyone that knew it was coming. Everyone that really was only hired to work during the busy summer season. Most of them knew it was coming and planned for it. The third round was a complete surprise. It included a guy that Brad had been working with for a while, and no one saw that one coming. Now this final round is the closest that we've come to the chopping block. Knowing that it's between our family and another family is what's really messing with my mind. Either we deal with the next three or so weeks or they do. I know our situation, but I don't know theirs. Maybe they're better prepared for this than we are. Maybe their worse prepared for this than we are. I keep wondering about who they are for instance do they have kids, debt, savings, own a home? All the kinds of things your paycheck goes towards. It makes me feel sick. Sick knowing that in hoping that my husband keeps working, I'm hoping that another woman's husband doesn't.

I hate the waiting part. There was no deadline given. If it happens, this is the only warning we'll get. If we make it these next three weeks to the next job's start, we will make it another alloted time until the next set of layoffs. Or more hopefully the start of another job instead of more layoffs. Winter is not the busy season in construction. Thus making it soooooo stressful for us financially. It was a cut back when Brad stopped working overtime. If Brad stops working completely that's a much bigger cutback for us financially. Not including the fact that he'd just be hanging out at home during those three weeks. Not exactly a good time. We have things to finish up around the house, but when you're laid off it's not really the time to spend money on home improvements if you know what I mean.

We'd appreciate it if you'd keep us in your prayers. And while you're praying for us if you could go ahead and send up a prayer for everyone who is looking at a layoff or already dealing with a layoff, that would be amazing too.



Lisa Anne said...

I feel for you. My jobs had 4 rounds of layoff. there's less then 10 of us left and money is slipping away. It's like i'm just wiating here helpless until it's my turn. grrr

Yankee Girl said...

I will definitely keep you in my thoughts and keep my fingers crossed.

I love your new header!

Mom said...

You're in our prayers! I feel you on the layoffs. Anthony is laid off all winter every year for almost a full three months. Luckily, we are able to plan for it and he gets a big bonus at Christmas. Not to mention unemployment. I hope Brad doesn't get laid off, but if he does, I have faith you guys will do just fine!

Children of the 90s said...

A good friend of mine was just laid off this morning. It's such a tense time for this type of thing. Here's hoping you get out of it okay!

Dakermom said...

You have an award at my blog... http://www.dakermom.blogspot.com
Stop by to get it!!!

Aleta said...

I'm so sorry! I'm sending prayers right now for you and your husband!! It's horrible right now. Just awful........ and even if it's only for 3 weeks, that's three weeks of instability and changes. *HUGS*

Tiffany said...

I'll be thinking about you guys! I'm feeling like that too because Brad is still trying to get out and I'm worried things won't work the way he *thinks* they will.. We have enough debt as it is. ugh.. My sister's fiance was laid off about 6 weeks ago too..Was supposed to be hired back this month but haven't heard yet. They have a 4month old. Sucky!

Trish said...

I will keep you guys in my prayers. I think you have a wonderful out look on the entire thing.

God may pick your husband to be the one, but if he does it will be for a good reason. Like you said you don't know the other guys situation.

Hang in there!

Cougar Tales said...

I've been exploring your blog and figures the HR person in me had to stop by here. I don't understand why I just can't leave it at work and enjoy my time blogging. Anyway....I totally understand the waiting part. I have been on both sides of it. It is the worst. Although I know it's not true, it feels like it might be worse than knowing the answer you don't want to hear. All anyone can do is to keep up the hard work all day every day. In these times, we need to show our worth and be willing to step up to anything. Ugh! I wish I had more words of wisdom. Have you heard anything?
- Cougs