Monday, October 26, 2009

I Threw A Baby Shower!

Where to begin?

I survived! And threw a great baby shower, if I do say so myself. Although I didn't do it on my own. My Mom co-hosted with me. Split the ideas, the expenses, and helped with the set-up and take down. So we survived, but did more than that we also threw an amazing baby shower!

For this amazing sister of mine.

We started with the decorations. Then moved on to the food table. However, I can't lay claim to what was supposed to be the present table and slowly became the present area when the table just wasn't enough, the guests did that. Check out all those presents! Jessie, my sister, has some pretty amazing family and friends.

That is the present table after a couple of no shows. Instead of the fifty people that I'd been dreading planning for, we had somewhere between 25 and 30. Thank goodness because after those people arrived I began to panic about where we would put anybody else that showed up. And I have no idea where their gifts would have gone since that table clearly was overflowing. (PS...Notice that Jessie got not only one but two diaper cakes! I made the one on the left and my Aunt made the one of the right. How cute are those?)
Of course those presents weren't going to open themselves. It was time for Jessie to get busy! Presents took up the the better part of the party there were so many! Jessie got some great stuff though. Blankets and toys and clothing. Oh the cuteness!

My favorite gifts came from my Grandma in California. She makes the cutest baby blankets! Preston got a huge pile of them throughout my pregnancy and all the way up to his birth. I love them. So much in fact that while I loaned Jessie just about everything she'd need for this little guy, I told her that those were Preston's blankets and he wasn't sharing. She could use all of store bought ones that she wanted (with the exception of Preston's "blankie") but she could not use the blankets that my Grandma made. My Grandma made Jessie a bunch of blankets too. One blanket in particular was amazing, it would match Preston's bedroom PERFECTLY! PERFECTLY people! I want it so bad! So bad that I even offered to trade one of Preston's blankets, the very same blankets that I've been unwilling to share. I'll trade one for that blanket! Oh that blanket. It's just beautiful. I could try to convince you but I'll just show you. It's in the first two pictures, the third photo was another blanket that my Grandma made for Jessie and Mason.

After presents we began some games. Of course we played the don't say "baby" game. I lost. Pretty quickly in fact. We also played a guessing game. Guess what Jessie was going to open during present time. Your guesses had to be fairly specific. You couldn't just say blanket, you had to give at least a color. Made things interesting during present time. One of my new favorite baby shower games is guessing the belly size. String was passed around and everyone cut it where they thought it would fit around Jessie's belly. There were some hilarious guesses in that game. Seriously. One of the strings not only fit around Jessie and her belly but also me at the same time! My friend Courtney won that one. By guessing the exact size of Jessie's belly. The exact size! How'd she do that you ask? She measured her own belly. Courtney is about a week behind Jessie in due dates! The final game was the diaper game. You know the one. Some chocolates melted into diapers are passed around while the guests try to figure out which candy is in which diaper. I love baby shower games!

A baby shower wouldn't be complete without a cake! Check out Jessie's. It turned out so great! And matched the theme perfectly.

My sister and some of her best friends. All of these girls have known each other since elementary school! That amazes me. I cannot believe that they all not only talk but are all together at once and still friends. It is not often that friendships survive graduating from high school, let alone elementary school all the way through high school and then beyond. Although I shouldn't be so shocked. The older sister of the girl in the purple is not only the only friend that I still get together with from high school, but I also became friends with her in elementary school. But that's my one to my sister's four.

The ladis in my family. Me, my Mom, and my three sisters. I don't even remember the last time we were all in a picture together. And smiling too!

Remember Kait? Who's baby shower I helped co-host last month? Lucy is now just short of three weeks old and she came to the shower too! How cute are they? And how amazing does Kait look for having a three week old?

Whew, now I can breathe a sigh of relief. My sister's shower is done. Even better it was not just a success, it was fabulous! And she loved it. Which would have been enough even if I'd thought is was a horrible disaster. Now I get to start planning Courtney's for November. Three baby showers in three months, not bad!

I can't believe I almost forgot. While I was hosting a baby shower, Brad and Preston were at the park enjoying the sixty degree weather we were having. Preston had a blast hanging out with just Daddy and spending a couple of hours at the park. Before he came home and dazzled everyone at the party with his adorableness.

As everyone left, Preston stood at the door and waved and said "Good-bye people!". He didn't know everyone's names so he just grouped them all together. I didn't even know that he knew how to do that. My sister is having a baby and my baby is growing up! It was a big day!


Jennifer C. Valerie said...

Sounds like a lot of fun and your Preston is cute. Thanks for your comment on Fruitful Vine.

I pray you have a wonderful day today.

Trish said...

I love the pictures and you had some wonderful ideas!

We did the dreaded string game at my shower...uhggggggg!!! But my Granny was "right on the money" and won the game!

I have several blankets that my Great Grandmother made for my son too...they were always my fav's!

Helen McGinn said...

That sounded like a wonderful shower. The photographs are lovely...except the one with the diaper licking....*shiver* ;O)

We don't have showers over here in Scotland but it's a great tradition; wish I'd thought to start it when I was pregnant! xx

Aleta said...

Oh my gosh! Look at all those pictures! I loved it! You know how to throw a baby shower, Kudos! Lots of foods, great gifts, laughed when I saw the baby cloths on a line... and the games - what a hoot! I heard of some of them, but not the diaper one. You had me crying with the laughter!

Kati said...

Great Job! That is the same theme we had for my shower.. it looks amazing!! Best wishes to your sister!