Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Boys Are Back In Town

By boys I actually just mean one. Brad. Brad is back in town. While I've been complaining and mentioning that Brad's been working long long hours, I've neglected to mention that they haven't been in the same city as me and Preston. In fact they haven't been in the same state either. So Brad's long ten to twelve hour days for him, for me have been more like hundred hour work days. Since that was about how long he was gone each week from Monday to Friday. Living for the weekends had developed new meaning in our house. We truly were doing just that, living as a family on the weekends.

Starting Monday, no more. Brad is back. I'm not sure who is more excited, me or Preston. Preston has really missed his Daddy all week for the last five or so months. He missed snuggling and playing and eating with Daddy. He missed watching and learning from Daddy. Preston was just missing his Daddy. He'd just started to understand that Daddy was at work and now Brad is back. Not to be forgotten I also missed my husband while he was gone. It's hard being a single parent. Really hard. Plus crazy enough, I missed cooking dinners for us. I missed having someone to talk to at the end of the day. Someone to cuddle with on the couch before I went to bed. Preston and I just plain ole missed Brad.

For me having Brad gone was more of a problem than just missing Brad. I am also a chicken. A MAJOR chicken. "Hi. My name is Kim and I really am afraid of the dark. For real.". Which means that nights were ROUGH. From the hours of midnight to four am, I toss and turn. Waiting for a psycho killer to break in and do away with me and Preston. Pleasant I know. Purely unreasonable. I live in a good neighborhood, I just have an overactive imagination and the quiet completely unsettles me. So that was how I was spending my nights. Until I just gave up and went and stayed at my parent's house. Nothing like practically moving back into Mom and Dad's house with your two year old during the weekdays. It was that or let the exhaustion overcome me. Which was not an option with an extremely active two year old. So I bit the bullet and headed back to the comfort's of my parent's house. Did I mention that I am a chicken? Oh yes, I am. Now that Brad's home, I'm home too! Meaning I can enjoy the luxury of sleeping in my own bed with my husband seven nights a week. SEVEN nights a week people!

There is a downside to all of this. My husband is a slob. Brad isn't so good at picking up after himself. It's little messes here and there from the moment he walks in the door at the end of the day to when he leaves again the next morning. I'm having to readjust the schedule that Preston and I had gotten used to as a pair. Now we are a family of three again on a regular basis. The worst part though is the pay cut. Brad went from those ten to twelve hour days to an eight hour day. Which is fabulous on one hand. My husband is not only home every night, but he is also home at a really reasonable hour. But on the other hand, Brad is paid hourly. Fabulous when he puts in all those extra hours. Now though it's just a forty hour work week. Which means less spending money for us. Gone are the regular nights out to dinner and oh, I really want this so I'm just going to buy it trips to the store. As is the money that I was packing away for a trip to San Diego in the summer. We will still make enough to survive, we just won't have as much to throw around. I guess it's a good thing I did enough spending, shopping, saving, and whatnot when Brad was working the longer days and bringing home the bigger paychecks. :)

Now we're just in for fall and a long winter. Although even with the smailler paychecks I am grateful. Brad is working, my family is healthy, we are happy, and life will go on! Any big changes going on in your life?


Aleta said...

I'm happy that he's home for ya'll! I know what you mean about not sleeping when the husband isn't home. I'm the same way. I absolutely MUST snuggle with Greg in order to fall asleep. No kidding. He makes the world feel like a safer place. I used to have nightmares about people breaking in... after Greg moved in, no more of those nightmares!

Healthy mom said...

So Happy for you always good to have the family together.

Jennifer C. Valerie said...

So happy for you. I remember when my hubby went to another island for ministry. It was not as long as yours(only a week or so) but I really missed him.

Visiting via SITS. Have a wonderful week.

Your blog is really pretty. I especially love the header. The pink bow in the corner added a nice touch.

JudyH329 said...

Kim-I know what you mean about being alone at night. Sometimes it gets scary. Even having a security alarm doesn't always make all the bad "what if" go away. I did enjoy your website. I like the underlying sense of humor you add to your writing. Y'all have a good week.