Thursday, October 8, 2009

**BIG News Alert**

No. I'm not pregnant! THAT is not my big news. Contrary to what just about everyone in my life seems to think lately, I am not pregnant right now. But this news is bigger and right this second I think it's better.

Today was a big day in our house. Honestly I think that might be selling it short. Today Preston decided it was a great day to start potty training...FOR REAL! I'm fairly positive that he made this decision upon realizing that peeing in the potty got him not just one but two gummy bears. Gummy bears that are just like his daily vitamins, only not vitamins so he can have more than just one a day. That's right, my son loves his vitamins. Loves them. Begs for them daily. Which is why I chose gummy bears as his potty reward. They've only been sitting in a tupperware container in our bathroom for more than a week waiting for Preston to earn them. Last night he did. As we went into the bathroom for bathtime, Preston informed me he had to pee and I put him on his toliet and away he went. Two gummy bears later, he was a happy camper. A really happy camper.

This morning he seemed to remember about the gummy bears and decided what the heck, let's do it. So he did. At 10:30am this morning I hopped in the shower. Which means Preston came in to and insisted, "Mama, in. Mama, in!". So in he went. And moments later when he realized he had to pee, out he went. He climbed on his little potty and seconds later it started singing. That's right his potty sings. It's helpful to both of us. Preston loves when it sings and I know for sure that he's peed. This proved to be the start of potty training for us today. For the next hour that Preston played in the bath, he climbed out repeatedly to pee in his potty. Over and over again. I'm putting mousse in my hair, Preston's peeing in his potty. I'm blow drying my hair, Preston's potty is singing away again. I'm applying mascara, Preston is insisting that he needs his gummy bears now. I've just finished getting dressed, and Preston is waving bye-bye to his pee pee and flushing it down the big toliet. Preston just kept on squeezing his pee out, which in turn earned him gummy bear after gummy bear.

Towards the end of our bathroom date, I was starting to go a little bit crazy. He'd peed about 8 times in that hour that it took me to shower and get ready. That's eight times I gave him gummy bears, eight times I emptied and rinsed out his potty, eight times we waved bye-bye to his pee-pee before flushing it away. I was starting to rethink this potty training thing and wondering just how big Preston's bladder could possibly be.

I figured that it would be just plain dumb to look a gift horse in the mouth, so we changed our plans for the day. We were going to stay home and work on this potty training thing. If Preston was interested, so was I. You know except that really I was dreading it and just wanted to run and hide.

I dressed Preston, which was a mistake. I put too much on him. I put him in a t-shirt, BIG boy underwear, a diaper over those (just in case), and jeans. It was too much to take off and Preston had an accident only minutes later. The fact that he was downstairs playing with his trains may have contributed to this also. But twenty minutes after dressing him when I asked him if he had to go pee-pee he'd already gone.

Off went the jeans and diaper and underwear. Preston was going to be free. I threw a pair of socks on him and he spent the next two hours or so bottomless. This worked well for us. Preston headed to the bathroom a couple of times all by himself, was rewarded, and went back to playing. Not a single accident.

Even better than no accidents? Preston went into the bathroom and came back out to get me. His potty hadn't sang so I knew he hadn't peed and wondered what he needed as I followed him into the bathroom. Guess what he'd done? Preston had POOPED in the potty! All by himself! Completely unprompted! I was absolutely shocked. I didn't expect that at all. I've been told that getting your child to poop in the potty is one of the most difficult parts of potty training and here's Preston doing in on the first day of potty training without even being asked to. I've never been so proud to wipe a poopy bottom. He finished up his business, got a handful of gummy bears, and we waved bye-bye to his poo-poo. Then we started the phone calls. I was so excited, we called Brad and Preston told him the good news. "Poo-poo, potty Daddy!" Brad was so proud! Then we called my Dad. Preston once again wanted to tell his big news, "Poo-poo, potty Gampa!". Finally we called my Mom, who's line was busy the first time we tried her, and Preston told her what he'd just done, "Poo-poo, potty Nona!" Who knew pooping in the potty could be so exciting?!

I decided to add a pair of underwear to the situation again. I have to tell you, Preston really looks like a big boy when he's wearing underwear instead of a diaper. It's freaking adorable. Preston spent the next couple of hours in his underwear going pee-pee as needed. Let me just tell you I think it's cuter than cute when I ask him if he has to go pee-pee and he tells me "No, Mama." Seriously I do. It makes him seem so grown up! Where did my baby go?

Preston had one more accident a couple hours after putting his underwear on for the second time. It was after Brad got home, so it might have been the excitement of Daddy being home or just because accidents happen. Day one of potty training and only two accidents and none of them on my floors, I will take it! In fact I will very happily take it.

In non-potty training news, once Brad arrived home I headed out to see my friend Kait's new baby! Did I mention my friend Kait, who's baby shower I helped throw, just had her baby. Tuesday night! I was so excited to meet little Lucy Kathleen. She was adorable. So cute and tiny and just slept and slept. Even when she woke up, she was so quiet and content. Unless she was cold. Little Lucy did not like to be cold. I am so happy for Kait and her family. I can't wait to hold little Lucy again! Makes me feel a little bit baby crazy!

While I was gone, Brad helped Preston pee in the potty a few more times. Preston even snuck off with the tupperware of gummy bears and hid behind the rocking chair in our bedroom trying to figure out how to open it! Sneaky little monster. Brad walked in and asked him what he was doing and Preston laughed because he knew he was busted. Later when Preston started to act tired Brad put a diaper on him just in case he fell asleep. As Preston had no intention of falling asleep, he ran into the bedroom ripped the diaper off and marched into the bathroom and peed in his potty. Take that Daddy!

It seems as though potty training is underway in our house. I'm still not sure how I feel about this. Part of me is excited. We could be done with diapers and soon! However, today was a lot of work. I had to remember to ask Preston every few minutes if he needed to go potty and Preston had to actually go potty. Plus the staying home all day part really wasn't all that exciting. I'm wondering how long we need to do this before Preston can be taken out of the house and if he'd be willing to go potty on the toliets elsewhere. The toliets that aren't his and don't sing. I'm also wondering if we went with underwear while we were home and diapers while we were out would be confusing to him and thus a setback. Would it be further confusing to him if we did underwear some days and diapers others? But most importantly I'm wondering if Preston is actually ready to really start potty training or if today it was fun because it was exciting and new to go pee-pee in the potty? Better yet does the fact that Preston spent 75% of today going to the bathroom in the potty mean that he is really ready? Is this the start of potty training in our house?

The only thing I know for sure, so far, is that we are going to need some more gummy bears.


Marty, Rhenda and Anna said...

it's all trial and error...just keep continuing to follow his lead. I took Anna's potty seat in the car with us and would have her sit and go before we went inside anywhere. that seemed to help until she was comfortable going in public restrooms. good luck!

Together We Save said...

Congrats!! Sounds like he is getting there! Gummies and a singinf potty what more can a little guy ask for. :-)

Holly said...

Do you get your gummy bears from costco? If not you should, they have a HUGE bag of them for pretty cheap.

So exciting for Preston! I heard that once you start potty training you shouldn't go back.

Anonymous said...

That is so great! Congrats to Preston! (and his mommy)

Aleta said...

Your post was filled with so much joy that I was even happy about the potty training and I don't have children! Sounds like you're on the right track! Woot!

Wagner-Berg Kata said...

Congrats for your son!You have a beautiful family!
Like your blog!
A Mom form Hungary