Thursday, September 24, 2009


It's time for an update on your favorite two year old! PRESTON!

He's been so busy lately. I can't believe how much he's changed and learned and grown up in just two years! Time really does fly.

Lately Preston has really started to get into role playing. Role playing of the four legged sort. When he goes out to play in my parent's backyard the dogs get so excited to see him and then Preston gets so excited to see the dogs. Before you know it Preston is crawling around on the deck and in the grass with them. While one of the dogs was scratching their side last week we looked over to see Preston sitting next to the dog scratching his own belly in exactly the same motion. Then he followed the other dog over and went ahead and gave my Mom's leg a lick. Lovely.

But it's not just the dogs, he's doing it with our cats too. He crawls around meowing and following them this way and that way. During his bath the other night one of the cats licked water off of my arm and before I knew it Preston was following suit. Looks like we're going to really start working on the concept that people don't lick, just pets!

Being dramatic runs in his blood, courtesy of yours truly, but lately Preston's really been playing things up. When he gets hurt, he gets this sad face and runs over to get loves only to bounce off my lap instantly and he's off again. Or when he see a friend crying sometimes he'll head over and make the same sad face. Heaven forbid somebody else be the center of attention. Just the other day he threw a car seat down the stairs, I raced out of the laundry room positive that Preston has just falled to his death only to see him standing at the top of the stairs with a smile on his face. Moments later I hear Preston "crying", again I race out of the laundry room. Only this time instead of a car seat lying at the bottom of the stairs I find Preston. After the appropriate amount of cuddles and some confusion on my part on how I didn't actually hear him fall, he runs off to his bedroom to play. Once again moments later I head out of the laundry room to see Preston lying at the bottom of the stairs in the exact same spot "crying". Little faker! And he's good. Really good. Where I almost can't tell that he's not actually hurt, sad, upset...just faking it. I have a feeling he's really going to use this to his advantage when he gets older.

He's starting to get into a bye-bye routine too. When you tell him it's time to go, he knows exactly what to do. First he round up the must have toys. As many toys as his little hands can carry that must come with us wherever we are going. He knows that he must wear shoes in order to leave the house, so he heads to the stairs and sits down to wait. Lately, as the weather gets chilly from time to time, he knows that he needs a sweater. This weekend when I put his sweater on him while he was playing outside at my mother-in-law's house, he made the rounds telling everyone "buh-bye". Only to end up confused and a little infuriated that we weren't actually going anywhere.

After an incident with Brad at home, where Preston refused to get into the car when it was time to leave. Preston now willingly get lifted into the car as soon as I start it. In fact as soon as I start the car he runs as fast as he can to where I'm waiting for him next to his door so that he can come too. This began after Brad asked him to please stop running around the yard and come get into the car. Preston of course ignored him and I giggled quietly from the front seat, I'd warned Brad not to let go of Preston's hand and he'd chosen not to listen to my advice. Instead of chasing Preston all over the place Brad just waved good-bye, climbed in the car, and backed all the way out of the driveway. Poor Preston came racing from the front of the yard in terror that Daddy was going to leave him. We haven't had a problem since. As soon as that car starts Preston books it from whereever he is for his car seat.

It's become a day that we've been fearing a little bit in our house. The day where we have to start watching what we say and how we say it. We've got a little mimic residing in our house. He repeats the things that we do. He repeats the things that we say. It's getting a little frightening around here! For example while driving through a construction zone recently I said, "sh*t sh*t sh*t". Take a little guess what my two year old in the backseat said. Fabulous. Just fabulous. I wish I could say that it ends there, but nope. Preston has been picking up on almost all of our slip ups. We're working on it. He also copies our actions. If I grab something in the kitchen, Preston has to help. Or if I lock up the car, Preston wants to push the button as well. He helps clean up and carry things around. He's just become quite the little potty mouth helper these days. :P

A big thing that we've been working on around our house lately is sharing. I'm desperate for Preston to be a good sharer. So we've been hard at work on sharing our toys with our friends and each other. I'm very proud to say that thus far, Preston is excellent at sharing. He brings toys for friends and hands over toys almost everytime when asked. Of course as a two year old, he's not perfect. But he's grasping the concept and willing to share everything with the exception of his very favorite toys. Just the other day he was willing to share not only his cars but his trains as well. Progress!

As his Mommy's little boy, we've noticed Preston is quite the little chatterbox. He likes to talk. All. The. Time. I can't blame him it's in his genes. I'm a talker. Brad not as much. So Preston gets his morning cheeriness from Brad and the talking from me. He's now ready to take over the world. Muah-ha-ha. It is cute to hear his little voice all the time though. I love the way he strings his thoughts together. They aren't gramatically correct sentences. They are short and to the point, they get his thought across and he moves on to the next one. I remember wondering what his little voice would sound like when he was a teeny tiny baby and now I just can't get enough of it.

The big update on Preston though happened last week. Preston counted. Counted all by himself! We headed down the stairs and Preston went "one, two". I interrupted and yelled it out to everyone who was around to hear. My baby counted to two! ALL BY HIMSELF! With no prompting. Then later on the same night Preston went ahead and counted to four. That's right, I said it. My baby counted to four. I'm still shocked. Since then he will move past four and onto five and six, but that requires more help on my part. But he's getting there! I couldn't be more proud!

It's amazing how fast they grow! I swear just yesterday I was holding my newborn in my arms wondering how crazy the hospital had to be to let me take him home all by myself and now here he is two and learning and growing everyday.


Theta Mom said...

Isn't it amazing how quickly they grow up? He is such a cutie pie! Just found you fom SITS! Your blog is adorbale! :)

Anonymous said...

STopping by from SITS and I just love reading about Preston! You have a lovely family!

Nicole said...

Stopping by from SITS to say hi! Your little boy is such a cutie!!! That is so funny that he's copying everything you guys do, in a way thats so sweet! but not when she's cursing lol! I was laughing when I read the part about the sweater and him thinking he was going home, so funny:)

Tiffany said...

Jaeden counted for us in the car about 2 weeks ago. We were in utter shock. I had been pointing out letters from the alphabet on his little computer and I asked him if he could count, and he did to 5. Me and Brad were speechless! It sure is amazing isn't it? Jaeden is a little jabbermouth too...will not stop talking lol I wouldn't mind if his talking wasn't him yelling as if he were outside 24/7. Were working on an inside voice, then he could talk all he wants. LOL Boys :)

Yankee Girl said...

I love 2 year olds. They are so much fun and have so much energy.

And they take the cutest pictures!

Aleta said...

What a precious post! But oh boy, does he know your buttons to push for the crying at the stairs. Maybe you should read the story about the "boy who cried Wolf?" My parents read that too me and it definitely influenced me not to fake tears and such at a young age.

Too funny about the naughty words. Why is it that children pick up those words quicker than others?