Monday, September 14, 2009

Potty Training Update

While official potty training has been put on hold in our house right now, Preston still seems to show somewhat of an interest and the possibility of being ready. Now before you ask, I'll tell you that the reason we are waiting is that I am just not ready to tackle the mountain that will be potty training by myself. Brad is working way too much right now and most likely will be for the next couple of weeks for us to give this a go. In two weeks though when things settle down, we will be all over this potty training business.

Preston does seem to be very interested in the concept of potty training even if he's not very consistent. He now announces to anyone and everyone (including in restaurant and Target bathrooms, as well as at home) everytime that Brad or I use the restroom. It goes a little something like, "mama pee-pee" or "daddy pee-pee". He's very interested in what goes on in the bathroom. Almost too interested if you know what I mean. I can only take him flushing the toliet while I'm still on it so many times.

With this interest in everyone else using the toliet, Preston has begun to notice more about his need to use his diaper/the toliet.

Since my last potty update Preston has really taken an interest in pooping.

Read on with caution!

Preston will now announce to me from time to time that he has a "poo-poo diapa". Sometimes he's spot on and it's a nice little warning. Other times he's just peed. I'm thinking that maybe he just likes saying poo-poo better. Or that he thinks the terrified look in my eye when he announces a poopy diaper is much better than the bland look he gets for a diaper full of pee. No matter what the case, he is much more into telling me that he's poopy rather than just letting me know that he's a little wet. Not that he really has to tell me these days, you can smell the difference from across the room! But I'll spare you the details of that one.

Sitting on the toliet is quite the production with Preston these days. When he hops on to his little boy potty. He gets this very serious look. And then he really tries. He pushes and pushes. It really is hilarious to watch. He's trying so hard to pee in his potty, and most of the time nothing happens. I'm not sure if it's because he's more than likely already gone in the diaper we just removed, being that we really aren't potty training right now. Or if he just doesn't have any understanding of how his bladder actually works. When he pushes he seems to get it, so I just don't have a clue. I'm just counting my lucky stars that he actually seems to want to pee in the potty and that he really seems to by trying to make that happen.

Now this is the big one for me. Preston can now tell me that he needs to go number two, BEFORE it actually happens. I realized this when he kept announcing that he had an "itch" over and over again. Being that itch is our code for poopy diaper, I kept checking Preston's diaper. Only to inform him that I was sorry but there was nothing in there. This went on for about ten minutes. I was just starting to think that I was no longer going to be able to count on the word itch meaning he was poopy, when I looked up and saw Preston getting down to business in the corner. He wasn't trying to tell me that he'd gone poop, he was trying to tell me that he was about to go poop! I don't think I have even been so excited to see him fill his diaper! It doesn't happen everytime, but the fact that it is actually happening is enough for me.

Why, why, why you ask again aren't we potty training in lieu of these new developments?

Like I said part of it is that Brad just isn't home enough right now for me to believe that Preston and I would both make it through this with our my sanity in tact. But mostly I'm just not sure how I want to go about this. There are so many different ways to potty train and I really just haven't commited or decided on what I think will work best for us and Preston.

Part of me doesn't want to go after potty training with a vengence and wants to just be very casual about it. But this other part of me realizes that if I don't we may never get there. I don't know that I want to drag it out. I think that if we just set aside a couple of weeks and really went after becoming fully potty trained it would work better. Stretching it out seems like it could be confusing to him. Someimes he can pee in his diaper but other times I expect him to use the toliet? That just seems very inconsistent. And once we actually begin potty training I really want to be consistent. I don't really like the idea of cleaning up pee messes and more everywhere being that I'd be putting him in big boy underwear, but if it speeds up the process of potty training I can suck it up and take it.

So far I'm thinking we'll just make a switch over to big boy underwear (I don't think that pull-ups are anything more than a glorified diaper, and one that costs more at that!) one day and I'll toss one of those plastic covers over his underwear and we'll hang around our house for a week or longer if that's what it takes. A full shut in. With constant bathroom reminders. It will be hard, but at least it won't last forever.

I've been giving this a lot of thought lately and I really just don't think that stretching this out would work well for Preston or Brad and me. Everything that Preston has accomplished and excelled at has been something that we've fully focused on for a couple of weeks and thoroughly encouraged and praised him for. Thus far Preston seems to pick things up fairly quickly. Maybe potty training will be the same? Hopefully we could emerge from said shut in fully potty trained. Having our new carpet survive would be an added plus.

I'm thinking to prepare for all of this we are going to spend the next couple of weeks taking much more of an active interest in using the potty. A little more encouragement even though he's in diapers. With more awareness of how everyone uses the potty. So that when Brad's schedule slows down and he's home enough to be my light at the end of the tunnel (otherwise known as a really bad day stuck at home with a potty training two year old) we'll get started. Luckily, or not so luckily, it will be starting to get cold outside around then, so we'd be hanging out inside more anyways.

It won't be so bad. I hope. Everyone potty trains at some point, and their parents seem to survive it. So I'm sure I will too. At least that's what I'll be telling myself when things start to get particularly rough.

Any advice?


The Redhead Riter said...

I think every new thing they learn is so exciting! I miss all those moments :o(

Here's to babies! ♥

Yankee Girl said...


I have no experience whatsoever with potty training, but I think it is super cute and exciting that he is making progress. The Itch story was so enduring. He is so smart!

Courtney said...

dotn worry, you dont have to be a full shut in, Zeke and I will visit!

JennyMac said...

Ahhh...potty training. Our son was doing all his business on the potty at 2.5 and then whoops...decided he didnt want to anymore. Other wise moms told me this happens. We did get him a little potty chair which he thought was a toy so we got him a little seat shaped like a football which sits on the big toilet. He LOVED it.

We are now using ice cream (Nibs) to get him to use the potty again and working beautifully.

Who knew I would ever do an old high school cheerleader style move when my son pooped on the potty? LOL.

Millennium Housewife said...

Gina Ford does an excellent book, potty trained mine in a week, either way, he'll do it when he's ready, then about a year later regress just to keep you on your toes.
Over from SITS x

Lisa Anne said...

I must have been lucky, potty traingin went like this.

1 day there was no power in the house and nothing to do. So I let my son be naked the entire day and all we did was kept going ot the potty and going to the potty. Previously before this evertime I went to the bathroom I would take him with me, I started this at birth really because i was nervous to leave him alone. lol

anyway after that day, he peed his pants 1 time, i made him kind stay in the wet pants for about 15 minutes before I changed him. He hated how it felt and jst stood there with his legs spread.

After that he used the potty all the time, with the exception of a few accidents here or there mostly at night time.

I mean my son is now 9 yrs old and he still pees his pants at least once a year. Again whether at night time or he holds it for so long from being lazy he can't make it to the potty. With boys I don't think potty training ever ends.

Courtney @ One Fine Wire said...

What a great blog, your family is beautiful!

If you are ever interested in a new blog design, I'd love to work with you!

Have a lovely week!

Aleta said...

"he thinks the terrified look in my eye when he announces a poopy diaper is much better".... that was hilarious! And the code word for poopy - that's adorable. I sure hope you save these blog posts, because he's going to turn bright red one day reading about it when he's older. This was classic posting! Loved it!