Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Thoughts...In No Particular Order

Ever wanted a look into my day? All the random thoughts that run through my head. I'm here to grant your wish. You can thank me later!

1. I got my car detailed today. It was the final step in removing all evidence from my break in last week. At least it better be. I refuse to keep spending money on this whole ordeal.

On a happy note, my car hasn't been this clean since I bought it. I take that back. I don't even think it was this clean when I bought it. It sparkles and shines. I almost didn't want to climb in it for fear that I would dirty it up. And I really don't want to put the car seat and then Preston in it. It most certainly won't survive that!

2. In the last week Preston has figured out how to open another style of door handles. We have the lever style handles at our house, but my parents have the knob style. Which means Preston has been incredibly frustrated with the fact that he can't open any of the doors around here without help. At least he was. No longer. He can now open doors with knob handles. I was dreading this day. At home we can easily lock and unlock our doors so we didn't have to worry about child door locks, at my parent's house it's a whole 'nother story. I'm going to have to figure out a way to keep Preston out of certain areas there. I'm sure my Dad is going to love having to re-baby proof his doors when his youngest child is eleven. Ha!

Preston also figured out how to open my parent's backdoor this afternoon. He was yelling at the dogs to stop barking (yes he does that, it's hilarious!) and all of a sudden we heard the door open and he got quiet. Quiet because he was no longer in the house. He was racing around the backyard! Luckily there is a metal bar we can flip down to prevent him from getting out the backdoor when he's supposed to play inside.

3. I checked on our pool today. It wasn't good. It's GREEN! We have one of those above ground doughboys and Brad has been asking me to buy chlorine for about two weeks now. I've been telling him I'll take care of it and forgetting every single time I pass by the pool store. We haven't been home a lot lately, so we haven't been using it. Now I have to figure out a way to change it back to the BLUE color it is supposed to be. And do it before Brad notices that it's green because I haven't added chlorine. If he figures this out, I won't be able to tell him that I never forget to do things that he asks me to do. Which means that when I'm reminding him to do something I've asked him to do several times, he'll have something to throw back at me. Nice. Just what I always wanted. Except not.

4. My brother is obsessed with Southpark. Maybe you've heard of it? Which means that when while I'm at my parent's house lately, it's on. I hate Southpark. With a vengence. Like I really really hate Southpark. I just think it's vile. Not at all funny. I guess that might be because I'm not a teenage boy?

5. I keep getting ads and coupons in my email for all the labor day sales. I really want to go shopping! Like really want too. And guess what? I'm not supposed to be. Really not supposed to. WHERE THE HELL IS MY SELF CONTROL?! It definitely doesn't help that my friend Kait has been getting these emails too. And A LOT of these emails are coming from the outlets in North Bend. Just far enough away to either make it a really long day trip or a very fun overnight trip. And Kait really wants to go. And I really want to go. What's the problem you ask? I'm not supposed to be spending money, remember!? Plus my husband has a three day weekend and I'm fairly certain he would like to spend it as a family. As in no he would not like me to take off to go shopping with a friend to spend money we are supposed to be saving for a day or two. Poop on him. Poop on saving money. Can't I just win the lotto? Oh wait then I wouldn't even care about whether or not things were on sale. Every day would be Labor Day sales if I won the lottery. **Heading out to buy a lottery ticket or two or a bazillion**

6. Want to know what our actual plans for Labor Day are? House and yard work. Much more exciting than shopping. Or not. We will be cutting and staining the new trim that is going up in our kitchen, living room, and bedroom. Oh the fun! The excitement. And just in case that isn't fun enough, when we finish that we're rototilling around our fence and then putting in a mow line. Oh the joy. I'm tired just thinking about it.

There you have it. My thoughts. I'm sure there were more but at the end of the day I'm exhausted and it's hard to think. And thinking about thinking is even harder!


Linda said...

Still welcome to stay at my house and hit North Bend with me :)

Amber said...

Stopping by from SITS! I'm so glad I'm not the only one with random thoughts running through my head at all times, lol!

Steph said...

A green pool is never good! Glad to find another chica out there who is random like me!

...stopping by from SITS...

Steph @ Stick It in the Fridge

Jennifer Godale said...

Stopping by from SITS. I was excited to see your buttons for McMamma and Bring the Rain. Two of my favorite blogs!

Have a great weekend.

Yankee Girl said...

Having a clean car is one of life's simple pleasures. I have no idea when the last time my car was really clean. I have a big dog who likes to go for rides so it's pretty safe to say my back seat is pretty yucky.

Lately I have wanted to do some serious shopping but my husband has us on a budget. I know that's a good thing but can't we budget money for my shopping trips?

Alicia said...

i keep asking my hubs to PLEASE childproof the house and i'm getting ready to just do it myself!! 3 kids 5 and under is a whole lotta open doors!! i hope you have a fun labor day!

jmt said...

I have created a Monday Mumbles that is a jumbled thought post similar to this. :) I think as mommyhood becomes more complicated and busy, this is the true us...don't you think? Jumbled, random, sometimes mumbling....

I'm sure you'll find time to put a little fun into those Labor Day plans. Even if it's only for a few hours. Each day, of course. :) Happy Friday. Popping over from SITS roll call.

AiringMyLaundry said...

Yay for a clean car.

I need a clean car. Mine currently has crumbs all over it.

I admit, I do like South Park. The South Park movie just cracks me up even though it is quite vile.

Jolene said...

I hate Southpark too!!!!!!!! Have never liked it, even when I was younger and more immature. :)

I can empathize on the shopping thing. I seriously could go shopping every day and be very happy doing it, and probably never get bored, as long as I got a latte midway through. And really, no one needs any clothes at the moment, so it's tough to justify. I did find some screaming deals at Other Mothers, Gymboree stuff (mostly dresses) for Nessa, yey!

Matt's working this weekend, blah. Good luck with your housework, it will look great when you're done!