Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Fail Part One

Remember all those things we were going to accomplish over our three day weekend? All those things that I was dreading? Yeah, we failed. The urge to relax and spend some time as a family took over.

Except on Friday. Friday was Battle of the Bell. Otherwise known as my highschool vs my highschool's rival. Being that my cousin is not just a student at my old highschool but also a football player my whole family gathered to watch. With the exception of Brad and Preston. After getting us all dressed up in team colors, Preston fell asleep on the way there. So Brad and him headed home and I secured a ride home from my Grandpa. And boy was I glad I did!

Colten, my cousin, scored the ONLY touchdown in the whole game with two minutes and forty-three seconds left in the fourth quarter. And if that wasn't intense enough it was a 71 yard run! Impressive doesn't even cover it. He was voted MVP of the game and I've heard local newsstations call him the "hero of the game". Not bad! If I do say so myself. We were pretty excited.

Accomplishing things the rest of the weekend, didn't happen. The weather was kind of crap and half of what we needed to do involved outside work. Although I think it might have had more to do with the fact that I am practically useless at yard work and my MIL was out of town. I think that Brad thought that one through and decided it could wait until he had some real help, as opposed to my standing around asking him what to do and then pathetically attempting to do what he tells me too. Or even better once I actually get into what I'm supposed to be doing Preston needs his diaper changed or he's thirsty or hungry or just plain ole wants some attention, thus breaking my concentration.

So Saturday, the only day with decent work outside because it's not raining off and on all day weather, we didn't work outside. In fact everything we did was inside.

We were inside Kohls when we ran down to take advantage of the Labor Day sale and purchase a picture for the living room and while we were there we went ahead and got me a few things too. What a waste that trip could have been if we'd walked out with only one thing. Then we continued on to make the lovely little drive out to Post Falls to get the registration for the boat trailer signed by a previous owner (two owners ago!) so that we can sell the boat and trailer. More on that in a new post, it's quite the drama. Then back home. Where we hung out for a few hours.

Preston was just enjoying being inside and having Daddy home and being able to play with him. Mommy just doesn't play nearly as good as Daddy. But Daddy can't even compare to Mommy's cuddles, so I think it's a fair trade.

I went to make a quick run to the grocery store with Preston. Which turned into not such a quick grocery trip. Preston kept insisting that we were going, "bye bye Jessie". And when I told him that no, we weren't going to see Auntie Jessie right now. He'd say, "bye bye Gampa". So I caved and called Jessie who lives the closest of the two and we headed over to visit. Preston couldn't have been more thrilled to see Auntie Jessie. Plus all of his baby toys and gear are over there now in anticipation of my future nephew's arrival in a few months, and Preston sure seemed to miss his baby toys.

Jessie also went with us on our trip to the grocery store. We were going to run in and basically back out, grabbing Preston's breakfast staple of bagels and cream cheese along the way. But the store was having all sorts of sales. Spend this much, get this much off. Plus I had coupons. And there was 25% off baby items. So we took advantage. Really took advantage. I walked out with over $150 in groceries and two pairs of Thomas the Train jammies for only $109! One stop for an icee later and we were all home safe and sound and just in time for bed.

So basically Saturday we accomplished a whole lot of nothing. Go us!

To be continued with more of our lack of getting things done. I know, I are dying with suspense.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes that's just the way life is, right? Sounds like you accomplished lots o' lovin'! :)

Stopping in from SITS.

Michelle (aka Catholic Lady )

Mom said...

You sound a lot like me a yard work. HEHE! It does help that I eventually get told to go away since I am with a landscaper and all. Although you wouldn't know it by looking at our yard. I'm really hoping to get it done though before winter so when the snow melts this year it looks half way decent! So, I hope we both get it done soon, or at least that our "men" get it done!