Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Clearly a certain little boy pays attention when Mommy gets ready. That is mascara all over his face. At least it's in the right area!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


It's time for an update on your favorite two year old! PRESTON!

He's been so busy lately. I can't believe how much he's changed and learned and grown up in just two years! Time really does fly.

Lately Preston has really started to get into role playing. Role playing of the four legged sort. When he goes out to play in my parent's backyard the dogs get so excited to see him and then Preston gets so excited to see the dogs. Before you know it Preston is crawling around on the deck and in the grass with them. While one of the dogs was scratching their side last week we looked over to see Preston sitting next to the dog scratching his own belly in exactly the same motion. Then he followed the other dog over and went ahead and gave my Mom's leg a lick. Lovely.

But it's not just the dogs, he's doing it with our cats too. He crawls around meowing and following them this way and that way. During his bath the other night one of the cats licked water off of my arm and before I knew it Preston was following suit. Looks like we're going to really start working on the concept that people don't lick, just pets!

Being dramatic runs in his blood, courtesy of yours truly, but lately Preston's really been playing things up. When he gets hurt, he gets this sad face and runs over to get loves only to bounce off my lap instantly and he's off again. Or when he see a friend crying sometimes he'll head over and make the same sad face. Heaven forbid somebody else be the center of attention. Just the other day he threw a car seat down the stairs, I raced out of the laundry room positive that Preston has just falled to his death only to see him standing at the top of the stairs with a smile on his face. Moments later I hear Preston "crying", again I race out of the laundry room. Only this time instead of a car seat lying at the bottom of the stairs I find Preston. After the appropriate amount of cuddles and some confusion on my part on how I didn't actually hear him fall, he runs off to his bedroom to play. Once again moments later I head out of the laundry room to see Preston lying at the bottom of the stairs in the exact same spot "crying". Little faker! And he's good. Really good. Where I almost can't tell that he's not actually hurt, sad, upset...just faking it. I have a feeling he's really going to use this to his advantage when he gets older.

He's starting to get into a bye-bye routine too. When you tell him it's time to go, he knows exactly what to do. First he round up the must have toys. As many toys as his little hands can carry that must come with us wherever we are going. He knows that he must wear shoes in order to leave the house, so he heads to the stairs and sits down to wait. Lately, as the weather gets chilly from time to time, he knows that he needs a sweater. This weekend when I put his sweater on him while he was playing outside at my mother-in-law's house, he made the rounds telling everyone "buh-bye". Only to end up confused and a little infuriated that we weren't actually going anywhere.

After an incident with Brad at home, where Preston refused to get into the car when it was time to leave. Preston now willingly get lifted into the car as soon as I start it. In fact as soon as I start the car he runs as fast as he can to where I'm waiting for him next to his door so that he can come too. This began after Brad asked him to please stop running around the yard and come get into the car. Preston of course ignored him and I giggled quietly from the front seat, I'd warned Brad not to let go of Preston's hand and he'd chosen not to listen to my advice. Instead of chasing Preston all over the place Brad just waved good-bye, climbed in the car, and backed all the way out of the driveway. Poor Preston came racing from the front of the yard in terror that Daddy was going to leave him. We haven't had a problem since. As soon as that car starts Preston books it from whereever he is for his car seat.

It's become a day that we've been fearing a little bit in our house. The day where we have to start watching what we say and how we say it. We've got a little mimic residing in our house. He repeats the things that we do. He repeats the things that we say. It's getting a little frightening around here! For example while driving through a construction zone recently I said, "sh*t sh*t sh*t". Take a little guess what my two year old in the backseat said. Fabulous. Just fabulous. I wish I could say that it ends there, but nope. Preston has been picking up on almost all of our slip ups. We're working on it. He also copies our actions. If I grab something in the kitchen, Preston has to help. Or if I lock up the car, Preston wants to push the button as well. He helps clean up and carry things around. He's just become quite the little potty mouth helper these days. :P

A big thing that we've been working on around our house lately is sharing. I'm desperate for Preston to be a good sharer. So we've been hard at work on sharing our toys with our friends and each other. I'm very proud to say that thus far, Preston is excellent at sharing. He brings toys for friends and hands over toys almost everytime when asked. Of course as a two year old, he's not perfect. But he's grasping the concept and willing to share everything with the exception of his very favorite toys. Just the other day he was willing to share not only his cars but his trains as well. Progress!

As his Mommy's little boy, we've noticed Preston is quite the little chatterbox. He likes to talk. All. The. Time. I can't blame him it's in his genes. I'm a talker. Brad not as much. So Preston gets his morning cheeriness from Brad and the talking from me. He's now ready to take over the world. Muah-ha-ha. It is cute to hear his little voice all the time though. I love the way he strings his thoughts together. They aren't gramatically correct sentences. They are short and to the point, they get his thought across and he moves on to the next one. I remember wondering what his little voice would sound like when he was a teeny tiny baby and now I just can't get enough of it.

The big update on Preston though happened last week. Preston counted. Counted all by himself! We headed down the stairs and Preston went "one, two". I interrupted and yelled it out to everyone who was around to hear. My baby counted to two! ALL BY HIMSELF! With no prompting. Then later on the same night Preston went ahead and counted to four. That's right, I said it. My baby counted to four. I'm still shocked. Since then he will move past four and onto five and six, but that requires more help on my part. But he's getting there! I couldn't be more proud!

It's amazing how fast they grow! I swear just yesterday I was holding my newborn in my arms wondering how crazy the hospital had to be to let me take him home all by myself and now here he is two and learning and growing everyday.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Two little Pitts' scrub'a'dub'dubbing in the tub!

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Baby Shower

The first of many. Soooo many to come. Just about all of my friends are currently pregnant right now. As is my sister. If I'd wanted to be pregnant with one of my friends, now would have been the time. You know if only I was ready to have another baby right now. Which I'm not. Sounds like I have a little bit of a problem. If only my friends weren't so selfish and had been willing to wait a year or two and get pregnant with me. Sheesh, some people!

Last weekend was Kait's babyshower. Kait is currently almost ready to pop. Two weeks from her delivery date, ready to pop. It was time for a baby shower! She's having her fourth and it's a little girl! Lucy! I'm pushing for Lucy Kimberly, but Kait doesn't seem to think it's going to work out.

And back to the shower...

I assisted Courntey in putting everything together and we pulled it off! What can I say we have the talent. Really though, I think you'd have to say that Courtney pulled it off. I was only in charge of coffee and breakfast foods. Which left everything else up to Courtney. But those breakfast foods were pretty amazing, if I do say so myself. Maybe not quite as impressive as the decorations and party favors and games and cupcakes and punch that Courtney provided. But I tried.

Doesn't Kait look great for eight and a half month pregnant!

There were games of course. Kait's Grandma won the "guess how big Kait's belly is" game! The rest of us were all WAY off. Except for Courtney who used her own pregnant belly as a reference.

There was food. Obviously. Plus presents. What's a baby shower without presents?!

Notice the diaper cake in the center? Yours truly made it! It only took me two whole hours the night before! But definitely worth it, look how adorable it is.

Kait was pretty excited about it. As evidenced here.

It was so much fun! To think I only have to pull off at least two more of these. One in October for my sister and nephew. Another in November for Courtney and her little blueberry! And who knows who else. I'm seriously surrounded by pregnant people. At least that means there will be parties!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Preston's Bedroom

Way back in June when we were replacing the carpet in half of our house, I promised you all pictures. Then never showed you a single one. In my defense, it's hard to get a picture of a room in our house looking clean enough that I want to take a picture and show it to all of you. Not because our house is never clean because it is from time to time. But because as soon as I begin to show an interest in said room Preston seems to pick up on it and his two year old ways take over and the room is suddenly the center of mass destruction.

I am now, however, ready to show you one of those rooms. Preston's bedroom. You only get to see the one room right now because it's not only clean but it's also the only room in our house that is actually completely finished being updated. The paint is the color I want it to be. The trim looks good. The carpet is new. It's entirely decorated in a way that makes me want to smile and clap my hands.

Are you ready to meet Preston's bedroom? Alright, here we go!

As you enter Preston's bedroom...

If you notice that sliver of green that somehow went unnoticed when I went through with the paint recently, that is the old color of the room. It was absolutely awful and bright and blinding. They'd even painted the trim. I'm going to have to pull the paint back out to remove all existance of it.

Back to Preston's room.

If you step inside and take a look to the left...

You may have noticed now that you are a few pictures in, but Preston's room colors are blue and black. The theme was the Nautica set at Babies R Us. I fell in love with it and had to have it as soon as I saw it. Luckily Brad felt the same way. I wasn't huge on the animal sets and really wanted something that I felt like Preston could grow with. Then Brad fell in love with the bedroom set while we were looking at bedroom themes. All of a sudden we had a complete nursery with a theme and furniture picked out.

Take a look to the right...

Preston's closet and bookcase. The closet doors were also that atrocious bright green color, so I had Brad pull them down. Plus they only allowed you to see half of each side of the closet at a time and I found that incredibly irritating. Instead I put up some curtains. They match the trim and the bedroom furniture so I think it really helps tie everything together.

Because I'm in love with it and it's fairly new to Preston's bedroom...

While shopping for my nephew's bedroom set we stumbled across these letters. Preston had just the wall space for them, so I was sold. Aren't they cute?! I just love putting Preston's name on everything! Maybe because I picked it out? I hope he likes his name when he gets older since I am just in love with it.

Did you notice the toys all over the place? This is just in Preston's bedroom. Between myself and Brad, my parents and siblings, and Brad's mom and sister things have gotten a bit out of hand. Preston not only has a bedroom filled with toys, but we also keep toys in the living room and we recently converted Brad's "theatre room" into a playroom. I think it's safe to say Preston has taken over our lives and our house

There you have it, our little boy's bedroom. A bedroom I should mention that he has never slept in. Where does Preston sleep you ask? In our bed in our bedroom. We just moved his crib into his room and converted it to a toddler bed after we'd put the new carpet in. It's not like he was sleeping in the crib anyways. That is our next project for this bedroom, getting Preston to sleep in it.

Hopefully I'll have more rooms to show you soon. We're slowly wrapping things up around here.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

This is what I get when I ask Preston to show me his "happy face"!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I recently learned what it would feel like to have two two-year olds. For two days in fact. That's two two-year olds for two days. Did you get all that?

I survived. But I'm going to be honest, it was rough. Harder than I thought it was going to be. Much harder. I have no idea how people who have twins survive. They have two at the same age at the same time all the time. That's amazing. And if you have two sets of twins well that just puts you on a whole 'nother level of amazing. Yes, I'm talking to you Amber! If you add in the fact that I was also PMSing, it might help explain why it was so rough for me. But that's probably just an excuse.

The first day I realized I might have gotten in over my head. So being that I was at my Mom's house, I decided not to take my chances heading home with the two two year olds and I stayed where I had help. But I was determined to go about my usual day. So determined that I didn't stop to think about how difficult that might be. So off to Target we all went. With my Mom of course, I'm not completely insane.

I wish I could tell you that it was a quick and easy trip, but that would be a lie. I grabbed one of those practically impossible to push carts, you know the ones with the seats for two in the front. Got Zack all buckled in, only to realize that Preston's buckles were broken. Had I been smart this is where I would have just decided to put them in seperate carts and have my Mom push one. But NOOOO. I could handle it. I figured Preston would be so excited about riding around with Zack that he would stay put. WRONG! I don't even know why I thought that. It makes me feel stupid to even type that I thought that Preston would choose to stay in his seat and play with his buddy, when all of Target was at his disposal and there was nothing holding him back. Preston took full advantage of this. Which made moving the cart anywhere impossible. I tried punishing, moving him to the back of the cart (which he just tried to climb out of), and finally gave in and dragged my Mom back to the front to switch over to two carts for the two boys.

At this point, I was realizing that I'm not sure what I would do if I were by myself. Plenty of people have two kids and two kids that are close in age, my own Mom had twins and four kids ages five and under and yet there I was freaking out. When you take your kids to the car, how do you put them in? What if one runs into the street? How do you leave the house? I couldn't have made it through that Target trip if I'd been by myself. Not to mention showering. If I was home alone with both boys no way no how would I have left them alone for even a single minute while I climbed into the shower. That's like asking for disaster. These were just some of the questions I faced on the first day.

The second day things ran smoother and then at the same time didn't. The boys were used to each other this day. Which meant that they got right to playing and there was no awkwardness. It also meant that sharing went out the door. It was much more difficult to convince Preston that he needed to share his toys with Zack when he had just seen Zack the day before and shared them then. This meant that Zack became frustrated. And we all know what happens when two year olds become frustrated. The hitting begins. I wish that I could say that just Zack hit but once again then I'd be lying. Preston held his own and started a few battles himself. At one point I yelled at Preston that we "never ever EVER hit our friends" and Zack who was watching me correct Preston looked at me and asked, "never ever EVER?". I had to laugh. Here were these two boys just trying to get down to business playing and I'm interrupting them for not playing nice with one another and all they want to do is keep playing.

Then I attempted to run to Gap. Once again with my Mom. Seriously people I am not deranged. It took two strollers, two adults, and one stop at Starbucks. We finally got down there and my Mom tried to cause me to rip every hair on my head out by trying on every pair of jeans they had in the store. Preston and Zack were not having it. Zack would touch Preston and Preston would get mad. Preston would touch Zack and Zack would get mad. I was slowly unraveling. So I did what anybody in this wonderful technology age would do when faced with a problem like this. I whipped out my iPhone and put Cars on for them.

I wish that rainbows popped out and everything went smoothly after that. But no. Preston decided he didn't want to let Zack watch the movie with him. And Zack reacted exactly the way I would have, he got mad. And when I took the phone away from Preston for not sharing. I somehow ended up with not just one mad two year old, but two. Which meant that the boys got the phone back. Only this time Preston was willing to share.

After leaving the mall things did flow a lot smoother for the rest of the afternoon. But that was largely in part due to the fact that Preston fell asleep and I was back to my comfort level with just one two year old to deal with. Zack and I had some lunch. Played with some cars. Watched Thomas the Train. And did some snuggling on the couch. Until his Mom arrived.

I never thought I'd say this but just one two year old is so easy. At least after seeing what it's like to have two of them.

Strangely enough at the end of all of this I didn't walk away thinking that I would just stop at the one child. I suddenly crave the ideas of brothers. Preston loved having Zack around. He was completely entertained. And they were so cute to watch. The way that one fed off of the other and how excited they were to have a playmate. I can't imagine not giving that feeling to Preston. No matter how crazy being outnumbered (at least while Brad's at work) that makes me.

That thought does create a whole new problem for me though. I kind of want to stop at two kids. Two seems like we could keep the lifestyle we have now with just minor changes here and there. But three means we'd have to make so many changes. We'd need a bigger car, a bigger house, financially we'd have to make big changes in our spending and vacation habits, I'd lose a large chunk of my sanity, and Brad and I combined would be outnumbered. Still I can't stop thinking about Preston and Zack playing together and how much I'd love to give Preston a brother.

Don't even get me started on how it's not fair to give Preston a brother and not give my future daughter a sister. Decisions, decisions. It's a good thing we still have a few years to figure it all out.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Potty Training Update

While official potty training has been put on hold in our house right now, Preston still seems to show somewhat of an interest and the possibility of being ready. Now before you ask, I'll tell you that the reason we are waiting is that I am just not ready to tackle the mountain that will be potty training by myself. Brad is working way too much right now and most likely will be for the next couple of weeks for us to give this a go. In two weeks though when things settle down, we will be all over this potty training business.

Preston does seem to be very interested in the concept of potty training even if he's not very consistent. He now announces to anyone and everyone (including in restaurant and Target bathrooms, as well as at home) everytime that Brad or I use the restroom. It goes a little something like, "mama pee-pee" or "daddy pee-pee". He's very interested in what goes on in the bathroom. Almost too interested if you know what I mean. I can only take him flushing the toliet while I'm still on it so many times.

With this interest in everyone else using the toliet, Preston has begun to notice more about his need to use his diaper/the toliet.

Since my last potty update Preston has really taken an interest in pooping.

Read on with caution!

Preston will now announce to me from time to time that he has a "poo-poo diapa". Sometimes he's spot on and it's a nice little warning. Other times he's just peed. I'm thinking that maybe he just likes saying poo-poo better. Or that he thinks the terrified look in my eye when he announces a poopy diaper is much better than the bland look he gets for a diaper full of pee. No matter what the case, he is much more into telling me that he's poopy rather than just letting me know that he's a little wet. Not that he really has to tell me these days, you can smell the difference from across the room! But I'll spare you the details of that one.

Sitting on the toliet is quite the production with Preston these days. When he hops on to his little boy potty. He gets this very serious look. And then he really tries. He pushes and pushes. It really is hilarious to watch. He's trying so hard to pee in his potty, and most of the time nothing happens. I'm not sure if it's because he's more than likely already gone in the diaper we just removed, being that we really aren't potty training right now. Or if he just doesn't have any understanding of how his bladder actually works. When he pushes he seems to get it, so I just don't have a clue. I'm just counting my lucky stars that he actually seems to want to pee in the potty and that he really seems to by trying to make that happen.

Now this is the big one for me. Preston can now tell me that he needs to go number two, BEFORE it actually happens. I realized this when he kept announcing that he had an "itch" over and over again. Being that itch is our code for poopy diaper, I kept checking Preston's diaper. Only to inform him that I was sorry but there was nothing in there. This went on for about ten minutes. I was just starting to think that I was no longer going to be able to count on the word itch meaning he was poopy, when I looked up and saw Preston getting down to business in the corner. He wasn't trying to tell me that he'd gone poop, he was trying to tell me that he was about to go poop! I don't think I have even been so excited to see him fill his diaper! It doesn't happen everytime, but the fact that it is actually happening is enough for me.

Why, why, why you ask again aren't we potty training in lieu of these new developments?

Like I said part of it is that Brad just isn't home enough right now for me to believe that Preston and I would both make it through this with our my sanity in tact. But mostly I'm just not sure how I want to go about this. There are so many different ways to potty train and I really just haven't commited or decided on what I think will work best for us and Preston.

Part of me doesn't want to go after potty training with a vengence and wants to just be very casual about it. But this other part of me realizes that if I don't we may never get there. I don't know that I want to drag it out. I think that if we just set aside a couple of weeks and really went after becoming fully potty trained it would work better. Stretching it out seems like it could be confusing to him. Someimes he can pee in his diaper but other times I expect him to use the toliet? That just seems very inconsistent. And once we actually begin potty training I really want to be consistent. I don't really like the idea of cleaning up pee messes and more everywhere being that I'd be putting him in big boy underwear, but if it speeds up the process of potty training I can suck it up and take it.

So far I'm thinking we'll just make a switch over to big boy underwear (I don't think that pull-ups are anything more than a glorified diaper, and one that costs more at that!) one day and I'll toss one of those plastic covers over his underwear and we'll hang around our house for a week or longer if that's what it takes. A full shut in. With constant bathroom reminders. It will be hard, but at least it won't last forever.

I've been giving this a lot of thought lately and I really just don't think that stretching this out would work well for Preston or Brad and me. Everything that Preston has accomplished and excelled at has been something that we've fully focused on for a couple of weeks and thoroughly encouraged and praised him for. Thus far Preston seems to pick things up fairly quickly. Maybe potty training will be the same? Hopefully we could emerge from said shut in fully potty trained. Having our new carpet survive would be an added plus.

I'm thinking to prepare for all of this we are going to spend the next couple of weeks taking much more of an active interest in using the potty. A little more encouragement even though he's in diapers. With more awareness of how everyone uses the potty. So that when Brad's schedule slows down and he's home enough to be my light at the end of the tunnel (otherwise known as a really bad day stuck at home with a potty training two year old) we'll get started. Luckily, or not so luckily, it will be starting to get cold outside around then, so we'd be hanging out inside more anyways.

It won't be so bad. I hope. Everyone potty trains at some point, and their parents seem to survive it. So I'm sure I will too. At least that's what I'll be telling myself when things start to get particularly rough.

Any advice?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Preston's Two Year Photos Debut!

I would like to introduce you to the newest members of my living room wall art family! Preston's two year photos are done and have arrived to my home as of yesterday afternoon. I was so excited. The whole presentation of them is absolutely adorable! I would describe it to you, but since a picture is worth a thousand words I'll just show you!

Here is the book that Preston's proofs and CD with all of his photos arrived in. Not too shabby, huh?! I LOVED it!

Plus we ordered a couple of prints. Some of my favorite shots. I'll also be sitting down with all of the frames for our living room and figuring out what other images to print out and put up in frames. Unfortunately I don't have enough frames to just hang them all!

As a complete surprise when I got down to the bottom of the bag, I found a gift from Jaidean! Isn't this just the cutest? I got three of them. They're little fold out brag books! With some of my favorite pictures from the session. I seriously almost started crying when I pulled them out, I was so excited!

An amazing photographer truly has been such an asset for our family. I love that when Preston is older I will have these gorgeous photos to look at and remember what he looked like and what he was like at each stage. I'll have my memories of what he was like, but now I'll have the photo to match it up with. Sure I take pictures of my son on a regular basis (how could I not? He's adorable!), but they aren't professional quality!

Can you keep a secret? Promise? You can't tell anyone. Okay here it is...I don't actually look as good in person or in photos I take as I do in these ones. Shhh, don't tell anyone. I can't have that getting out. It's all in the editing! Definitely worth paying for!

So settle in, grab a drink, maybe even a snack too, and enjoy! Here are my favorites, which is pretty much all of them! Thanks again Jaidean!!

Do you love them!? I do!! It might be because I just so happen to have the CUTEST little boy in the whole world!