Sunday, August 16, 2009

Road Trip - Day One

We made it back! And we are exhausted. Exploring and vacationing are hard work, don't you know. We were in Seattle for five days and I honestly could have stayed longer had we not missed Brad and used up all of our vacation money. Although I am very excited to be home. Even more excited because yesterday Best Buy gave us a call and we went in and picked up my laptop!

I figured I'd update you on our trip to Seattle based on the days we were there. I took way too many pictures to throw them all at you in one post, and I'd hate for you to get sick of seeing Preston's smiling face! You know if that could actually happen! So on to day one!

Preston and I headed over to visit Aunt Jen and do some more exploring of Seattle! I was so excited about leaving that I not only had me and Preston packed Sunday night, but the car loaded too. That is unheard of for me, I am the Queen of Procrastination.

After a quick visit to the park to wear Preston out and visit with friends that we hadn't seen in way too long, we were off.

We did a little of this along the way. You know just in case someone wanted proof that we did in fact drive over together.

Then one of us did a lot of this. And I do mean a lot. Preston doesn't nap anymore ever these days and when he does it happens at dinnertime or later. So when I looked in the rearview mirror I was shocked to see that he was asleep and it was only 2:30pm. He continuted to sleep all the way into Seattle and woke up as I pulled up in front of my sister-in-law's building. Oh happy day! For me that meant that for half of the drive I got to listen to my music instead of Bolt, Thomas the Train, Cars, or Finding Nemo. I'm sure you can imagine my joy.

Preston and me entertained ourselves for a few minutes in the car while we waited for Jen to get home from work. Of course that means that I pulled out the camera, and we took a few lot of pictures.

We ended the day with dinner with Jen and her boyfriend, Martin. Preston, being the picky eater that he is, refused to eat anything at the restaurant. While I more than enjoyed my delicious rigatoni and italian sausage pasta. Yum!

Of course Preston was starving by the time we got back to Jen's apartment and ate three-fourths of a box of macaroni and cheese all by himself! Little piggy! If only he'd eaten like that at the restaurant.

He finished the day off with a bath.

Then I intended to get him to go to sleep because Tuesday was a busy day of exploring, but Preston had other plans and fought me on that one for a while. He was too busy exploring the apartment to worry about our plans for Tuesday!


JosiahsMommy said...

Awww. It looks like a great time. Never understimate the power of a car to make a child fall asleep!

Aleta said...

Cute Cute Cute pictures! Ok, why is it that kids fall asleep in the car? Must be something in the vibration of the vehicles on the road.

Makeup Theory said...

He is so pinchable!