Friday, August 28, 2009

A Bad Day Doesn't Even Cover It

You know those days where you wake up and you just know that it's not going to be a good day?

Today I had one of those days.

I got up early because my car had an appt with the doctor. I've had some issues with putting fuel in the murano and after a couple of tests, it's been decided that my gas tank needed to be replaced. So bright and early this morning, I woke up, dressed, and headed out to remove the car seat. When I stepped outside of my parent's house (I'd stayed there overnight as my mom was following me to the car place and Brad was out of town last night), I noticed an old man walking by and staring at my car. I thought it was odd and made sure that he noticed that I was standing there. You know so that he wouldn't try anything. After all I could see him. That's when he looked at me and my bad day started. Just a couple of words.

"Did you know that your car has been broken into?"


Oh yes. My driver's side window was smashed in, glass everywhere, and our Garmin GPS had been stolen off the front windshield. SUPER! Just how I wanted to start my day.

I wasn't even sure how to feel. I just stood there in shock. Then I started crying. I walked back inside told my Mom what had happened and started the process of phone calls.

I called to cancel my car appt. That clearly wasn't happening today. And while I had them on the phone I asked why my alarm didn't go off. Apparently I don't have a motion sensor alarm. But had the thief (I can actually come up with much more colorful words to describe this person, but I'm trying to be family friendly here) opened up my car door, instead of just smashing in the window and grabbing what they could reach, my alarm would have gone off.

I've alternated my feelings on this one. On the one hand I'm grateful that because they couldn't do anymore than reach into my car, my other things were safe. On the other I'm irritated that my alarm doesn't actually protect my car from someone breaking a window and grabbing what they can reach. Although the fact that this person/people were unable to climb in and rummage through my car means that Preston's $250 headrest TV is still there, my hundreds of dollars in giftcards are still safely in my center consule, our DVDs weren't taken, and other little things here or there survived the attack.

I then called Brad. That conversation wasn't pretty. For a couple of different reasons. First, by that point I wasn't crying anymore. I was angry. VERY ANGRY! This person had broken into MY car and taken OUR things. There were some very adult friendly words coming out of my mouth. Second, the only thing that was stolen was Brad's. So he wasn't very thrilled either.

Finally I had to call my insurance. I learned that it would be cheaper to just take the car down and have the window replaced because my deductible was more expensive than the window. I think I might have to do something about that one in the future.

So instead of spending my day shopping for birthday presents, I had my Mom follow me down to drop my car off to get the window replaced. Then drive me back down a few hours later to pay $188 for my new window. Fabulous, just fabulous.

Had this person/people just told me that they wanted my GPS and they'd break my window to get it, I would have given it to them just to save me the hassle. Now not only was my day ruined, but I had to pay to repair the damages. Damages that cost me only slightly less than what the GPS was worth. Not to mention that I had to clean the glass that was ALL over my car up.

I have felt a lot of emotions about this whole thing. Upset. Hurt. Angry. Furious. But mostly I just feel violated. I didn't do anything wrong. I locked my car, I left MY things in it. I followed the rules. I would never do something like this to someone else. This person/people completely invaded my privacy and my space for no reason whatsoever. I don't know their story but they also don't know mine. What I do know, is that it was MY car, not theirs. And that it was OUR GPS, not theirs. It's that simple.

Even better is that the GPS is garbage to them. Brad is a stickler for security on technology. Which means that even though it irritated me to no end when I would use the GPS, it requires a four digit passcode to access it. You turn it on and a screen asking for said code pops up and you are refused entrance until you enter the code. But wait, it gets even better. There is a way to bypass this code. You take the GPS to the location that was entered in as HOME and it will grant you access. Here's where it gets really good. The GPS wasn't stolen from my home. As I mentioned before I'd stayed at my parent's house, which is no longer my home. So whoever stole my GPS is left with something that is complete garbage to them. How's that for the start of karma? Makes me feel a little better about the whole thing.

The day didn't end there. Oh no.

After picking up my car and heading to meet Brad, I realized that my new window makes a noise that sounds like nails on a chalkboard when you roll it up and down. Just what I've always wanted. Brad checked it out and informed me that it's because they left glass in it. So now I have to call the window repair place tomorrow and have them re-fix my window. The very same window that it is not my fault that I had to replace (Just thought I'd add that one in to help explain how frustrated I am with this whole ordeal).

All I wanted to do was sit down and cry. But nope, there wasn't time for that. I was already late to meet Brad. And waiting for me with Brad was the buyer of our boat. Did I forget to mention we've been trying to sell a boat for the last few months? We have. It's been sitting in storage and I finally got tired of dealing with a boat that Brad bought before we were married, used for one summer, and now sits in storage. So to craigslist it went.

We'd finally found a buyer, HURRAY! After following them to the bank with the title and everything, everything went wrong. While we own both the boat and the trailer it sits on, the trailer isn't in Brad's name. Something about saving money because the tabs didn't expire for 10 years? Well that wasn't okay with our buyer's bank. They need a copy of both the boat's title and the trailer's title to move forward with the sale. SUPER. JUST FREAKING SUPER!

A quick trip to the DOL and we were told that we have to contact the listed owner of the trailer (TWO owners before Brad) and have him sign over rights of the trailer to us. We found his name, looked him, and gave the number a call only to discover he's changed his number. So our options are to either keep trying to find him or deal with State Patrol, which I've heard is more expensive and drawn out. All the while hoping that our buyers love the boat so much that they are willing to deal with all of this.

UGH! Could this day get worse? You know don't answer that. Because it could. And I am thanking my lucky stars that it didn't. And praying that it won't.

Just in case, I am off to bed. Hopefully nothing will happen tonight. And tomorrow will be a new day.

PS. THIS was one of the few things that could make me smile today. So I watched it more times than I'm willing to admit. Isn't it AMAZING! I got all of the prints from Preston's session last night and seriously LOVE them! They couldn't have come at a better time. I needed them today. Plus Preston is obsessed with watching the slideshow. He keeps telling me, "". Ahhh, it's the simple things that can brighten your day. Thanks Jaidean! (It's only up for 10 days so make sure you head over to check it out.)


Anonymous said...

found you through SITS.

What a crappy day, I"m so sorry. I have been violated through theft and it's no fun......ever. I hope everything gets sorted out.

And you have an absolutely beautiful family. What a wonderful blessing to have your portraits to look at on such a bad day.

Kelly said...

What a bunch of jerks. Maybe your parents should move out of the ghetto. LOL Kidding of course, since we live just down the road. :D

LOVE Preston's 2yr pictures. So stinking cute!!! Thanks for sharing the slidshow. I think my fav is the one on the blocks, love his smile.

Nicole said...

Sorry you had a bad day! Hopefully today is a whole whole whole lot better! =D

Stopping by from SITS!

Debbie said...

Bless your heart! What a terrible thing. I had my car window smashed once and I felt so violated.
Dropped by from SITS.

Yankee Girl said...

Why do people do things like that???? Someone once broke into my car and stole 5 dollars. That's it. Was it really worth it to them to go through all of that for 5 dollars? Or a Garmin that won't even work for them? It is such a violation.

I hope everything gets better. If you need to cry or scream, do it. It may make you feel better.