Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Woe Is Me

I haven't forgotten about the blog! I promise!

I am currently laptop-less. Yes, again. I just got it back after a two month long repair in May and the damn thing had to go back to Best Buy again!

We looked into buying me a netbook to keep me warm at night while my laptop is away, but then I learned that they don't have CD drives?! Who knew!? So now I'm thinking that plan is out. We're trying to figure something out so that I don't go crazy! But short of buying a new laptop during the repair time of my main one, I'm all out of ideas. :( Anyone have any thoughts?

Currently the plan is for me to use Brad's when he's home and clean up his office in our basement where our desktop resides so that I can make do with that. UGH! I hate that my stupid laptop keeps breaking. They just replaced my motherboard and that seems to be what is broken again this time. We will not be buying another HP next time!

But to keep you up to date on potty training, while I'm popping in for a minute, Preston is not ready! I am breathing one big sigh of relief with that one! Especially since I am not ready. He did pee in his potty on Saturday and he was pretty excited about it, but he just doesn't really seem to be at the point where he understands how to make himself go on command. That thought process isn't there yet. So we're going to keep his potty chair out and keep encouraging him, but wait a little while to aggressively go after potty training. I'm thinking we'll really start trying again in six months and see how it goes from there.

For now, I miss you bloggy friends! And I hope to be back soon!


Lisa Petrarca said...

Stopping by from SITS...I think your hubby looks very understanding. I'm sure he'd admire your willingness to help a broken hearted Reid!LOL!

Tania @ Larger Family Life said...

Popped in fron SITS.

Know what you mean about things breaking. My phone has broken for the second time in the ten months I've had it. Wouldn't be so bad if I actually dropped it or spilt something on it but I haven't!

Dreamgirl said...

I hate being without a laptop... It makes me so frustrated. But my little remedy is my Iphone. With it I can even update my blog and leave comments... (except when they have the word verification thing... don't like those)
So if all else fails, I'm in bed with my Iphone!

Just stopping by from SITS. Hope your day will be fabulous!

P.S. I'm giving away a subscription to House Beautiful. Interested?

Anonymous said...

I think Best Buy should give you a loaner computer. Really great you're not pushing potty training. Since I teach 3s, I see a lot of parents push it and it really really is not good for the kids.

:::visiting from SITS:::

Heather said...

Came over from SITS! I had a friend tell me about the netbooks. I wonder...can you get a cheapie external CD drive? Maybe not. LOL

Ahh the joys of potty training. At least you are taking his ques and not just cramming the milestone down his throat. They grow up too fast. Enjoy it...yet even the diapers..while they last.

Jennifer said...

Over from SITS - love your blog and photos - very nice!!!!

I'd go crazy without a computer too!