Friday, July 31, 2009

Where To Begin?

I feel so far behind on blogging after a week without a laptop. I'm going to attempt to throw it all into one post so that I can start over all caught up tomorrow! So this will be one random post that is all over the place. Much like my life.

Brad got Preston to play in the pool. And by play in the pool I do mean that Preston was smiling and laughing and not clinging desperately to one of our necks. Preston was a fearless water baby last year but this year things have changed a little bit. While he's not afraid of the water and will climb in on his own terms, he is much more cautious of large bodies of water. Brad, worked, his magic and got Preston to enjoy the water and his new floatie.

Courtney and Zeke came over to play and I learned what it would be like to have two boys. Preston loves his friend Zeke, and it's hilarious to watch them play together. From watching and re-enacting what the other one is doing to fighting over toys. I am so grateful that Preston has friends that are both younger and older than him so that I can see the different sides of Preston that his friends bring out.

A playdate at the park with friends. My child of course was more interested in the sprinkler than he was in the splashpad for the first hour or so that we were there.

Have I mentioned how much Preston loves swings? How about how much I do too? I love that Preston is trapped and enjoying the fact that he is trapped. Which means that I can catch my breath and catch up with friends at the park. All the while Preston is entertained with swinging and by his buddy, Zack, swinging high and not holding onto the swings while doing it.

Since this is my blog and all I'm going to take a minute to express my anger about two experiences we had at the park.

Preston was playing on the splashpad because it had finally cleared up enough that he was feeling comfortable enough to hop on. He was enjoying the water guns. Which is where my irritation first began. Preston was using the blue one and playing nicely. The green one was open and not being used by anyone when I hear a little boy start crying. Another Mom at the park asks her older son to go over and help the little boy use the green water gun. I was thinking in my head, "How nice of that older boy to help the littler boy out". When the littler boy's Mom says, "No, he doesn't want the green one, he wants the blue one." The very same blue one that Preston was happily playing with, while the green one sat unoccupied. I decided that I was not going to tell Preston to give up the water gun he was using simply because another little boy wanted that color. I felt like the other Mom said that her son wanted the blue one loud enough for me to hear, thinking that I would make Preston surrender it. That irritated me even more. Why should I have allowed her son to have the toy that Preston was playing with when another one of a different color was open? I decided not to. Was that wrong of me?

I only grew more irritated when Preston was playing on the splashpad and I heard him start crying. I assume it was because he'd gotten wetter than he'd wanted too. As I headed over to him, two, much older than Preston, boys turned around and started running right into Preston. They knocked him down, didn't stop, didn't say sorry, and just kept going. Like nothing had happened. Like Preston wasn't now laying on the ground at their feet crying. I was infuriated. Where were their manners? Where were their parents? I hope that when Preston is four or five he is polite enough that if he knocks a two year old down to the ground, he will stop and apologize and acknowledge what he has done! And as Preston's parent, I would head over to make sure that child was okay and give my own apology. Obviously this really upset me! Even more so when I realized that Preston's knee was all scratched up and bleeding and if I'd been five steps faster I might have already been there to prevent it. Ugh! I hope I'm not over-reacting in my thoughts, I just went a little Mama Bear on them in my head!

We then headed to the lake with Courtney and Zeke and met Kait and her kids there too. It was such a nice beach! I had never been there before and really enjoyed how quiet it was and the fact that it was sandy. Plus it had a swim area. A swim area, that Preston could walk into fairly far which meant he was more comfortable playing in the water. Hurray!

There was also a play area. With swings. Remember how I told you Zack entertained Preston by not holding onto the swings? Preston remembered this too! While he was swinging he'd smile at me and let go and hold his arms out at his sides, all proud of himself! I was pretty proud too!

Did you notice Preston also got a haircut? He sure did! And trust me it was not high on his list of favorites from last week. He screamed through the whole thing. Good thing we did it at home instead of taking him somewhere!

Whew, I'm exhausted just remembering all of that!


Unknown said...

I cannot believe those other parents! You were definitely right in not making Preston move to the other color just because another boy wanted that one. Those parents should learn some manners!

Domrese Family Blog said...

No, he does not have to give up blue. Seriously. The nerve! And no, Preston will not be the one knocking over kids and then not apologizing. Of course, he WILL probably knock down little kids, it happens, but he'll be raised to know to appologize, or you'll be there to guide him. The boys accidently tag little kids and are prompted to go help and they do a good job. Darn parents that don't pay frustrating!

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

We all have a little mama bear in us. I hope to teach the boys to be the bigger person. I just recently read a book where a Mom explained to her son after he had been mistreated by others "broken people do broken things". I thought this was a great way to teach them empathy for the other little rascals ;) Glad that your day improved!