Saturday, July 25, 2009


Brad got home yesterday and thus began his and Preston's Friday ritual. Every Friday when Brad gets off work he unloads his change from the week and gives it to Preston. They then put it all into Preston's piggy bank. Preston loves Fridays. Not only does he get richer, but it's a special thing that only him and Brad do.

Yesterday was the same as all Fridays. Brad pulled all of his change out for Preston to ogle. Preston was thrilled.

Then all of a sudden Preston starts yelling what sounds like, "Ickg, Ickg". We both sit there trying to figure out what he is trying to tell us. Clearly we aren't figuring it out quick enough because Preston grabs Brad's hand and begins to drag him from the room. All the while yelling "Ickg, Ickg". Over and over again.

Brad's checking the floor, I'm telling him to check Preston's diaper, Preston is still yelling "Ickg, Ickg".

Then it clicks. For Brad at least. He runs downstairs and grabs Preston's PIGgy bank.

Preston smiles, sits down, and begins to stick his new money into his piggy bank.

And that is how we learned that Preston now knows the word pig, that it sounds like "Ickg", and that we should probably start working on "P" with him. After all, Preston does start with a "P". And obviously so does pig.

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Unknown said...

too cute! nice that they have a ritual all their own.

just stopping by from SITS to say hi; hope you will do the same.