Thursday, July 30, 2009

Having His Cake And Eating It Too

With it's demise coming up, I pulled the leftover birthday cake out of our fridge and decided to let Preston finish it off. I set him up at the table with a fork and the entire second half of our sheet cake.

Preston definitely seemed to enjoy himself. He did a fairly good job of not making that much of a mess. And really did eat more than I thought he would.

I figured what's the harm in a little sugar rush if we only get a cake like this once a year? He's two, I'm sure he can handle it!

Everything went great the first day.

Yes, you read that right the first day. I left it sitting on our kitchen table when we left that night and we didn't get back until the next afternoon. I'd completely forgotten about the cake being on the table.

At least I'd completely forgotten about it until Preston walked into the living room with both hands, his face, and some of his body covered in cake! There are no pictures of this because I ran him to the bathroom and tossed him into the bathtub before he could get it all over me, the walls, or the carpet.

I think it's safe to say that Preston really made the cake worth it's price!

Updated to add: This was written last week before my laptop crashed. It has been sitting in my drafts while I waited for a computer that would allow me to upload the photos. I did not allow my son to eat a cake that was over two weeks old!


Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

I am craving cake like crazy now lol

Multiple personalities.. said...

Stopping by from SITS...when does it stop being ok to eat cake like that?! I would so dive headfirst in cake and devour it messily if it was socially acceptable! :-D
He's adorable!

mamammelloves said...

Is that whipped cream frosting? It looks delicious! :) I could've helped your son finish it off... with some ice cream too! ;) Yum!

Thanx for stopping by my blog yesterday! Have a great day! :)