Thursday, July 16, 2009

Future Artist?

I pulled out the finger paints and markers for Preston recently. I have been meaning to pull these out a lot lately and just never actually get around to it. I finally did. And oh how Preston loved it so much more than just coloring in one of my notebooks with a regular pen. I was not only able to clean the kitchen and unload and reload the dishwasher while he sat nicely at the table paining and coloring, but I also swept and swiffered the kitchen and dining room floors! What a productive morning!

He switched back and forth between the paints and the markers, unable to decide which was more fun.

Although somehow my mess loving son didn't like the finger paints. He would not use his little fingers. And the poor plate of finger paints sat untouched until I handed him a paint brush and then he went to town with all the colors. He kept insisting he needed "more, more, more" of his favorite colors.

Now I'm wondering how to keep all of his art. This first real burst of creativity left me with three bea-u-tiful pictures, so I know that there are lots more where those came from! Any sugguestions?


Unknown said...

Great to see your son enjoying his art.

With 3 kids I easily get overwhelmed by the volume of art, and I am useless at throwing it away!

Here are some things I PLAN to do that I have come across on the web

Take photos/scan your fave items.

Have a notice board than can only hold about 3 pics, and each time you add one, another must go!

Use his painting to cut up into smaller pieces to make handmade cards for the grandparents.

Hope that helps.

Dreamgirl said...

Beautiful boy and truly an artist;)

Found you through SITS. I'll be back!

I hope your day is great and that you'll come visit me at SweeterLiving...

Aleta said...

My parents used to keep three pictures on the refrig and exchange the pictures as we made new ones. They did keep some that they liked the most in a box, which they shared with us later in life. That said - have you watched the home improvement shows and how they frame "modern art" - if you find something you REALLY like, heck, why not frame it and put it in his room??

Robbie S. Redmon, LPC said...

Stopping from SITS to say, Hi! Great post. I'm following you. Hope you will have time to visit me.

Lisa Anne said...

Take pictures of the art with your camera and you can store them digitally and make prints of the really good ones to hand in your house. You can even make real photobooks to put on your coffee table. There is a great website I actually used to make a photobook and it came out great and was under $20. I'm having a brain fart and can't remember the name.

That's it.

Feel free to stop by my blog. I have a 9yr old boy, who wants a tattoo on his Butt. See what you have to look forward to. lol

shelley said...

hi kim,
stopping over from roll call... loved the pictures of your son making his "masterpiece" you should frame some of his more loved ones and hang them up in your home. i did this and they are some of our more "treasured" artwork!

Madonna Cramer said...

I think taking pictures of the art would be a great way of keeping/preserving the work he does. I have one son too and even with just one, once preschool hit there was just so much "stuff" to keep, and some had to go. Framing one a month or special ones you and he love would be cool too.