Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Day At The Lake

It has been so hot here lately. So hot. So we took advantage not only of the fact that the sun was shining but also that Preston hasn't been napping lately...hello lake day.

We packed up all of our bags, because traveling with a toddler does require more than just one bag and away we went.

A day at Lake CDA was exactly what the Doctor ordered. And it sure didn't hurt that we were going with my Mom, sister, brother, and some of his friends. Extra hands at the lake with Preston will never be turned down.

Unless of course one of those extra hands was trying to get Preston to stop eating Cheetos and get into the water. Then he was definitely turning them down.

For some reason this year my water loving child has taken a slightly more hesitant approach to all large bodies of water. Which both makes me happy and not so happy all at the same time. It's nice to see him being cautious of what can be a dangerous situation, like drowning. But it also ruins our trips to lakes and pools when Preston refuses to enjoy his time in the water. That is when I can actually get him into the water.

Now I know he's not afraid of the water. He plays in it all the time at home. Kiddie pools, our pool, the bathtub. It's more that getting in has to be on his terms and his terms alone.

For example when we first arrived at the lake Preston was very insistent that he did not want to get in the water. In his defense it was cold. Very cold. And did I mention that in all those bags that I'd packed I had completely forgotten all our beach toys. No pail, no shovel, no rake, not a single thing that makes sitting on the beach so much more enjoyable for a child. Until I found and puchased the motherload of all buckets after lunch. Then Preston was willing to play at the waterline perfectly content. And even wander in to the water for some swimming all on his own when I decided to head in. So I know that he isn't afraid of the water. If he were afraid he wouldn't have headed in so easily and completely on his own for toys or after me. It's just that he's stubborn and has to do it all on his own time.

We also checked out the amazing play area before heading back at the end of the day. Preston was able to find just enough energy to do some exploring. And to find the swings. Preston loves the swings. He was furious when after a few minutes I informed him it was time to go. I was met with "Wheeeeeeeee, Wheeeeeeeee". Which is Preston's way of telling me that he's not quite done yet. And he was furious when I ignored his protests and forced him out of that swing and away from the playground to head home.

Our beach day was successful even with a few temper tantrums. It was so nice to be able to spend the whole day at the beach and not have to worry about naps or leaving or any kind of schedule, just to sit back and relax.

I almost forgot to mention the best part. Preston fell asleep on the ride home at 6:15pm. He woke up twice just long enough to request some water and take a few gulps. That is until he awoke at 9:00am the next day!

Oh yes, we will be going back!

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Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice said...

WOW! He just turned 2?!? He looks older! Happy bday to him! Happy RESTING to you! :)