Monday, July 13, 2009

As Promised...My Weekend

Another busy weekend. The last one. Then we're taking some time off to relax. Hit up the lake. Enjoy the backyard. Just do nothing to the yard or the house.

On Saturday we invited my family over to bbq. My Mom was out of town for almost two weeks so we hadn't seen her or my sisters and brother for a while. Preston really missed everyone and was bouncing off the walls while they were here. He seemed to miss Marrissa the most as he kept running to her and throwing himself on her.

Brad decided to get started on putting our pool liner in, for the second time, while I was still picking things up for it at the pool store. I got home and he had most of it done. The very same liner that took more than four of us last weekend and then collapsed. Obviously Brad had learned from that experience. This time things went a lot smoother and by the end of Saturday our pool was half way full and not a single problem to be seen.

On Saturday we also picked up Preston's birthday present. Remember this one?

It came in three very large boxes. This was our Sunday project. That's right we naively figured that we would set aside the huge swingset and just throw it together in a day.


On Sunday morning, I'm sure you could feel the tension in me about this project for miles. Which is probably how Courtney and Josh knew that their willingness to come over would be greatly appreciated. When I got Courtney's tweeted offer of help I literally jumped off the couch in relief and excitement.

They arrived that afternoon, Josh ready to work and Courtney and Zeke ready to hang out with me and Preston.

Of course the boys were very interested in what the men were working on. But being the wonderfully attentive Mom's that me and Courtney are we made sure that the little boys didn't get in the way. Not a single time.

I also didn't expect the little boys to chip in and help out. After all it was Preston's birthday present, so he shouldn't be expected to help put it together. And Zeke is a guest, not a laborer.

We then enjoyed dinner and had a relaxing time with good friends. Thanks for helping guys! There is no way we could've gotten this far alone!

Up next weekend? A certain little boy is turning two!

Can you guess who?

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Holly said...

We got the invite today. I think we should be able to make it but I need to talk with my husband a little more and then I will let you know in the next day or 2 on something more official.

It takes 2 to 6 wks before they finish filtering through the applications. Once they have done that they will start calling for interviews. So it will be a while. Yikes! I am so anxious. The interviewing process for a teacher is CRAZY in this district! You have to mention key words in your interview and that is how they are scored. If you don't mention enough or any your score is low. So I am incredibly nervous!

Wednesday, I am having a picnic lunch downtown at 1 so I should probably pass so I am not late. But that sounds like a lot of fun and if/when you have another one I would LOVE to come.

Thanks for thinking of me though.