Friday, July 31, 2009

Where To Begin?

I feel so far behind on blogging after a week without a laptop. I'm going to attempt to throw it all into one post so that I can start over all caught up tomorrow! So this will be one random post that is all over the place. Much like my life.

Brad got Preston to play in the pool. And by play in the pool I do mean that Preston was smiling and laughing and not clinging desperately to one of our necks. Preston was a fearless water baby last year but this year things have changed a little bit. While he's not afraid of the water and will climb in on his own terms, he is much more cautious of large bodies of water. Brad, worked, his magic and got Preston to enjoy the water and his new floatie.

Courtney and Zeke came over to play and I learned what it would be like to have two boys. Preston loves his friend Zeke, and it's hilarious to watch them play together. From watching and re-enacting what the other one is doing to fighting over toys. I am so grateful that Preston has friends that are both younger and older than him so that I can see the different sides of Preston that his friends bring out.

A playdate at the park with friends. My child of course was more interested in the sprinkler than he was in the splashpad for the first hour or so that we were there.

Have I mentioned how much Preston loves swings? How about how much I do too? I love that Preston is trapped and enjoying the fact that he is trapped. Which means that I can catch my breath and catch up with friends at the park. All the while Preston is entertained with swinging and by his buddy, Zack, swinging high and not holding onto the swings while doing it.

Since this is my blog and all I'm going to take a minute to express my anger about two experiences we had at the park.

Preston was playing on the splashpad because it had finally cleared up enough that he was feeling comfortable enough to hop on. He was enjoying the water guns. Which is where my irritation first began. Preston was using the blue one and playing nicely. The green one was open and not being used by anyone when I hear a little boy start crying. Another Mom at the park asks her older son to go over and help the little boy use the green water gun. I was thinking in my head, "How nice of that older boy to help the littler boy out". When the littler boy's Mom says, "No, he doesn't want the green one, he wants the blue one." The very same blue one that Preston was happily playing with, while the green one sat unoccupied. I decided that I was not going to tell Preston to give up the water gun he was using simply because another little boy wanted that color. I felt like the other Mom said that her son wanted the blue one loud enough for me to hear, thinking that I would make Preston surrender it. That irritated me even more. Why should I have allowed her son to have the toy that Preston was playing with when another one of a different color was open? I decided not to. Was that wrong of me?

I only grew more irritated when Preston was playing on the splashpad and I heard him start crying. I assume it was because he'd gotten wetter than he'd wanted too. As I headed over to him, two, much older than Preston, boys turned around and started running right into Preston. They knocked him down, didn't stop, didn't say sorry, and just kept going. Like nothing had happened. Like Preston wasn't now laying on the ground at their feet crying. I was infuriated. Where were their manners? Where were their parents? I hope that when Preston is four or five he is polite enough that if he knocks a two year old down to the ground, he will stop and apologize and acknowledge what he has done! And as Preston's parent, I would head over to make sure that child was okay and give my own apology. Obviously this really upset me! Even more so when I realized that Preston's knee was all scratched up and bleeding and if I'd been five steps faster I might have already been there to prevent it. Ugh! I hope I'm not over-reacting in my thoughts, I just went a little Mama Bear on them in my head!

We then headed to the lake with Courtney and Zeke and met Kait and her kids there too. It was such a nice beach! I had never been there before and really enjoyed how quiet it was and the fact that it was sandy. Plus it had a swim area. A swim area, that Preston could walk into fairly far which meant he was more comfortable playing in the water. Hurray!

There was also a play area. With swings. Remember how I told you Zack entertained Preston by not holding onto the swings? Preston remembered this too! While he was swinging he'd smile at me and let go and hold his arms out at his sides, all proud of himself! I was pretty proud too!

Did you notice Preston also got a haircut? He sure did! And trust me it was not high on his list of favorites from last week. He screamed through the whole thing. Good thing we did it at home instead of taking him somewhere!

Whew, I'm exhausted just remembering all of that!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Having His Cake And Eating It Too

With it's demise coming up, I pulled the leftover birthday cake out of our fridge and decided to let Preston finish it off. I set him up at the table with a fork and the entire second half of our sheet cake.

Preston definitely seemed to enjoy himself. He did a fairly good job of not making that much of a mess. And really did eat more than I thought he would.

I figured what's the harm in a little sugar rush if we only get a cake like this once a year? He's two, I'm sure he can handle it!

Everything went great the first day.

Yes, you read that right the first day. I left it sitting on our kitchen table when we left that night and we didn't get back until the next afternoon. I'd completely forgotten about the cake being on the table.

At least I'd completely forgotten about it until Preston walked into the living room with both hands, his face, and some of his body covered in cake! There are no pictures of this because I ran him to the bathroom and tossed him into the bathtub before he could get it all over me, the walls, or the carpet.

I think it's safe to say that Preston really made the cake worth it's price!

Updated to add: This was written last week before my laptop crashed. It has been sitting in my drafts while I waited for a computer that would allow me to upload the photos. I did not allow my son to eat a cake that was over two weeks old!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back In Business

My problems have been solved! I now have a laptop! A temporary one at least.

My mother-in-law, Tammy, saw all my woe is me on my facebook acct and stepped up to solve my problems. She loaned me her laptop!

I know, what you're thinking. I left her laptop-less? But Brad assured me that she would not in fact be suffering, as she has a work laptop and a personal laptop. So now I have the personal laptop and she has the work one.

Which means that not only do I have an awesome mother-in-law, but also that I owe her big time! Now I just have to figure out how to pay her back. Not to mention that when I stopped by to pick it up tonight, she also fed both me and Preston dinner. So I left with a laptop and a very full belly!

Starting tomorrow we'll be back to your regularly scheduled blogging! I am taking tonight off, to attempt to get some sleep.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Woe Is Me

I haven't forgotten about the blog! I promise!

I am currently laptop-less. Yes, again. I just got it back after a two month long repair in May and the damn thing had to go back to Best Buy again!

We looked into buying me a netbook to keep me warm at night while my laptop is away, but then I learned that they don't have CD drives?! Who knew!? So now I'm thinking that plan is out. We're trying to figure something out so that I don't go crazy! But short of buying a new laptop during the repair time of my main one, I'm all out of ideas. :( Anyone have any thoughts?

Currently the plan is for me to use Brad's when he's home and clean up his office in our basement where our desktop resides so that I can make do with that. UGH! I hate that my stupid laptop keeps breaking. They just replaced my motherboard and that seems to be what is broken again this time. We will not be buying another HP next time!

But to keep you up to date on potty training, while I'm popping in for a minute, Preston is not ready! I am breathing one big sigh of relief with that one! Especially since I am not ready. He did pee in his potty on Saturday and he was pretty excited about it, but he just doesn't really seem to be at the point where he understands how to make himself go on command. That thought process isn't there yet. So we're going to keep his potty chair out and keep encouraging him, but wait a little while to aggressively go after potty training. I'm thinking we'll really start trying again in six months and see how it goes from there.

For now, I miss you bloggy friends! And I hope to be back soon!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Second Birthday

One week ago today, my baby was turning TWO and I was running around trying to get everything ready for his party that afternoon.

We had much to do and a birthday to celebrate. Next year I have learned a few things. First, we won't do the party on Preston's actual birthday. I felt like instead of having a special day to celebrate with him we were running around trying to get everything ready for his party. I know that Preston had fun picking up the balloons and going to the petstore for goldfish, but I still felt a little bit sad that we were spending part of his birthday running errands. Second, next year we are going to do a friend party and a family party seperately. I felt like I was running around trying to keep everything going at the party and make sure everyone knew how happy I was that they came that I didn't get to sit down and just enjoy that it was Preston's second birthday. It's hard when you have family, before-kids-friends, and after-kids-friends all in the same place at once and you're trying to have a conversation with everyone. Third, and finally, take more pictures! I said this last year too. I think I took a few more this year, but I still don't feel like I got enough.

Now on to the actual party!

Since the party was late in the afternoon and we were bbq dinner, I picked Preston up a very special birthday lunch of grilled cheese and french fries from Red Robin. The lunch itself wasn't the special part it was just that Red Robin is Preston's favorite restaurant and grilled cheese and french fries from them is the one meal Preston will never pass up!

While he ate and watched Finding Nemo, in honor of his party, I finished setting things up before people started to arrive.

The party this year was much smaller than the party last year, and for that I was thankful this year since I was already feeling overwhelmed.

Here is the cake table and the party favors table. Notice that the bottom right hand corner of the cake doesn't look just right? Preston got to it while we were moving a table outside. He didn't like that his turtle was stuck to it, so he pulled it off. Then upon noticing the bottom of the turtle was covered in icing, he went back for a few extra dips. We walked in to him licking the good stuff off the turtle! Those goldfish in the tank in the back were part of the party favors. Each child got to take one home and empty out their party "bowl" and put their new pet in it. Finding Nemo was our theme, after all.

Preston's birthday present. Brad let him have it a day early since that was when he finished putting it together and we wanted to see how much Preston liked it! I think it's safe to say that he loved it!

The birthday boy! I have had a personalized sign with his birthday theme made for both this birthday and his first. I'm thinking that I'll keep getting one made every year, just because I think they're cute! What we're going to do with a bunch of banners that announce how old Preston turned that year and what the party theme was, I'm not really sure.

Present time. Preston was not interested in opening presents at all. He would come over and grab the ones that he really wanted and bring them to Brad to open. But other than that the task was left up to me. I also became incredibly overwhelmed by the kids who were interested in opening presents. They swarmed me. And I'm one of those weirdos who likes to see who a present is from and what they got Preston, so it was not the highlight of the party for me. Although I'm sure it was for them.

Another lowpoint of the party for me was Brad breaking one of our front windows. It was technically an accident but it really didn't put me in a great mood for the rest of the party.

And then it was time to make a wish and blow out his candles...Make a Wish Baby!

Now I get to sit back and relax for a couple of month until it's time to start thinking about birthday ideas for next year.

Happy Second Birthday Preston!!! Mommy loves you!!


Brad got home yesterday and thus began his and Preston's Friday ritual. Every Friday when Brad gets off work he unloads his change from the week and gives it to Preston. They then put it all into Preston's piggy bank. Preston loves Fridays. Not only does he get richer, but it's a special thing that only him and Brad do.

Yesterday was the same as all Fridays. Brad pulled all of his change out for Preston to ogle. Preston was thrilled.

Then all of a sudden Preston starts yelling what sounds like, "Ickg, Ickg". We both sit there trying to figure out what he is trying to tell us. Clearly we aren't figuring it out quick enough because Preston grabs Brad's hand and begins to drag him from the room. All the while yelling "Ickg, Ickg". Over and over again.

Brad's checking the floor, I'm telling him to check Preston's diaper, Preston is still yelling "Ickg, Ickg".

Then it clicks. For Brad at least. He runs downstairs and grabs Preston's PIGgy bank.

Preston smiles, sits down, and begins to stick his new money into his piggy bank.

And that is how we learned that Preston now knows the word pig, that it sounds like "Ickg", and that we should probably start working on "P" with him. After all, Preston does start with a "P". And obviously so does pig.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It Pains Me To Even Write This

I think we're going to start potty training around here.

Notice that I announce that in a very unsure way.

I think Preston might be ready.

I really don't think that I am. Don't get me wrong, I'm more than ready to be out of diapers. Mentally, physically, and financially ready to be done with diapers. I am, however, not ready to go through the joy that is potty training.

I have heard horror stories. Worse than horror stories. Stories that end with the Mom pulling all her hair out and throwing a diaper back on the offender. With promises to try again next month, six months from now, next year. They'll be out of diapers before elementary school won't they?

I am terrified. And I feel like that is an understatement.

Not to mention, we just put new carpet in, carpet that I would like to keep looking new.

But I really don't think that I can ignore the signs anymore.

Lately Preston has been really acknowledging when he goes to the bathroom. Both pee and poop.

When he pees in the bathtub he stands up and announces, "water, water". And then "more, more". And when he pees in his diaper, he runs over and announces to me, "pee-pee, pee-pee". Granted he doesn't do these things everytime, but I feel like the fact that he is doing them at all says that he's getting ready for potty training.

Poop in an even bigger deal to Preston these days. When he goes he either brings me a poop covered hand announcing, "poo-poo yuck" or he just comes to me announcing, "poo-poo yuck". I'll give you one guess on which one of those I prefer.

Today he really hit me over the head with the I'm ready to potty train announcement. He came upstairs from playing announcing "poo-poo yuck" over and over again. The problem? He was not wearing a diaper and had a small amount of poop stuck to his little behind. And he was very insistent that I come downstairs with him, grabbing my hand and leading me to the stairs. All the while repeating, "poo-poo yuck". He leads me to the play room (luckily one of the three rooms in our house that we did not re-do the flooring in). Sitting right on the floor in the playroom was Preston's poop. In a nice easy to clean up pile. The whole while Preston is pointing at it telling me about his "poo-poo yuck". After cleaning it up, I went in search of the diaper. What was the diaper's offense you wonder? Why was it so hastily ripped off so that Preston could poop on the floor? He'd peed in it.

Potty training here we come. I can't decide if we should start right away or wait until Friday and go at it hardcore. I'm leaning a little more towards buying the potty chair and setting it up so that he can get used to the idea and really going after potty training when Brad is home all day with us on Friday and this weekend.

So until then I'll just lie awake at night wondering about potty training. Is he really ready? Am I really ready? Should I buy him underwear? Is two years old to young to start potty training? Will I survive this? Will my carpet survive this? And most importantly...what should we spend our diaper money on?!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Prepping For Future Summers?!

My brother came over to mow our yard for us, with Brad working like crazy lately our grass has been taking the brunt of it.

I heard the lawnmower start up while I was cleaning things up on our deck out back. After a few minutes I realized that I hadn't seen Preston running for safety. Usually when the lawnmower is on he likes to watch from a safe distance. Such as the front windows inside the house.

This time however, he'd decided to help out.

He stayed a safe distance away from the lawnmower and my brother kept a close eye on how close Preston was to the lawnmower. Clearly it won't be long before Preston's mowing the lawn on his own. You know in a few years when he's big enough to actually push the lawnmower.

Preston followed or walked along side Matt throughout the whole backyard pushing his own lawnmower. And we have a fairly large backyard. It took Matt about 45 minutes to mow it and Preston was completely focused the whole time. It was adorbale.

Now we just have to figure out how much to rent him out for...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Simple Sunday

Preston turned two on Saturday and while I don't have the energy to tell you all about it just yet, I wanted to share a picture.

So far two seems easier than one. But we're only a day and a half in. :P

A Day At The Lake

It has been so hot here lately. So hot. So we took advantage not only of the fact that the sun was shining but also that Preston hasn't been napping lately...hello lake day.

We packed up all of our bags, because traveling with a toddler does require more than just one bag and away we went.

A day at Lake CDA was exactly what the Doctor ordered. And it sure didn't hurt that we were going with my Mom, sister, brother, and some of his friends. Extra hands at the lake with Preston will never be turned down.

Unless of course one of those extra hands was trying to get Preston to stop eating Cheetos and get into the water. Then he was definitely turning them down.

For some reason this year my water loving child has taken a slightly more hesitant approach to all large bodies of water. Which both makes me happy and not so happy all at the same time. It's nice to see him being cautious of what can be a dangerous situation, like drowning. But it also ruins our trips to lakes and pools when Preston refuses to enjoy his time in the water. That is when I can actually get him into the water.

Now I know he's not afraid of the water. He plays in it all the time at home. Kiddie pools, our pool, the bathtub. It's more that getting in has to be on his terms and his terms alone.

For example when we first arrived at the lake Preston was very insistent that he did not want to get in the water. In his defense it was cold. Very cold. And did I mention that in all those bags that I'd packed I had completely forgotten all our beach toys. No pail, no shovel, no rake, not a single thing that makes sitting on the beach so much more enjoyable for a child. Until I found and puchased the motherload of all buckets after lunch. Then Preston was willing to play at the waterline perfectly content. And even wander in to the water for some swimming all on his own when I decided to head in. So I know that he isn't afraid of the water. If he were afraid he wouldn't have headed in so easily and completely on his own for toys or after me. It's just that he's stubborn and has to do it all on his own time.

We also checked out the amazing play area before heading back at the end of the day. Preston was able to find just enough energy to do some exploring. And to find the swings. Preston loves the swings. He was furious when after a few minutes I informed him it was time to go. I was met with "Wheeeeeeeee, Wheeeeeeeee". Which is Preston's way of telling me that he's not quite done yet. And he was furious when I ignored his protests and forced him out of that swing and away from the playground to head home.

Our beach day was successful even with a few temper tantrums. It was so nice to be able to spend the whole day at the beach and not have to worry about naps or leaving or any kind of schedule, just to sit back and relax.

I almost forgot to mention the best part. Preston fell asleep on the ride home at 6:15pm. He woke up twice just long enough to request some water and take a few gulps. That is until he awoke at 9:00am the next day!

Oh yes, we will be going back!