Monday, June 15, 2009


Recently I have become even more addicted to Target. I know what you're thinking, how is that even possible? It is. Trust me, it is.

You don't believe me? Let me attempt to convince you.

I have started going there not only for the incredible shopping experience, but also for the cafe. Yes, you read that right. I have started to crave Target's food. Crave in the way where I am trying to come up with reasons that I need to go to Target. It just seems too strange to go in only for lunch and then head back out to move on with my day.

Yesterday for example, I decided I had to go buy leggings. Right. This. Second. At lunch time. Even Preston was excited. We walked in, he headed straight for the cart and waited for me to lift him in. He knows that Mommy's Target Cafe fix also icludes one of their Icees. Which just so happens to be one of Preston's favorite treats.

It really is a winning situation. Preston sits in the cart while we shop because he has an Icee and fries. I get to browse through Target without trying to convice Preston that we're almost done, please stay seated a little longer. That Icee is a lot cheaper to bribe Preston with than those Thomas the Trains that I was using before to keep him seated. Yes, I bribe Preston so that I can wander through Target. I told you I love that place.

Today, I needed to go to Walmart. It was horrible. They don't have a cafe. I tried to come up with some reason that Target and their cafe would be a better choice for today, but couldn't. I knew that Target didn't have what I was looking for since I looked yesterday. Worst part? Walmart didn't have it either. I totally could have hit up Target and the cafe. Plus I got a 50cent coupon for the cafe when I was there yesterday. I've been itching to use it.

There's always tomorrow right?

The good news is I'm pretty sure I found Preston's birthday gift today!

No the kids, aren't included. What do you think? I love it! And I'm pretty sure Preston will too given his obsession with swings and slides!


Aubrey said...

I think he will LOVE it!

I bribe, I mean treat, my toddler to the popcorn combo when we are at Target! Hey...anything to give us a few peaceful minutes to shop. Right?!? LOL

Tiffany said...

I WANT that set!!!

Too bad that the closest target is a good 45-55min away from here. We have walmart. That is the ONLY place here really!! UGHHH BFE missouri!!

Tiffany said...

The only problem is not knowing how long we'll be here and all that and having to take down the set when do move and everytime we move. UGH...

Jae is doin ok. Has been spiking fevers over the past few days. Weird thing is I notice more bruising, then he spikes a fever. Not sure if it coincides, but it's weird. No news on any of that yet though. Double UGH

Holly said...

Costco has a REALLY nice out door play set similar to that one. You should look into it. I like Target for some things and Walmart for others. However, Walmart has a subway! No you can't get an icee but subway (I think) is delicious and they have cookies, Preston would probably enjoy a scrumptious cookie!

Domrese Family Blog said...

I totally bribe the boys with the Icees at Target. They are so cheap and it keeps them busy forever! I had neglected to tell Dan I did that and sent him to Target with the boys one time. He now makes sure to check protocol before leaving as both boys threw massive fits trying to explain they needed an was bad! :)