Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Swings And Slides, Oh My

Whew, what a weekend. It was not only Father's Day, but my birthday too. More on that later. For now I am doing a much needed catch up. I'm thinking I'll rotate back and forth between what has happened and what just happened. That way you don't miss out on anything. Climb down from your couch you don't have to jump for joy. I aim to please.

A few weeks back, we took Preston for a walk after we'd finished dinner at my parent's house. Preston loves to go for walks but he loved this one even more since we stopped at the school not far from there house.

At first Preston was content to simply play on the normal size jungle gym. It had a big slide too, but it was still reasonably safe for my then 22 month old son. Nothing that caused me to panic.

That is until Preston saw the big metal slide. He had to conquer it. Of course he couldn't tackle a monster that big alone. Which meant that I was also destined to go down the big slide as well. And let me tell you this is much scarier than it sounds when you are trying to get both yourself and your toddler up and positioned to go down said slide. Fortunately we managed. Several times in fact, as Preston was having so much fun.

As I grabbed the stroller Preston had already moved onto the swings with my Mom and sister. By the time I got over there, Preston was swinging away on the big boy swings all by himself. My Mom looks at me and asks, "He rides these by himself right? Because that's how he wanted to ride." Ummm actually no, but it looks like he does now. He was swinging away, just fine. Like he'd been doing it forever. Apparently I've been holding him back. I mean I'd let him sit on the swings by himself. I'd even give him a little push. But I would not actually let him swing up into the air all by himself. Obviously he can handle it.

But oh the screams when it was time for me to tear Preston away from his newest favorite thing to do. I'm sure those that lived blocks away thought for sure someone was abusing their child, when in reality it was just me removing Preston from the swings. I'm sure we'll be back.

Side note, are you loving Preston's sweater dress? Being that I forgot to grab him a sweater when we left our house, he got to wear Aunt Marrissa's slightly too big sweater for our walk. I think he may have looked better in it than she does. But don't tell her!


JosiahsMommy said...

It's such a bittersweet feeling when your baby reaches a milestone and doesn't bother to tell you! I'm sure you were proud and sad all at once that he suddenly wanted to swing all alone. Way to go Preston! *hugs mama* :)

Anonymous said...

My niece has conquered the big girl slide..

I remember when she was so scared to go up it.. and now she's like

"uh it's no beg deeel!"

Unknown said...

What and adorable little boy who is having so much fun with his mom. They grow up so fast. Thank you for the nice comment at my blog.

Night Owl Mama said...

FUN pic's i love his blue sweatshirt stands out in the pics