Sunday, June 7, 2009

I Have Been Violated

It's true! There's no way around in. And in my own home, of all places.

First the backstory.

Brad likes to slap my butt. I can't say that I blame him. I have a very nice derriere if I do say so myself. He walks into a room and I get a "good hustle". Or a "hey, how you doin'?". Sometimes it's just a passing by "I'm thinking of you" kind of thing.

Only now it's not just Brad who likes to give a little shout out to my hind quarters.

Preston came running up to me while I was in the kitchen one morning. Gave me a little hug, around my legs as I'm much taller than he is (for now at least). Shot a little smile up at me, as he got ready to move along back to his toys. Then as he got ready to go, it happened. My 22 month old son reached out and slapped my tush before leaving the room.

I stood there stunned. Was it accidental? He couldn't possibly have. But he just did.

Clearly Preston is watching and learning way too much these days. I'm almost afraid to see what's next.


Leila said...

Just dropping by to say hello from SITS. Have a great week!! xxxx

Absolutely Ladylike said...

LOL, such a great story Kim. One of a kind, you and your family will laugh about after 30 years :-)

Jennifer said...

Hahhaha! What a cute story! Oh man, your little Preston is too adorable too! Love it! what a beautiful family!

I found you through SITS as well! :)

Nicole said...

I haven't blogged in awhile but I am back I wanted to make sure you had my new link..

dood1ebugs said...

That was just too funny! You have a very cute blog. Stopping by from SITS!

Domrese Family Blog said...

We call it a "good game" pat. :) Dan walks by me, pats my tush and says, "Good game." Always a surprise to hear it from a 3 year old though. Just imagine when they walk by another kid or adult and do it though. That's the day I dread. :)

John Deere Mom said...

Been there, done that. My husband's favorite thing to do is actually PULL MY PANTS down from behind me while I am cooking dinner. Let's hope the kids never see that!!

jmt said...

Okay, THIS is hilarious!!! When I pat my 1 year old on the back as he lays over my shoulder, he pats MY back too. I love it. :)