Monday, June 1, 2009

Clearly Somebody Didn't Learn His Lesson The First Time

I walked into our closet this weekend after stripping our bed to find this.

What?! Seriously?! You've got to be kidding me!

Obviously Max, didn't learn the first time around what happens when you fall asleep inside a comforter that has been set aside for the washing machine. I was shocked. Does he have a death wish or something? In case you missed the story the first time, Max used up several of his nine lives when he fell asleep inside our comforter on the laundry room floor and I picked it up and threw it in to be washed. That story can be found here. *Spoiler Alert* Since Max is in fact alive in this new picture, the story does have a happy ending. For now at least. I can't be so sure if he doesn't start watching where he goes to sleep.


Trish said...

Good morning from SITS! That is sooo funny about the cat in the dryer. The same thing happened to by cat when I was young but the result was not a happy one! Nice to meet ya!!!!

Angela said...

Good Evening from a fellow SITS-tah! Oh, that poor little kitten. I'll be back!

Dejoni said...

I have to say, he doesn't look too scared! LOL

Nicole said...

Getting there are you and your home improvements?