Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Breaking Up With McDonalds

It's over. Officially. I am done. Hit my breaking point.

I always looked past the forgotten parts of my order. The pickles when I specifically said ketchup only. Or being told to pull forward while they finish my food. Arriving home only to realize that they didn't toss in the bbq sauce that I so desperately need for my nuggets. I even overlooked the disaster that was a Kids Bop cd as the happy meal toy. But today, they pushed me to my limit.

It all started so innocently. I ordered a BigMac, to give it a try since I'd never had one before. Took the first few bites and I was impressed. It was good. Then I got about half way through and took the bite that ended it all. This bite came back minty fresh. Now correct me if I'm wrong but nowhere have I ever read that my BigMac should include a large helping of breathmint. I pondered the thought while I chewed the bite. Took a sip of my sprite thinking that maybe it was just the bubbles from my soda that had created this minty flavor in my mouth. Then I came to a disgusting vomit inducing conclusion.

Someone had spit in some part of my burger. And that someone was chewing gum. Minty gum to be exact.

I choked out what was left of my burger into the bag that Preston's toy came in, as I'd forgotten to grab any for my of napkins in case something like this were to happen. And I felt sick. Really sick. The more I thought about it the sicker I felt.

I tried to convince myself it was something else. That I was jumping to conclusions. I closed the lid on my BigMac in disgust as I thought more and more about.

Someone spit in my BigMac. And that someone was chewing minty gum.

No I didn't complain. What would they have done, made me another BigMac? I just quietly decided that me and McDonalds were through. I know that I will miss their french fries, but enough is enough. There is only so much that I can take. And spitting in my burger pushes me way past that limit.

Note to McDonalds employee: If you're going to spit in someones burger at least have the brains to do so when you aren't chewy an incredibly noticable flavored gum. It was obvious, as soon as I took my bite. Furthermore are you so revolting that you find it funny or amusing to resort to entertaining yourself in this way? Please grow-up. And find a new job. Preferably one that isn't in food preparation.

Anybody have any other ideas on what my minty fresh BigMac bite could have been from? I am up to any and all ideas. Anything to make me feel a little less disgusted. Plus I'm already missing those fries.


Summer said...

I DEFINITELY would have complained! Are you kidding me?! That's disgusting. I don't understand what is wrong with people today. What has happened to having character and morals?

Even if the gum "accidentally" fell in there....I would march right up there...tell them what happened...get them to give you the corporate information and the president's name and contact info (they will give this to you if they are smart...if they don't, get each one of their names) Then, write a letter...well worded and to the point, letting him/her know your dissappoint with the company and their slacking values.

Make sure you mention the location, time you bought the burger and the names of the employees you talked to (mention whether they were helpful or NOT)

Believe me when I say that CEO's take these things VERY seriously! Sorry this happened to you....and I'm not a "complainer"...haha...but, I just feel that customer service as a whole is slipping SO much these days...and maybe the upper mgmt. just needs to be enlightened!!!

Best wishes...


JosiahsMommy said...

Ohhhh hon!! Ugh, I wish I could come up with another suggestion of what it was but I think you are right! I saw your comment on the SITS post and came right over to read the whole story. I think you should complain! Someone needs to know this happened. As a former manager of a restaurant I'd want to know about something like this. Give them a call and let them know. And... maybe go to Burger King next time!

PS- I'm going to start following your blog. It looks great! Can't wait to read more. Feel free to stop by mine anytime.

thatgirlblogs said...

visiting from SITS -- you need to write a letter to McD's all about this! Disgusting and that person needs to be fired. Who knows what else they're putting in there?

Thank you for instantly breaking my McD addiction!

Unknown said...

Yup I would write a letter to Micky D's. That is disgusting. And I very rarely eat at fast food restaurants but it seems that the ones I have gone to have less than stellar employees. Their attitudes are always put out, less they forget they are getting paid to serve you. Where has the work ethic gone.Stopping by from SITS!

Jules said...

Oh Kim, that is disgusting. I would have most definitely complained, are you kidding? And vomited :)but if chicken nuggets are your thing I'm thinking Wendy's from now on! Your fellow SITSa, Jules

Annali said...

First of all: That is sick!!!
Second: Henry did great! He went to bed just fine and slept all night...we're so proud. :)

FallnAngel said...

EWWWWW. I'm not one for complaining, but I would have in this case!

Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

This is one of those posts that makes you squirm but that you can't stop reading. ewwwww. I know things like this probably happen all of the time but I would say something to the manager just so that it is said ya know? and to think i had taco johns just days ago ugh

Sheena said...

The only other thing it may have been was mold. Did you look? I know, just as bad, right?!

Still, go and complain. No, it is not too late. Even if you just email the company to tell them "I am a frequent customer. My big mac was minty. It shouldn't have been and I nearly puked at the thought of the cause. I will not be returning to this or any mcd's again." something like that and give them the location you bought it from and the date. Personally, I would shy away from going to the store about it, as usually food service workers hate life and all people in it. Trust me, I know. I worked at Wendy's for 2 1/2 years. Even the managers have no lives. Corporate might write you back asking what they can do to keep you as a customer. tell them nothing will work. Oh, and in the first letter, mention something vague about finding other people with similar complaints (because you are not the first person to have spit/mold in your burger) and were trying to figure out "what to do about it." that ought to scare the hell out of mcds that you are looking to start a class action lawsuit. They'll be begging you for mercy. hahahahahahahaha! muahahahahahah! bwahahahahahaha!
uhm. oh. right. sorry to hear about your troubles.