Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oh The Mess

We have spent the weekend rearranging half of our house into the other half of our house. Not an easy task. Everything is now a mess of things thrown from room to room. And once that was done the real work began. Ripping up the old carpet and pad to prepare for the new carpet and pad! I am so excited to get new carpet. Our old stuff was so unbelievably disgusting. I'm not joking. It was gross when it was on the floor and even worse when I could see all of the stains on the bottom of the carpet as we rolled it up. Blech!

I would post pictures for you of the disgust and the destruction but somewhere in the mess that I call my house is my camera. My new camera. Did I mention that? It's what Brad and Preston got me for my birthday and I'm loving it. The pictures are so much better than my old cameras. Way sharper and it takes the pictures sooo much faster, which is always a plus when you have a busy two year old.

I will have to find the damn thing sometime today as we are leaving for Seattle in the morning with Courtney and Zeke!! I definitely want some pictures from this trip. It's going to be so much fun! I am so ready to get away I can barely contain myself. We're going to the Zoo and The Children's Museum and Pike Place Market. And the shopping, oh the shopping in Seattle. Here's hoping that Preston and Zeke handle the drive, since that's the only thing I'm really worrying about.

I'm off. I have a husband to wake, so we can finish the last little bit of carpet removal. As well as a very busy day. We're stopping by my mother-in-law's house for lunch to visit a friend that moved away and is now pregnant with a little boy. Does it seem like everyone around you is pregnant too? And then off to dinner at my Aunts with the whole family to celebrate surviving another Hoopfest. And at some point I need to pack...when did we get so busy?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lake Fun And Train Rides

We visited a park near us last week. A park that just so happens to have a river. The river isn't visible from the play structure, nor could I hear it, and no I'd never taken Preston to this park before either. Yet somehow, moments after we'd arrived Preston had found a rock and grabbed my hand. All the while yelling, "water, water". I was dumbfounded. How did Preston know that this park had water? Even more so how did he know which direction to pull me in to get me to the water?

After attempting to distract him, I finally gave in and took him to see the water. In reality it was more of me attempting to distract him and him finally getting sick of it and heading toward the water on his own, leaving me no other option but to follow him.

When we reached the river Preston could barely contain his excitement. He wanted to touch it, play in it, throw his rock in it. He was allowed to do just one of those things, which seemed to suit him just fine as long as we stayed within sight of the water. How on Earth he became such a water child, I have no idea.

I also recently realized that our mall has a train ride in the basement. You know what that meant for my little train lover. We had to make a visit downstairs on a recent shopping trip. I say had to becuase I bribed Preston with a train ride for almost an hours worth of shopping time with him sitting quietly in the stroller. Until he started to believe that there might not actually be a train ride since I wasn't showing him the goods. Of course I had to prove that my future bribes would in fact be worthwhile.

I'm not entirely sure how much he enjoyed it. While he didn't run kicking and screaming from it, he also wasn't kicking and screaming to stay on it. Although this does give me enough of a go ahead to make plans to attend a theme park this summer!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Swings And Slides, Oh My

Whew, what a weekend. It was not only Father's Day, but my birthday too. More on that later. For now I am doing a much needed catch up. I'm thinking I'll rotate back and forth between what has happened and what just happened. That way you don't miss out on anything. Climb down from your couch you don't have to jump for joy. I aim to please.

A few weeks back, we took Preston for a walk after we'd finished dinner at my parent's house. Preston loves to go for walks but he loved this one even more since we stopped at the school not far from there house.

At first Preston was content to simply play on the normal size jungle gym. It had a big slide too, but it was still reasonably safe for my then 22 month old son. Nothing that caused me to panic.

That is until Preston saw the big metal slide. He had to conquer it. Of course he couldn't tackle a monster that big alone. Which meant that I was also destined to go down the big slide as well. And let me tell you this is much scarier than it sounds when you are trying to get both yourself and your toddler up and positioned to go down said slide. Fortunately we managed. Several times in fact, as Preston was having so much fun.

As I grabbed the stroller Preston had already moved onto the swings with my Mom and sister. By the time I got over there, Preston was swinging away on the big boy swings all by himself. My Mom looks at me and asks, "He rides these by himself right? Because that's how he wanted to ride." Ummm actually no, but it looks like he does now. He was swinging away, just fine. Like he'd been doing it forever. Apparently I've been holding him back. I mean I'd let him sit on the swings by himself. I'd even give him a little push. But I would not actually let him swing up into the air all by himself. Obviously he can handle it.

But oh the screams when it was time for me to tear Preston away from his newest favorite thing to do. I'm sure those that lived blocks away thought for sure someone was abusing their child, when in reality it was just me removing Preston from the swings. I'm sure we'll be back.

Side note, are you loving Preston's sweater dress? Being that I forgot to grab him a sweater when we left our house, he got to wear Aunt Marrissa's slightly too big sweater for our walk. I think he may have looked better in it than she does. But don't tell her!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Breaking Up With McDonalds

It's over. Officially. I am done. Hit my breaking point.

I always looked past the forgotten parts of my order. The pickles when I specifically said ketchup only. Or being told to pull forward while they finish my food. Arriving home only to realize that they didn't toss in the bbq sauce that I so desperately need for my nuggets. I even overlooked the disaster that was a Kids Bop cd as the happy meal toy. But today, they pushed me to my limit.

It all started so innocently. I ordered a BigMac, to give it a try since I'd never had one before. Took the first few bites and I was impressed. It was good. Then I got about half way through and took the bite that ended it all. This bite came back minty fresh. Now correct me if I'm wrong but nowhere have I ever read that my BigMac should include a large helping of breathmint. I pondered the thought while I chewed the bite. Took a sip of my sprite thinking that maybe it was just the bubbles from my soda that had created this minty flavor in my mouth. Then I came to a disgusting vomit inducing conclusion.

Someone had spit in some part of my burger. And that someone was chewing gum. Minty gum to be exact.

I choked out what was left of my burger into the bag that Preston's toy came in, as I'd forgotten to grab any for my of napkins in case something like this were to happen. And I felt sick. Really sick. The more I thought about it the sicker I felt.

I tried to convince myself it was something else. That I was jumping to conclusions. I closed the lid on my BigMac in disgust as I thought more and more about.

Someone spit in my BigMac. And that someone was chewing minty gum.

No I didn't complain. What would they have done, made me another BigMac? I just quietly decided that me and McDonalds were through. I know that I will miss their french fries, but enough is enough. There is only so much that I can take. And spitting in my burger pushes me way past that limit.

Note to McDonalds employee: If you're going to spit in someones burger at least have the brains to do so when you aren't chewy an incredibly noticable flavored gum. It was obvious, as soon as I took my bite. Furthermore are you so revolting that you find it funny or amusing to resort to entertaining yourself in this way? Please grow-up. And find a new job. Preferably one that isn't in food preparation.

Anybody have any other ideas on what my minty fresh BigMac bite could have been from? I am up to any and all ideas. Anything to make me feel a little less disgusted. Plus I'm already missing those fries.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Recently I have become even more addicted to Target. I know what you're thinking, how is that even possible? It is. Trust me, it is.

You don't believe me? Let me attempt to convince you.

I have started going there not only for the incredible shopping experience, but also for the cafe. Yes, you read that right. I have started to crave Target's food. Crave in the way where I am trying to come up with reasons that I need to go to Target. It just seems too strange to go in only for lunch and then head back out to move on with my day.

Yesterday for example, I decided I had to go buy leggings. Right. This. Second. At lunch time. Even Preston was excited. We walked in, he headed straight for the cart and waited for me to lift him in. He knows that Mommy's Target Cafe fix also icludes one of their Icees. Which just so happens to be one of Preston's favorite treats.

It really is a winning situation. Preston sits in the cart while we shop because he has an Icee and fries. I get to browse through Target without trying to convice Preston that we're almost done, please stay seated a little longer. That Icee is a lot cheaper to bribe Preston with than those Thomas the Trains that I was using before to keep him seated. Yes, I bribe Preston so that I can wander through Target. I told you I love that place.

Today, I needed to go to Walmart. It was horrible. They don't have a cafe. I tried to come up with some reason that Target and their cafe would be a better choice for today, but couldn't. I knew that Target didn't have what I was looking for since I looked yesterday. Worst part? Walmart didn't have it either. I totally could have hit up Target and the cafe. Plus I got a 50cent coupon for the cafe when I was there yesterday. I've been itching to use it.

There's always tomorrow right?

The good news is I'm pretty sure I found Preston's birthday gift today!

No the kids, aren't included. What do you think? I love it! And I'm pretty sure Preston will too given his obsession with swings and slides!

We've Survived...So Far

I'm not going to lie, it was touch and go there for a while. This weekend was rough. In fact rough almost doesn't cover it.

Saturday I finally threw in the towel in being able to handle this whole sick fiasco on my own and took Preston down to Urgent Care. Someone there had to be able to tell me what to do to make things better.

Preston doesn't particularly care for the Doctor when he feels just fine, so I'm sure you can just imagine how much he loves the Doctor when he's been running a fever for roughly two and a half days. It was not pretty people. There were tears. There was screaming. Flailing about was even involved. Preston was attempting to jump back and forth between my lap and Brad's based on who the Doctor was closest too.

After the Doctor realized things weren't going to get a whole lot easier than this, he took a step back to talk to us. Or as I now like to think of it, feel us out.

It started with, "Is he prone to ear infections?" Is it awful that when he said those words I breathed a great big ole sigh of relief because he must have been acting this way because he had an ear infection and it can be cured. Only to be followed with that he actually doesn't have an ear infection but the Doctor needs a reason to prescribe me antibiotics. This was left open-ended like the Doc was waiting to see how we felt about giving Preston antibiotics.

Hmmm, let me think that one through. If it will make him better, we will do and take anything. Just sayin'.

At this point I was practically pumping my fist in the air at finally having found a Doctor who will prescribe us something so that we don't have to deal with Mr. Sick Preston and so that Preston doesn't have to feel like crap "while it runs it's course".

Preston ended up with a diagnosis of Bronchitis after we explained his cough and response to said cough to the kind Doctor with the prescription power. He said that it was either Bronchitis or early Pneumonia. Which would typically require an x-ray for a full diagnosis, but with Preston response to having his ears checked and a stethoscope used this probably wouldn't be a fun process. Luckily for us, the medicine he sent us on our way to pick up will deal with both, so we'll just go ahead and skip that little x-ray machine for now.

Day One of antibiotics got rid of the fever. And Day two brought back signs of a child that I regognized. Today, day three, Preston is well on his way to a full recovery.

He's still not completely back, but he's getting there. The cough doesn't sound quite so awful. The fever has remained gone. He's willing to play. And argue. But he's also learned over the course of the last few days how to use the sickness to his advantage. This is a very bad thing. One that we will be working on once he's fully recovered. No way am I dealing with the temper tantrums and the sickness. I know how to choose my battles.

Hopefully my bouncing off the walls, never sits still little boy will be back and raring to go in the next couple of days!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

We've Been Hit

By the sickness.

Actually just one of us was hit. Preston.

I hate when my baby is sick. It's sad and upsetting. Not to mention exhausting. For both of us.

He started running a fever right before bedtime last night, but the tylenol helped him sleep until around 4am when he woke up tossing and turning only to be dosed again.

I'd hoped all was well with the world when he woke up all cheerful this morning, only to realize when he came crawling to cuddle with me on the couch that the tylenol had worn off and the fever returned.

So we spent our day dosing with tylenol and sitting on either the couches or bed watching movies and cartoons. There was a lot of cuddling to say the least. It's the only good thing that comes out of Preston being sick. Especially since Preston gets sick like I do. By that I mean whiny and overly dramatic about how horrible and difficult life is. I have a new respect for my Mom being so nice to me over the years and the many times that I played the sick card.

Preston has even learned to manipulate while he is sick. Which is how he ended up eating a bagel, chips, and two otter pops for dinner. He refused everything else and then started crying. What was I supposed to do? He already didn't feel good. I caved.

Here's to hoping that tomorrow brings a new day and one that's fever free.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Somebody Is Moving Up In The World

It started with me caving. Brad had been begging. No really, begging. Asking all the time, only to have me finding more and more pointless excuses. So finally I just agreed.

Agreed to what you ask?

Preston's crib has now been converted into the toddler bed.

Isn't it cute?

Preston loves it. Loves it unfortunately does not mean that he's actually sleeping in it. Not that he was sleeping in the crib before it anyways. Preston currently resides in our bed during naps and bedtime these days. On the days when naps actually happen that is.

But Preston does get all excited and loves to climb in it and tell me "na-ni" and lay down. Only to be back up seconds later. He's even taken to jumping on it. My toddler now jumps on his bed. When did he get so old again?!

The only thing that I regret about switching him over is that he can climb out of the toddler bed. Yes, he was able to climb out of the crib too, but he had to be really angry first. This is only a problem when at bedtime he won't calm down and lay down. I used to threaten to put him in his crib and he'd have to go to bed all by himself if he didn't calm down. We'd even gotten to the point where I'd give him a very stern look and just point at his crib and he'd know what I was warning him of. No longer. I attempted this one night and after putting him in the toddler bed only to have him climb out, he no longer fears the dire consequences of not going to bed when I tell him too. Now I threaten with timeout only they aren't nearly as effective. As evidenced by the two times this week that he was up until midnight. Yes, you read that right. Midnight.

Wish me luck this week. Hopefully one day the bed will be for more than just the point of him having a bed. You know he'll actually sleep in it or something.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I Have Been Violated

It's true! There's no way around in. And in my own home, of all places.

First the backstory.

Brad likes to slap my butt. I can't say that I blame him. I have a very nice derriere if I do say so myself. He walks into a room and I get a "good hustle". Or a "hey, how you doin'?". Sometimes it's just a passing by "I'm thinking of you" kind of thing.

Only now it's not just Brad who likes to give a little shout out to my hind quarters.

Preston came running up to me while I was in the kitchen one morning. Gave me a little hug, around my legs as I'm much taller than he is (for now at least). Shot a little smile up at me, as he got ready to move along back to his toys. Then as he got ready to go, it happened. My 22 month old son reached out and slapped my tush before leaving the room.

I stood there stunned. Was it accidental? He couldn't possibly have. But he just did.

Clearly Preston is watching and learning way too much these days. I'm almost afraid to see what's next.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Clearly Somebody Didn't Learn His Lesson The First Time

I walked into our closet this weekend after stripping our bed to find this.

What?! Seriously?! You've got to be kidding me!

Obviously Max, didn't learn the first time around what happens when you fall asleep inside a comforter that has been set aside for the washing machine. I was shocked. Does he have a death wish or something? In case you missed the story the first time, Max used up several of his nine lives when he fell asleep inside our comforter on the laundry room floor and I picked it up and threw it in to be washed. That story can be found here. *Spoiler Alert* Since Max is in fact alive in this new picture, the story does have a happy ending. For now at least. I can't be so sure if he doesn't start watching where he goes to sleep.