Monday, May 25, 2009

Looking Back On Last Week, This Week

Are you just loving how my titles completely reflect how behind I am in blogging these days? I'm hoping that by doing it this way I will catch back up and stay caught up this time. One can dream right? But I'll try my hardest.

We started the week off with Preston turning 22 months old. Can you believe it? Twenty-two months?! What a big boy! I have two months to throw a birthday party together. It will be fabulous, I promise you that. Whoa, now I really just added some pressure. I will add some pictures for you though, you know in two months when it happens. That's me, always thinking ahead.

It was tough to top Preston turning 22 months old on Monday, but we attempted.

We started taking a walk after dinner this week. It's fun and unwinding for both of us in preparation for bedtime. It's cute to watch Preston point everything out to me as we stroll around the neighborhood. He's learning so much these days. It astounds me. I ask him to point things out and he quickly does.

Preston also gets so excited about going for a walk. I tell him we're going and he's all set. He sits down for his shoes, grabs the selected choo-choos that get to come with us, and then when I open the door he climbs into his stroller all set to go. The fresh air really seems to tucker him out making bedtime seem so much easier.

In an effort still to top Preston turning 22 months old this week, we went to the Fish Hatchery with one of my Mommy groups. My word, Preston was loving that place. There were "Nemos" everywhere he looked. We even fed the fish some of their food. Looks like that Finding Nemo theme that I selected for his birthday party is going to be a hit. With the birthday boy at least.

Preston also had a little bit of an incident with mud while we were there. We found a huge puddle and in the two seconds that it took him to run over there and walk through it I stood in shock, mouth open, staring. Good thing he was in sandals. He seemed unfazed so I played along too.

After the Fish Hatchery we headed over to a park by our house to play with some friends. Preston is becoming much more independent and interacting so much more everyday. He was off and playing with his little buddies the whole time we were there. The boys even found their way over to the bathrooms where they yelled in the little holes at the bottom to hear the echo in the building. When they disappeared off to the side of the building we headed over to check on them. I assumed that because the bathroom doors had to be pushed open and were in fact heavy that guaranteed that the boys wouldn't gain entry. Wrong. They worked together to conquer their obstacle.

Guess what, we also got to go see my friend Courtney's new house! That gets pretty close to topping Preston turning 22 months old. Courtney moved from being 45 minutes away to being 10 mintures away. Can I get a WOOHOO! I am beyond excited about this. Now I will be able to see her more spur of the moment and not a moment too soon with the weather getting nice out!

I can't believe I almost forgot to mention this...they started work on our kitchen again! I got a call Friday morning that our countertops were in and they wanted to come out if I was available. Let me think about that, I have been living with half a kitchen and a laundry room sink for the last three months. No big deal or anything. The good news is that they got my cabinets and countertops installed and Brad finished the floors this weekend. Hello kitchen! The bad news is that they chipped my brand new, just came in, and been installed countertop. Can you believe it?! I'm royally pissed. I will be calling first thing tomorrow to see if they are able to fix it or if they will have to reorder it.

I will most definitely keep you all informed on what's going on. I know that you all are just dying to know. Or not. You know, no big deal. I'll just be crying in the corner. By myself. Or something.


Paula said...

Preston is so cute! I'm stopping by from SITs. What a pretty blog you have :)

The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in from SITS to say hi!