Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Long Weekend!

I love three day weekends! With Brad working so much lately it was nice to have him home for three days in a row and get to keep him all to oursleves. Just as exciting was that we were finally going to have the time to get some things done around the house.

Saturday Brad and Preston hooked my sink back up. Hurray for running water in my kitchen again. It was also a day of yard work. And lots of yard work. Brad's Mom came over and mowed our yard while Brad hacked at all the weeds. I attempted some yard work only to be sent inside because guess what? I don't like to get dirty. I think I was more in the way than helping. Plus I was only supposed to be helping so that Brad would install the mowline I've been requesting but once that idea got put on the back burner I was sent into the kitchen. So instead I enjoyed the air condition and putting my kitchen back together.

While Brad's Mom, Tammy, was here we took advantage of the help. She loaded up her truck with all of the garbage that was on the side of our house waiting to be taken to the dump and then her and Brad made not one but two dump runs. We have really been cleaning out the junk lately. Dump runs, trips to GoodWill, CraigsList, and giving things to my sisters. It's starting to feel pretty awesome not to be quite so cluttered. Not that we are completely clutter free around here. That's a dream that won't happen. At least not while I'm around holding onto silly things. Like I still have a water bottle that Brad gave me while we were dating that he wrote "I heart you" on. Awww, how cute.

Sunday was spent doing more yardwork and things around the house. Brad fixed our fence. With more than a little help from Preston. Preston is such a Daddy's boy on the weekends. He wants to help Brad with everything. It's so adorable. It also means that Preston is a mess. He runs around playing and "working" outside with Brad. By the time he is ready forced to come in he has to take a bath just to play inside or take a nap. He's that dirty.

We opted out of working on much of anything on Monday since it was a holiday and paid day off and all. Instead we looked at things that we'd like to do to our backyard and front yard. Just laid around enjoying the extra day of the weekend.

I'm feeling incredibly thankful to all those who make Memorial Day possible. For many more reasons than just having the extra day of the weekend. Thank you for all that you do!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I hope it was spent doing much more interesting things than yard work and house cleaning.

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