Thursday, May 21, 2009

End Of The Week Weekend Recap

Better late than never right? I'll give you one long post filled with all the exciting details of our weekend, last weekend that is, with more pictures than words and you will love it. Right? Right?!

We got a taste of what it will be like when we have two little ones on Saturday morning. Preston's buddy, Zack, came over to play while his Mom went to the doctor. Preston loved having a friend around. Someone to wreak havoc and destroy things with. Made me wonder if we do want three kids, two boys and a girl, so that Preston would have a brother to play with. You know, since I do get to decide these things.

I do have to say that two is really twice as much work as one. There are two to load into the car, one to watch while you load the other into the car, two to unload from the car, two diapers to check, two to entertain, two to feed. But at the same time it's so incredibly entertaining to watch those two entertain themselves just by racing around a backyard.

After we'd downsized back down to just the one toddler-sized child, we headed downtown to enjoy the sunshine. My parent's and littlest sister were already down there, so we all met up and took a little ride on the train.

No, it was not the coolest thing I've ever done. Not even in the top 100. But Preston loved it. We knew we had to take him for a ride when it drove past us and Preston took off running after it all the while yelling "choo-choo" and pointing. He even raced right past a playground without even glancing at the toys.

Of course we couldn't go downtown without taking Preston to see the falls. They were beautiful. I thought for sure Preston would love the falls, what with his water obsession these days. Nada. Apparently stairs trump water. All he wanted to do was walk up and down the stairs. Over and over again. Maybe I should stop saying I don't work out, after all Preston's got me doing stairs.

Preston also discovered his newfound love of jumping. He repeatedly jumped over and over again while holding my Mom and Marrissa's hands on the way back up. Obviously he was working with them on their arms. Bet they didn't know they'd signed up for one session of arm toning with one Mr. Preston. He charges by the hour in case you were wondering.

Since Preston still had energy to spare, he also attempted rock climbing. Unfortunately he was unable to get his feet off the ground. After all the stair climbing and jumping workouts no one had the energy to help him out in that department.

Sunday we headed out to enjoy yet another day of sunshine. I don't think I will ever get tired of writing that. SUNSHINE!

This time we were off to Coeur D' Alene. I like walking the boardwalk and checking out the main strip. I figured Preston would enjoy himself as well.

Checkmate! Preston was thrilled when he saw the lake. He instantly dragged Brad down there to check it out. Had Brad not been so adamant that they were not going swimming, I'm fairly certain Preston would have climbed right in.

After lunch, we headed off to find a park Brad had seen one day while driving by on his way to work. Which in case you were wondering is just as difficult as it sounds. Especially when I'm driving and I've never seen the park before and my co-pilot is more interested in playing on his phone than giving me directions. Just sayin'. We did eventually find the park and Preston thoroughly enjoyed himself. As did I, being that the park was fully fenced. Otherwise known as heaven on earth to the mother of a runner.

The day would have ended great, if Preston's diaper rash hadn't gotten worse. With all the juice he was demanding and the heat things took a turn for the worse. He ended up riding home in a swim diaper, since he got hysterical everytime I tried to put an actual diaper on him. Poor little guy. When I'd try to set him in his carseat he'd scream and try to lift his little butt up. I was thisclose to telling Brad to check into a hotel so that Preston could take a bath and not have to sit on his poor little bottom that was red and hurting. Luckily for us Preston also likes playing on Brad's new iphone. Particularly watching "Thomas the Train" videos on Utube. Looks like we have another technology geek in the house. I wonder who's going to win the fight over the phone when it gets right down to it. I'll put my money on Preston, Brad's a softy when it come to this little boy.

All in all, it was a nice weekend and I can't wait to have another one just like it starting tomorrow. Without the diaper rash of course.


Jennifer said...

Your weekend looks like it was wonderful! Thanks for sharing your pictures with us!

My husband and I have been talking about trying for another little one, but after reading your post, I had to think twice about having two under two! I never even thought about checking on two diapers... and then watching one, while dealing with the other. YIKES! *sigh* It's easy for me to get 'baby fever' and not think things through! ;-) LOL!

Stopping by from SITS! Hope you have a great weekend!

Taryn Zerner said...

Oh my goodness, look at those adorable boys!
You have a beautiful family!!!

Stopping by from SITS, and wishing you a HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!!!


Kelly said...

Love the pictures of Preston and Zack. Thank you again for watching him for me! I owe you big time!!!