Monday, May 11, 2009

Come On Over To My House

Crappy weather means a change of plans. We stayed inside to play and had some friends over.

The fun part? Besides having our friends over, of course. Preston and Zack are now big enough to interact and really play together. They fight over toys, play trains, go through the toy baskets together, and wrestle. It is so much fun to watch Preston grow up. Just a few months ago Zack would try to play with Preston and Preston just didn't understand. He gets it now. I love it.

Preston also did some posing for Kelly. Which really comes as no surprise to me. Preston has been all about attention these days. If he notices you noticing him he will do anything and everything in his power to keep your attention. My little scene stealer.

We even convinced Zack and Kelly to stay for lunch. Can you tell that Preston and me were desperate for company other than just each other? We were even willing to bribe our friends to stay longer!

I guess bad weather days aren't so horrible when you have good friends to hang out with!

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Kelly said...

Aw, thanks Kim! Zack had fun and was tuckered out from playing so much. I love how they play together now too. It makes it much easier for us to chat. Speaking of chatting, it was usual. Thanks again!