Friday, April 3, 2009

Working At The CarWash

Did I get the song playing in your head?

A while back, you know since I've been such a slacker lately, I took my car in to get washed. In fact it was so long ago, that my poor crossover is screaming to be bathed again.

It was Preston's first time in the drive thru carwash machine. And I was so excited. I just knew that he was going to love it.

Or not.

He smiled hesitantly at first and then when those big brushes started scrubbing the car down while we were still inside he started to panic. There was this look like "WAIT, we're still in here!"

I spent the rest of the ride turned around holding his hand and telling him that it would be okay, we would survive this. Good thing they don't actually expect you to pay attention in those things.


The Butterfields said...

haha! Emma hates it too, Harry has loved it since the first time and begs to go, but Ems screams like she's going to drown a horrible death when we drive by one!!

Jaidean said...

lol...Teagun was petrified of the carwash for about two years. I mean, I would have to take him out of the car and let Trevor drive it through b/c he would be so scared and screaming. Just within the past month or so, he has turned the corner and is always asking me to go wash my car.