Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Where A Kid Can Be A Kid

Have I mentioned before that we love Chuck E Cheese in this house? Oh I have? Well it's true we really really do. And since we go there so often I have tons of pictures and updates from none other than Chuck E Cheese.

Preston can now climb up into the tunnels all by himself. And once he's up there he doesn't just head for the slide. Oh no. He tries to send his Mommy into full blown panic attacks. He takes off after all of the other big kids until I have no idea where he is. Then I either attempt to calm myself down while I wait for him to appear at the bottom of the slide or I head up after him. Of course once I get up there, I discover that he's perfectly fine and having a great time. Then I breathe.

I discovered he could handle the slides while there with Tiffany and Jaiden one afternoon. Preston refused to sit down and eat and instead chose to race around playing. I obliged because hello, we were at Chuck E Cheese. I looked around for him and he was no where to be seen. His train however was sitting at the bottom of the slide. Then he came giggling down too. I was in shock. Did he climb up the slide and go down (which he has done before) or climb up the correct way and come down? A few minutes later I had my answer. When Preston disappeared up the stairs and threw his train down the slide only to follow it moments later. Never have I been so proud of something that happens at Chuck E Cheese.

Except a week earlier when Preston actually ate the pizza while we were at Chuck E Cheese. That brought out my excitement as well. He has never eaten the pizza that I constantly push at him to try. I'm fairly certain that he only ate it that night to impress Brad. But eating pizza is eating pizza in my book. No matter what the reason.

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