Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We've Been Outside Lately

It has been so warm around these parts lately! Preston is thrilled. After being cooped up all winter, he is desperate to play outside all day every day. And hell hath no fury like a little boy being brought inside before he's ready. Which is a problem because Preston is never ready to come inside.

Now I will just throw a bunch of pictures from the last two weeks at you for your viewing entertainment.

Preston enjoyed the first no jacket necessary day. He splashed in puddles along the way to the park and even attempted to swing on the big boy swing. After his little butt slid off the seat one time too many he decided to move along to the next toy. The slide. Preston loves the slides. The higher the better. Nothing like trying to send your Mommy to an early grave.

You can really tell how much all of the kids around here missed the warm weather during these winter months. An in-home playdate quickly turned into an outside playdate when all of the toddlers ganged up on us mommies and demanded that we take them out to play in the sun. Of course all that playing makes little boys very thirsty. Good thing there were juice boxes on hand. Plus Preston found a swing just his size. And now would like Daddy to install one for him at home.

I mentioned before that Gordon has become attatched to Preston's hand. He also tags along on park playdates and even gets to ride the swings with Preston. But please if you value your hand or your eardrums, do not try to touch Gordon. Forewarned is forearmed.

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Sheena said...

SLy is hooked on Emily. She is his favorite. Also big on Thomas though.