Friday, April 3, 2009

Walk A Mile In My Shoes

Preston seems to have inherited somewhat of a shoe fetish from me.

He's not particular. He just likes shoes. And he'll wear any shoes.

I've caught him trying to put on my heels, attempting to slide into my slippers, putting his already shoe-d feet into a pair of Brad's shoes, and more. Usually his attempt fail.

Until Brad stepped in to help. Preston was unsucessfully trying to test out a pair of Brad's shoes and couldn't seem to keep his feet in them while standing up. In swoops Brad to lend a helping hand. For support.

Preston loved it. He walked a few steps before his feet promptly slid out of the way too large shoes.

That didn't stop him. He ran back into the closet and grabbed another pair. And another. And still another. And so on and so forth. Am I the only one who's husband has more than three pairs of shoes?

Perhaps Preston was trying to get a feel for Brad's day, by walking a mile in his shoes?

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Anonymous said...

Kids seem to gravitate towards shoes! I dont under stand it. My cousins baby also had a fetish for handbags.. :) He would carry them all around and they were bigger than he was.. My cousin tried to take it from him when they would go out, but he would insist on bringing purses to the grocery store or Walmart..

That kid had style!