Monday, April 20, 2009

Role Model Material...Or Not

Preston has been walking around lately saying "uh-oh phf". This new phrase had become his upgrade on the not so exciting "uh-oh". We weren't quite sure where it came from, it just showed up one day. Not one to turn our backs on a newcomber, we welcomed Preston's new word into our home. But still pondered where it had come from.

Until tonight.

All of a sudden it clicked for me tonight. Now I wish it hadn't.

Preston got that phrase from me. And it's not a good thing. I don't say uh-oh phf. Not even close. Well I guess I do, but trust me that's not what I want mean to say.

Let me explain.

When I stub my toe or run into something, basically anytime I hurt myself, I yell out a phrase. And let me tell you as a clutsy person I yell out this phrase quite often. You ready for this?

"OH, F..."

No I don't actually say the last word. Just the sound of the first letter. You see I've been trying to curtail my naughty language since my toddler started talking and repeating things that I say. I didn't want to hear some of the words that come out of my mouth come out of his. Obviously that's been working out pretty well for us. Instead Preston has begun using my new catch phrase instead.

On the positive side, it could have been worse. I could have finished that word instead of just saying the phf. Let's go with that.

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Furry Bottoms said...

My nephew, when he was in that phrase... would try to copy what his daddy was saying. His daddy had a weird phrase "let's get the whip cracking" when he wants to say let's get busy... let's go... whatever. My nephew ended up saying "Legge crap cooking" *raises an eyebrow*