Sunday, April 12, 2009

Point 'Em Out

Ever wonder how it feels to be woken up by a one year old who is poking you in the forehead repeating "Muh-ma" over and over again? I don't have to anymore. Preston has started acknowledging who everyone around him is these days. And while doing this he likes to point us all out and show off his newfound knowledge of those around him.

It started with pictures around the house. Preston was looking at the ones on the stairs one day and he pointed out Brad and said "Da-da". Impressed I asked him if he knew where Ma-ma was. He glanced around for a second and found a picture with me and pointed. I decided to try one more. I asked where Preston was. One second later Preston had pointed himself out in a picture. I was so proud I called Brad over and had Preston do it all over again. Not that Preston was unwilling to show off his new skills for Daddy.

Next he moved on to real people. He can point out Ma-ma, Da-da, Preston, Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Matt, and he's learning more and more new faces everyday.

It's fun watching him identify those around him. I wonder what's next?

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