Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Play Ball

My brother wrapped up his baseball season tonight. While he pitched more than just a few games and apparently did very well doing so, I didn't see a single game that he pitched in. Twice I showed up mere minutes after he switched positions. I'm really going to have to start working on being on time.

Regardless we had fun. Preston especially.

He loved all of the space that the high school had to offer. Much bigger than our backyard. And much nicer than a park where he heads for the street. A win-win situation.

Guess what toy Preston discovered while at Uncle Matt's baseball games?

The bleachers.

The first game he played/hid under the bleachers. I couldn't get him out of there for the life of me. He loved it under there.

The next game we attended Preston couldn't get enough of driving his train along the bleachers. This time though he wanted the attention of everyone sitting on the bleachers. As he drove his train, he would stop in front of different groups of people and dilly-dally with his train wating for them to notice him. Once they did he'd smile and move along. He was quite the hit. Putting on his own little show.

There were even several airplanes that flew over us, much to Preston's excitement. Lately airplanes have become quite the hit for him. He stops, points, and stares until he can no longer see or hear the plane any longer.

Preston even managed to catch a tumbleweed. He then insisted on bringing it back to show all of us. We were of course very impressed with his tumbleweed catching skills.

Of course with Preston having much more energy than the rest of us, we chased him in shifts. That way we all got a chance to sit down and catch our breath. Oh yeah, and watch Matt play baseball too.

By the time we got home, Preston was ready for his break too. Looks like chasing him in shifts worked out to our advantage in getting him to take a nap!

Now I just have to wait for summer to arrive so that he can exhaust himself like this on a daily basis!


Tara said...

We love sports here!!! and my little ones seem to crash just like yours after a long day at the fields!

Sheena said...

Ditto with the
"AIRPLANE!!! !! !! ! ! ! !!!! ! !! !! ! ! !! ! !!! ! " from Ellis.