Sunday, April 12, 2009

Parade Time

St. Patricks Day came and went this year. And we took Preston down to check out the parade. He seemed to be entertained. He loved all of the "cars" and attempted to run after a few of them. It was freezing this year on the day of the St Pattys day parade. So cold Preston wore his winter coat, winter hat, and gloves.

Brad even let him have a jolly rancher. Which caused me to freak out a little bit. Hello! We're talking a jolly rancher in my 19 month old (at the time)'s mouth. Fortunately for Brad, Preston did just great with the jolly rancher. Didn't choke on it a bit.

And a trip downtown couldn't have been complete without a trip to the Big Red Wagon. I went down with Preston the first time. The next time he was ready to try it all by himself. When did he grow up?

As we walked back to the car, Preston chased the ducks and checked out the water below the bridge. He is desperate for the sunshine and warm weather when he can actually play in the water and run around without layers.

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Furry Bottoms said...

Gotta love that hat! :)