Thursday, April 2, 2009

Not As Good As I Remember

Brad was out of town last night. Which means two things mostly.

First I was on my own all day. What a scary thought. I need that break that Brad gives me when he gets home from work. The one where Preston forgets all about me and only wants his Daddy. Of course he goes back to remembering that Mommy is home too, but for that half hour or so I don't exist.

I made the most of naptime and the break that I was going to get. And crossed my fingers that Preston would wake up in a good mood. Because really who wants to spend the end of the day with a crabby toddler?

Fortunately it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. It usually isn't. My imagination takes over and I create all of these awful never going to happen scenarios, and when they don't happen I feel relieved. Preston actually did great. He woke up in a good mood. Ate all of his dinner without a fight. And even went to bed earlier than I expected him too.

Plus not having Brad here meant that Preston had to play with me! Not that he doesn't play with me sometimes. It's just that Daddy is the car and train guru. The one that Preston runs to play with. Mommy is the cuddles and loves. If he gets hurt or he wants a kiss or hugs, he runs to me. If he wants someone to line his trains up with him and crash into things, he runs to Daddy. Last night I got to play. It was fun! I think I was more tired than he was by bedtime.

Second, having Brad gone means I can have whatever I want for dinner. I was so excited. As soon as Brad told me that he'd be gone I started thinking about what I'd have for dinner. I wanted chinese. Brad hates chinese food. I love chinese food.

A quick run to pick up some chow mein, rice, sweet and sour chicken, and an eggroll; and I was set. Preston decided that chinese didn't look that appetizing and settled for pasta and a banana. The boy has been a banana eating fool lately. And strangely enough it's making him poop more regularly. Not that you really wanted to know that.

Back to the chinese. It was not good. I'm not sure if it was actually not good or if I'd just built it up so much in my head with all of my excitement that there was no way it could measure up. Either way I only ate half of it before sending it on it's way to the trashcan.

The worst part about Brad being out of town happens after bedtime. Every single little noise sends me running for the hills. I am such a chicken. The cats knock something over in the basement and I listen closely to make sure that it wasn't actually someone breaking in. A car door slams and I'm positive that someone has just parked in front of my driveway and is coming for me. The furnace kicks on and I hyperventilate.

I wish I were joking people. And this is after I found out that our neighborhood is crime-free. Imagine how bad I was before seeing those statistics. Let me paint the picture for you. I slept with the house phone next to me. My cellphone within grabbing distance with 9-1-1 already programmed in so all I had to do was hit send. And the car keys next to everything else. You know just in case I had to hit the alarm button or make a run for it. I also put a large and heavy flashlight under my pillow, just in case I had to use it. What'd I'd use it for I'm not exactly sure. I guess I could blind someone with it? Now I just set my cellphone on my nightstand and doze off. Ah, the safety of home. Maybe I should stop reading so many murder mysteries?

Although you can imagine my terror when I woke up at 4am and noticed it was a little brighter than it should be outside. I pulled back the curtains on the window to see SNOW. Snow in April. I was horrified. Where is Spring?

PS. Yesterday while I was taking advantage of naptime, I uploaded all of the pictures from my camera. Wow a lot has happened lately in life that hasn't happened on the blog. I'll get to fixing that soon.

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