Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Makes My Heart Melt

Preston has named me. I am now, "Muh-ma". I love it! I was starting to feel so left out. When Brad gets home Preston goes a running to the front door calling, "Da da, da da!". Or when Preston wanted Brad's attention the same string of "Da da, da da". However I got a whole lot of nothing.

He says "Ma ma" but it was just words nothing more. I don't think that he'd fully understood that that label applied to me.

Until sometime last week. All of a sudden Preston wanted my full undivided attention so he called out, "Muh-ma?" Instantly a smile crossed my face. That is my name!

Since then he saves it for the special super important moments. And then his little voice will call for me.

How did he know just the right way to melt my heart and make my day that much better?

Last night I got to experience what Brad gets to come home to everyday. You know besides the mess. I turned the doorknob and headed in to greet my little boy. And heard him call out with a question in his voice, "Muh-ma?". What a sound to come home to.

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Mom said...

At a meetup awhile ago someone told me that a lot of children with SAHMs say Mama later then others. That makes sense to me... if we're aorund all the time, what do they need to call us for? Come to think of it, I think it might have been Jen!