Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hypothetically Speaking

Say you let your son come out to play in the fully fenced backyard while you were cleaning the glass on the doors and windows outside. Because you know that your backyard is entirely lined with a fence you didn't feel the need to keep a constant eye on your child. You could hear him but not always seem him. Not a problem because of the fence, right?

Now let's say hypothetically speaking that someone left the gate leading from the backyard to the frontyard open when he grabbed the wagon earlier in the afternoon. Let's call that someone B.

If said child disappears into the frontyard and manages to go unnoticed for roughly thirty seconds, who's fault would it be? You who trusted the fence and allowed your child to play without you hovering over him? Or B who left the gate open knowing that your child would later go out to play? After all it only takes a few extra seconds to close the gate, am I right?

And lets not even think about what could have happened in that thirty seconds that my 21 month old son disappeared into the front yard. I know that I will be thinking about that one for the rest of the night. I will also be feeling very grateful that Preston seems to be understanding that the street is a no-no and that we live at the very end of a quiet culdesac.


Nicole said...

oh my....I know how you feel kim but he sounds like a smart little one. Hey are you going to the walk for the cure tomorrow??? we didn't register but are going down to have some fun and walk to show support. Plus my sister is in town (she is 5) and is so excited to dress in pink and be in a "parade" she thinks it's a parade lol..let me know we could meet!!

Nicole said...

I am heading down there at like 8:15 to get parking and the walk/run starts at 9:03 so we will do the 1 mile walk...we made shirts and stuff for my sister and myself and my fiances sister lol so we will be all pinked should text me 230-0077 lol

Kaitlin said...

It would be your fault. lol ;) Husbands never take the blame. no.matter. what.
For instance. MY husband opened a new bag of sugar and instead of putting it in the Tupperware container left the newly opened 5lb bag on the counter. He left for work and Joe went into the kitchen grabbed it probably thinking it had candy or crackers or something edible and dumped it all over his head. Who's fault is that?? According to him - mine. :)

Domrese Family Blog said...

It only happens once! :) I love our fully fenced back yard and frequently let the boys play outside. It only takes once with an open gate door to then check it every single time. That moment of not seeing them and seeing the gate open is enough to scar for life. :)